Monday, November 30, 2009

Walk of Shame

In case you were wondering, Black Friday was a commercial success in the U.S. this year with shoppers lining up outside stores Thursday evening to get first dibs on Zhu Zhu the electronic hamster and Screature. Wal-mart was apparently having a special on toddlers, judging from the picture at right (look closely). This came from People of Wal-mart, a site featuring some of the unique flora and fauna spotted at my least favorite store, which you have to see to believe. 195 million people turned out to shop this weekend, 195 million being roughly the combined populations of England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and... Dubai. Speaking of Dubai, it is apparently suffering some economic woes. Who knew that the market for $40,000/night hotel suites, ruby-encrusted yachts and martini-shaped islands would ever dry up? Perhaps Dubai would do well to adopt Thanksgiving so that they could have Black Friday sales too.

Co-workers are a funny breed. I had mentioned to several of them over the past month that I had started a blog. Most responded with something along the lines of: “Oh, yeah, I heard about that. I’ve been meaning to take a look at it. As soon as I finish filing my toenails/washing my electronic hamster/yawning/etc.” But somehow, over the Thanksgiving holiday (or more likely, on Monday morning, as they were easing their way back into the work week) everyone at the agency was suddenly overcome with a burning desire to read my blog. (If you read my post about what I did over my Thanksgiving break, you know that I ate more crow than turkey.) And when I came back to work I had to do the walk of shame (as Celeste dubbed it) down the long hallway to my office.

My boss was simply amused and rewarded me by making me the administrator of our new client database system. Perhaps rewarded isn’t the right word. Celeste is placing Corporate Credit Card Use Policy on the agenda for our management team meeting tomorrow just to see if I can discuss it with a straight face. I love Celeste. No really, I do.

I love Celeste because she pointed out to me today that I am actually a year younger than I thought I was. I’ve been going around for 4 months thinking that I was 46 when I’m actually only 45. She had to do the math on her adding machine to get me to believe this (despite the fact that my 7-year old daughter has been telling me the same thing). Just because I work in finance doesn’t mean I can do simple arithmetic (I was a liberal arts major, after all). I feel like I have a new lease on life! So even though I can no longer lord it over the staff about credit card policy, I’ve turned the clock back an entire year and this make me happy.

I'm also happy because I was not among the 195 million people who went shopping this weekend (unless you count the beer and donuts I bought at Wal-mart). Shopping ranks among my least favorite things to do (along with getting traffic citations). I'm not sure how I'm going to reclaim my once lofty reputation at the agency (stop laughing Celeste) but I'm okay with that too, because now I have another year to figure it out.

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  1. Zhu Zhu the electronic hamster sounds perfect for Cate - I will pop down to Toys R Us (yes I regret to say we do have it here) and have a look.

  2. I think your cats will enjoy it most of all. Have a great time in Turkey!

  3. I took the item off today's agenda - want to keep it in my arsenal for when I need everyone to be distracted by something I've done...

    And I'm sure the fact that you've had your age wrong for 4 months doesn't detract from your Goddess of Finance status. Much.

    Your blog is the most fun in my day!

  4. Celeste - yes, perhaps the next time Don asks about the grant tracker? Writing my blog is the most fun in my day! :-)

  5. Well thankyou for finding me on blog catalog and leaving that comment on my blog. I have just read your entire blog from start to finish Thankyou for the laughter.Are you sure you aren't really an Australian? You have a lovely sense of humour. I have safely tucked you into my reader and I am going to send your link to my Daughter. Talk with you soon Kim

  6. I think shopping is cool and one earns to spend isn't it and not save the entire amount. Economic crisis or not one must still be ready to blow the money in shopping.

  7. Kim - thank you for the compliments, I'm flattered. You're a beautiful writer. I've put a link to your blog on my blogroll. Not an Australian in this life. :-)

    Vinay Rai - Welcome! I do my share of economic support through internet shopping. It's the crowds and hyper-stimulation I can't tolerate.


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