Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blogging Queen

I finally figured out how to add captions to photos. You wouldn't think this would be something interesting to write about, but bear with me. It turns out that Blogger has something else in common with Facebook (besides winning top awards for being the place most likely to download a virus). Both can also be very user-unfriendly. I've been trying to figure this out for weeks. The other day I went to Google's help forum and found a thread on the topic. I had actually read the thread before and abandoned it (you'll see why in a moment). But I really wanted to add captions, so I returned. Anyway, someone had posed the question about how to do this and another blogger had posted this answer, which I will quote verbatim (in italics):
Check out my caption!

To place a caption under a photo and to center it, is very easy. Here's how:
 After loading a photo or photos, add the following code above the Google Blog code:

< div align = "center > IMAGE CODE /div The div (division) code simply centers the photo. But what about the caption?

The caption is type into the space between the "anchor code", namely < a IMAGE CODE > Caption written here  < /a >

I stared at this. I stared some more. It finally occurred to me that I should ask Jim for help. So Jim came over and stared at it. He laughed a little and stared some more. He pointed out that zero out of one persons had found the post useful. And then he took my computer away and did something and gave it back to me and now I have a “cheat sheet” that I can use to insert code when I need to add captions.

Jim explained that the code was right, but the guy had left out a few words. It would be like if someone who spoke Greek but knew a little English was trying to decipher a quote from George W. Bush.

I also read the other day that Blogger has been improving some of its features, such as the “Next Blog” link at the top of the screen. It is now supposed to take you to blogs with content similar to the one you are reading (whereas it used to just take you to porn sites, as far as I could tell). So, curious, I logged into my own blog and hit it to see where it would take me. I ended up on the site of a Swedish teenager who blogged all about the music scene. Okay. As long as I was there I left him a short note to say hello and invited him to drop by my site and leave me some Swedish flag. I tried again and this time ended up with a series of mom blogs (this is April at 15 months, this is April on her 2nd birthday smearing pink frosting in her hair, etc.). I tried one more time and ended up with several writing-related blogs (poetry, writing workshops, etc.). I was thrilled! Until it occurred to me that whatever Blogger had recognized in my site that linked me to serious writing could have been as tangential as that which linked me to the Swedish pop music scene. Alas.

My new friend Kim from Tasmania told me that all the real writers use Wordpress instead of Blogger. Except that she didn't say it like that. She said it much more politely, because she is Australian. By the way, you should check out her site, Frog Ponds Rock (there's a link on my blog roll, to the right), and while you're at it, her daughter's, Veronica Foale. They are both great writers. Kim lives on an island off the coast of Australia and writes and throws pottery and raises chickens and pigs and it all sounds very romantic. There are some days I think I would like to trade lives with her. In fact, tomorrow would be great since I have a board meeting and need to present our 2010 budget and probably won't get home until close to 9:30, and it's supposed to get down to 12 F (and Kim, the November financials need to be completed by Tuesday; you can just put them in Don's box. Thanks bunches!).

Finally, I'm going to leave you with this image of a thread from Facebook, which I found on the Huffington Post. You can click on the image to enlarge it. Since I was just blogging on the topic of compassion, I thought it was timely. Apparently, Lilah's friend Caleb doesn't go in for drama, either.

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  1. I got as far as the mention of George W. Bush then lost my thread of thought... :)

  2. I'm giggling lots now. Thankyou for the shout-out. My latest post is actually all about Tasmania. It's not as romantic as it sounds though, promise.

  3. hehehe.I am smiling away down here in Tasmania.I see you got the Belgian flag.

  4. Captions on pics. I'm impressed. I've been trying to do that for years.


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