Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Potential for Significant Wintry Precipitation!

Hey, guess what?  We're under a winter storm watch.  That's right.  It's snowing hard in western Kansas and heading this way (or, in watch lingo, a potent weather system will eject into the southwest plains).

It should reach us tomorrow, which means (drum roll, please) we're having a white Christmas!  Woo hoo!!  5-10" of the fluffy white stuff by Christmas afternoon!  How will I break this to the kids?

And here's some more good news. If you go to Google and type in "demi bras Christmas", my site is the first result that comes up. How cool is that?

So to all my friends who will be on the road this year, please, please, please drive carefully.  And to those of us who will be snuggled up by the fire -- yay us!!

And to everyone else out there, have a most wonderful holiday (or, as Celeste would say, Merry Chrismukkwanzah).

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  1. Congrats! Our snow has gone - but I bet there will be some in St Petersburg!

  2. That's right, you're going to Russia! Have fun and try not look suspicious, you wild globetrotter, you.

  3. Snow? Does not compute.

    Have a cool time, madam. :)

  4. Snow? YAY!

    It's meant to be about 17C here for Xmas, which is cold for us.

  5. I like that word....Chrismukkwanzah....way better than Happy Holidays!

  6. Sorry...I could do without the snow!!! We have our fair share right now!

    ...and a Merry Christmukkwanzah to you and yours!!!

  7. 17C? Better break out the mukluks! AI - yeah, I imagine you're tired of snow by now. Build a warm fire!


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