Saturday, December 5, 2009

Rainforests, Demi Bras and Christmas Cheer

Earlier this year I lost some weight and while I requested that it only come off my butt and thighs, that's never what happens, is it? It comes off everywhere. Which meant I had to get new bras. Which is why I started placing orders with Victoria's Secret (they have the best bras). Which is how I got on their mailing list. And apparently I placed enough orders with them (because nude is not enough, there's also peony and sugar plum and hello, leopard print) that I made their mega-marketing list--what Jim calls their Platinum Panty list. In fact, they are mailing me so many catalogs, 2-3 a month, that even Jim has gotten tired of looking at them and I now just toss them straight into the recycling bin.

After a while, I began to suffer from green guilt. In my quest for superior lift I was slowly destroying a corner of a rainforest somewhere in Borneo. Besides, if Anna sees these lying around I'm afraid she's going to start asking Santa for silicone implants and Botox injections. So I sat down this morning and sent them an email:

 Dear Victoria's Secret:

Can you please remove me from your catalog mailing list?  While I enjoy your products, I don't need to receive catalogs so frequently.  I'm happy to continue ordering online and receiving the occasional catalog with my order.  I want to preserve our environment as long as possible and, in fact, think your bras and panties make the perfect accessories for enjoying our beautiful natural surroundings.

Within a few hours they had sent me back a very professional and humorless response letting me know that they were removing my name from the mailing list and that it may take up to 90 days to process my request. While their response was prompt, I'm not sure why it should take 90 days to stop mailing catalogs. When I first placed an order with them, I think I had not only received my products, but probably about 10 catalogs within the first 90 days. But I suppose with the Christmas rush they have other priorities.

And speaking of Christmas, Jim took the kids out today to cut down a tree and it is now fully trimmed and standing in the corner of our living room. After a frenzy of near fatal excitement the kids have collapsed into bed and are sleeping soundly. The picture above is Daniel testing out one of the Hallmark ornaments that light up (by the way, if anyone out there knows how to add captions to photos on Blogger, please email me and enlighten me. I can't for the life of me figure it out).  Anyway, while they were out getting the tree I went to Target to buy Chanukah gifts for a family we are sponsoring through a project at work. I had planned on hitting a few different stores but never made it past the first one. It was so jam-packed with shoppers I could barely maneuver through the isles. I think I've mentioned that I hate shopping and hate crowds even more. It's hard for me to imagine that people actually do this for enjoyment. (I just noticed that I typed isles instead of aisles. I think I'm going to leave the typo in and run with the fantasy!) 

Only 19 more shopping days until Christmas and I haven't even started – haven't bought a single Christmas gift! I'd better get busy with some online purchasing. Demi bras, anyone?

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