Monday, January 11, 2010

Just a bunch of nonsense

I probably should have mentioned this, but in case you didn't have a chance to click on Veronica's blog and read it for yourself, she had her cat put down because it had taken to sleeping on her newborn's head, and I think it also had a marking problem like my Theo. To complicate matters, there wasn't a no-kill shelter where she lives (Tasmania), so to find one she would have had to travel to the nearest continent (Antartica), and you know how difficult it can be to travel with a newborn. At least that's how I remember the story. You can go read it for yourself if you're a stickler for facts.

Hey, I've made another new discovery. Google reader! Did you know you can go to one site to read all your favorite blogs? I didn't. Kim (mom of Veronica) tried to tell me this awhile back, and I just nodded and played along, but I had no idea what she was talking about. I thought the only way to read a blog was to click on someone's site and give them some flag. I knew I had that RSS Feed thingy on my site but I had no idea what it did. But now I have an account with Feedburner and have learned that I have 45 readers signed up to have my blog delivered to them. So thanks my anonymous friends I didn't even know about! I love stalkers.

And welcome to my new follower friends who are not embarrassed to show their faces: Merisi and Brenda. Merisi takes beautiful photos and posts them almost daily on her site Vienna for Beginners (I'm thinking that's where you go when you graduate from Vienna for Dummies). Brenda of MummyTime lives in Sydney with her hubby and 4 kids and has been busy of late handing out awards and rocking her eyebags. Her site is a riot. Check it out.

So my little blog is only 10 weeks old and I've figured out so much! Just imagine. Ten more weeks and perhaps I can start focusing on content.  Here's something else entertaining. I have software on my blog that tells me how people find my site (most bloggers do). Want to know some of the Google searches that have landed people on my blog? Sure you do:

nematode jokes"

copulating snowmen"

demi bras Christmas

“flag obsession

pull my nipple” - um, yeah

had to pee” - this from Quebec. I'm guessing they weren't looking for Depends. What do you think?

And my all time favorite? Someone in Melbourne, Australia did a search on Christmas day for “cover up your hussy.” Jim and I have racked our brains trying to figure out what they were really after. Or maybe we're better off not knowing.

And my most popular post: Shameless flag hussy.

It's nice to know that all the pervs of the world are finding their way to my blog. Good to know my target audience, if nothing else. Well. File that under things you didn't need to know.

Finally, since I'm making noises about getting another cat, Jim decided he'd better get to work on building a cat house:

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  1. I think I need a cat house like that!

  2. A googler from England was after 'horny birds' they landed on a post with photos of fairy wrens. *snort* not quite the horny birds they were after.

  3. WTF! Copulating Snowmen?! There are truly some sicko googlers out there. Mwahahaha...

    And ooh, thanks for the mention luvie.XO

  4. lol...I've been blogging for over a year now and still don't know what those RSS feeds are all about!!!


  5. I live in China, it was great to get to see your blog. I will follow you. Hope you keep up the bloggin. Here are mine about my family in China.

  6. Google reader is my best friend! I used to have about 30 internet windows open trying to check for new posts when my husband gently suggested I use it. Life's never been the same!

  7. Google Reader is the best invention ever - especially good for reading at work....

    Oh, and I'm one of your 45.....


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