Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Palin' in Comparison

Sarah Palin is pretty miffed at Newsweek for this cover picture, which she calls sexist. I have to agree. I would be upset if I went around posing for pictures in hot little shorts and then someone had the audacity to actually print them.

This isn’t the first time Palin has thrown out the S word. Or a number of other words that bespeak bias. She complained during the election that she was judged on everything but her political merit. And it’s true. For some reason, we all just love to lambaste her. Even though I had more in common with Sarah, seeing as I’m a white, female persuasion, forty-something mother who once won accolades in beauty pageants (I made up that last part), I broke from the fold and went with Obama.

But I think she brings up a valid point. Elections are about so much more than the issues. I would love to say that I voted on topical issues alone, but I have to admit that is not the case. True, Obama had clear-cut strategies on dealing with Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as a policy on negotiating with leaders of oppressive regimes. But Palin also had a lot of adjectives to say about foreign policy. But I have to be honest. In the end, I went with Obama because he was a rock star.

Palin was pretty cool herself, but she (and that old guy) never got the free pass that was handed to Obama. He was the bold passenger who waltzed undeterred through airport security with cocaine sewn into the band of his sweatpants, while she was stopped for trying to carry on a 3.5 oz. bottle of shampoo. We admired Obama’s athleticism on the basketball court, while Sarah is lampooned on the front of Newsweek in her short running shorts. We swooned when Obama paused, mid-interview with John Harwood, to swat a bothersome fly, yet she is ridiculed for posing with the bloody carcass of a moose. Poor Sarah, ever-maligned by our double-standards.

In the end, she has inspired me to turn the microscope on myself and consider my own biases. Alas, she has exposed me for what I am: a leftist, sexist, reverse-racist, anti-Alaskan (bloody Alaskans). But I’ve vowed to do better in 2012. Which is good news for Sarah, because it looks like she may be dusting off her running shoes and preparing to make a comeback. Perhaps this election cycle we’ll treat her with a little more respect. Perhaps this time, we’ll stop focusing on fluff and ask her the serious questions. Like this: Can she sink a 3-pointer from half court without breaking a sweat?

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