Friday, December 4, 2009

More Crow, Please

So I was cruising through Blogcatalog tonight (slow learner, I know) and listen to this. Apparently, there is a section of my profile where other people can rate my blog – never even noticed this before – and one person had done so. He rated it a 5 out of 5 (thanks!) and this was his comment: “Great blog, well done. Excellent content.” And guess who left this comment. Dr. James! I kid you not. The same man that I blocked from my site and accused of being a virus. He of the Living Church of Jesus is Love fame. Now, this was interesting.

Here is my husband's theory. Dr. James is indeed a real person, and probably a kindly, innocent, god-fearing man whose site was hacked by some Russian teenager. And here I've been cursing the man and defiling his name on the worldwide web. And he liked my content!

So I thought about how I could make it up to him. Go to his site and leave a friendly comment? Hell no, it's probably still infested. Say a prayer for him? Easy out. Prayer for myself? Probably more efficient use of prayer.

But wait. Here's something else. A link that lets me see what other blogs he's rated. And, oh. There are 39 pages of blogs... 20 blogs to a page. That's 780 blogs. I page through them. He's given them all 5's. Each one starts out: “Great blog!” I'm beginning to feel a little less blog love from Dr. James. I'm guessing he didn't get that cozy with my content before leaving his thoughtful comment. Could the Living Church of Jesus is Love perhaps be an evangelical church? Just curious.

The silver lining is this. Dr. James is so busy commenting on and rating so many other blogs he hasn't had time to check back on my site and read some of the excellent content therein and has saved himself (and me) much embarrassment. But just in case he does, and in the spirit of reciprocity and holiday giving I'd like to say this:

Dr. James, I'm sorry. And I grant you full permission to publicly diss me (or offer my soul up for salvation) on your Jesus is Love blog and I, in turn, will give your site a 5 for its most excellent content.

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  1. I'm not feeling the love for Dr. James, whatever guise he takes. I think he's a front for that Russian teenager, who sucks folks in a variety of ways.

    Don't be fooled by his compliments, KB. Us real, non-virus infected friends can tell you how great and excellent your blog is, and we've even read it.

  2. Thanks Celestey - I'm feeling your love! But just in case, I'm saying a little prayer for you. Mwah!

  3. I'm still inclined to think Dr James is pure scam. What did you nearly do as soon as you saw his nice comment? Visit his site......

    Might be worth reporting to Blogcatalog if you're feeling virtuous so they can remove his listing.


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