Friday, October 30, 2009


Tonight I was reading an article in O Magazine about Julianna Margulies "Aha! Moment". She wrote about a time when she felt frustrated because her crying baby had kept her up all night, despite the fact that she had to get up early the next morning to do a shoot. Her annoyance melted, however, when she remembered her own mother’s word’s: This is only a moment. She realized that while she might lose sleep for one night, this moment would pass. One day her child would grow up, would no longer want to be held or perhaps (in the dreaded teenage years) avoid her presence altogether. In that one moment, she got it. She relaxed and settled into a night with her restless baby.

I admired Julianna’s ability to stop and reshuffle her priorities in the midst of a stressful situation. Or, at least, I was trying to admire it. But I was having difficulty focusing on the article because my 7-year-old daughter Anna, on a candy-fueled high after a school party, was doing her best to divert my attention from magazine reading. She was demonstrating how a helium balloon, when placed beneath a skirt, will not rise to the ceiling. She also knew four Halloween riddles and what rhymed with Mr. Dimmitt (speed limit).

I know, you’re way ahead of me here. You’re already appreciating the irony of me savoring Julianna’s aha moment while missing my own. But as you can see from the occupation listed in my profile, I’m still a student of life and thus slow to learn at times. Fortunately for me, Anna is a persistent teacher. She showed me how her Cinderella underwear did not match her Supergirl costume. I finally got it and closed my magazine and gave her my full attention. I settled into some really bad Halloween riddles and the careful construction of a Tinkerbelle puzzle. Don’t crown my Supermom just yet. Anna eventually discovered some reruns of Scooby-Doo on the Cartoon Network and I made my way back to my magazine. But until then, we shared a moment.

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  1. You never know what YOUR aha moment will be. You're smart not to go chasing after it. They show up in their own time, like little fireflies, illuminating just a little darkness.


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