Monday, December 21, 2009

Salespeople. Heavy Sigh.

I mailed off my Christmas packages this morning. I know what you’re thinking.  Why the rush, Kristin?  Well, I wanted to get it out of the way because I have other things I still need to do before Christmas, like finish my cookie baking. Last night I made kahlua espresso brownies.  (Should I have let my kids lick the beaters?  Probably not.)

Before I left work on Friday, I had a call from a salesperson with ADP.  You know, the payroll service?  We use another payroll vendor and we’re very happy with them, and I don’t have time to be talking with sales people.  I’m usually pretty good at getting them off the phone—when it comes to salespeople, I’m not afflicted with the politeness gene—and I was telling her that while I might be interested in hearing more about their service, eventually, I really didn’t have time to meet with her until perhaps, hmmm, April?  So we chatted a bit more and hung up and, anyway, she ended up coming in this morning and bringing me a latte from Starbucks.  This chick was good.

But seriously.  I told her I could give her 15 minutes, tops.  Because I knew she was going to try to give me the whole dog and pony show and try to sell us the top tier package that has all the HR services bundled in, which we absolutely don’t need, thank you very much.  So she came in and an hour and a half later she left and we had purchased the HR bundle.  Did I mention she was good?  I’m hoping I get more lattes out of the deal.

I logged onto Facebook about 1:30 today (since I had been working slavishly without a break all morning and hadn’t even taken a lunch, not that I feel the need to justify anything) and saw that Celeste had posted this status update: Sandwich-making dude at Dean & Deluca a big disappointment. He should be working at Subway. Ya gotta respect the sandwich, or don't even bother.

Now, Celeste knows that I love Dean & Deluca and even knows exactly what kind of sandwich I love.  And here she had gone and returned and I was none the wiser?  When I confronted her (gently) she said that she had actually planned on going to Hen House to get a salad but at the last minute had changed her mind.  Okay.  But still.

I tried to concentrate on my work but I could not get the thought of a Dean & Deluca sandwich out of my mind, so I just had to do it.  I had to get my own.  When I got there, I noticed that there were two sandwich guys at the counter.  I quickly judged that the one who approached me must be the more competent one and I was not disappointed.  The other one, who was clearly the “dude” Celeste had encountered, was rather slack-jawed and was struggling to ladle soup into a small container for two ladies ahead of me.  My man, on the other hand, was creating an artistic masterpiece of a swiss cheese on baguette for me.  I asked for tomato but at the last minute diverted to roasted red pepper because the tomatoes looked anemic.   He hunted through the bin to pick out the brightest red peppers (such attention to quality)!  Meanwhile, mouth-breather was ladling crab bisque onto his shoe. And when I got back to the office, oh, the sanwhich tasted simply fabulous. It was seasoned with just the right amount of stone ground mustard. Celeste, I'm sorry that yours was a disappointment. Next time I'll bring you one made by my guy.

Finally, today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year (for those of us in the northern hemisphere). It's also exactly three years before the end of the world (for those of us following the Mayan calendar). Which makes getting to work on those New Year's resolutions all the more imperitive. Just in case the Mayans were onto something, you might want to focus on short-term goals. I'll be getting around to mine in the same timely fashion that I mailed off my Christmas packages. Like perhaps, hmmm, April?

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  1. I'm glad the sandwhich gods smiled on you today, and that my D&D excursion wasn't the end of our otherwise magnificent relationship.

    And I am not holding it against you at all that said Kahlua brownies were no where in sight today....

  2. The Kahlua brownies? Um... they were still cooling. They should be ready tomorrow!

  3. Mmmm...Kahlua brownies sound delicious...hope you didn't forget to send mine!!!

    I'm happy the shortest day of the year is finally here...I strongly dislike the shorter/darker days, notice I didn't say "hate"!!! At least I do here in the cold and snow...but funny when I go south it doesn't bother me when it gets dark early???

    I don't generally make a resolution...I've learned that when I do, I don't keep the resolution...I like to change my mind!!!



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