Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boom boom cha cha Sigmas are the best. Whatever.

I posted something on Facebook the other day about the fact that a small but significant percentage of visitors to my blog are the result of people doing raunchy google searches and mused about how this reflected upon the content of my blog, and of course the response from my friends was that I needed to drive this percentage higher along with some suggestions as to how best to do this. And while this was all very amusing and gave me a good laugh, I'm not sure that's the kind of readership I want to attract.

But it did remind me of a funny story. When I was a coed in college I once got into a pillow fight with my sorority sisters and then we realized the place was a real mess so we decided to pick up skirts and tops and slips everywhere! Then I heard something outside so I set down my blouse so I could see-through the window and it was just some of the girls going to apply for a job at Hooters. Come to think of it, it wasn't a very interesting story. Never mind.

Despite all their new Christmas toys and Daniel's birthday gifts, the kids chose to be bored today and were quite antsy so we decided to pile them into the Big Ugly and go for a drive and we were out in the country turning this way and that and ended up at a lake. Even though the snow is gone the lake was still mostly frozen over and was just beautiful. While I remembered to grab a warm winter coat for myself before heading out the door, guess who forgot to remind the kids to take theirs? Bad mom. We didn't stay long as they were pretty chilled. But we got some lovely shots.

Have you voted for Kim yet? Remember, you have until January 31st. But what are you waiting for? Vote early, vote often. Well, maybe not often. You can only vote once. Per email address. But shhhh, you didn't hear that here. To make it easy for you I've even checked out the competition. While all the blogs are special, Kim's is the specialest. And if you vote for Kim and she wins I'm willing to pose again under dwindling Australian paraphernalia. Of course, I'm not sure whether that will attract or scare away votes, but never mind, just go vote. Click here. Go to Best Australian/NZ blog. Click on Frog Ponds Rock. Enter your email.  Submit.  So simple!

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  1. Beautiful would appear to be another word for COLD..... :)

  2. Your kidlets...Adorable!!!

    ...hahaha my word verification was Coala. I kid you not.

  3. The picture with your kids is so adorable :))

  4. Your kidlets do look a tad chilly. I like your photos the lake looks bloody freezing though.

  5. Congratulations. The Vienna Australia Day committee has given you a special award. See Tuesday's Blog for details.

  6. hehe - you posted a picture of an ice hole



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