Sunday, January 31, 2010

Peace, love and getting baked in Denver

I spent the weekend in Colorado visiting family.  We had two totally Denver days. We ate vegetarian food. We drove around downtown Denver in a Subaru Outback 4-wheel-drive and passed other Subaru Outback 4-wheel drives. We went to a used bookstore and bought used books. Guess which one is for Jim.

We went to an independent bookstore and bought un-used books. We went to the REI flagship store. I bought woolie socks and tried on this hat.

I had my tarot cards read. My outcome was the Fool. Read into that what you will. We went to a funky shop and looked at sock monkeys.

I bought a pretty journal, some soap and dark chocolate.

At dinner time, we interrupted our meal to catch moths in our hands and let them go outside, unharmed. And remember how I said my Rocky Mountain high was completely natural. Not entirely. I had another one of my famous migraines so I was a little (a lot) stoned on Vicodin. But I fit right in.

We're already plotting a return trip wherein I bring the whole family. My uncle Jay is a serious mountaineer and Jim and I are wannabee mountaineers but in reality would probably get lost in a cereal bowl, so Jay has agreed to take us out on an overnight trek to make sure we don't accidentally fall in a crevice or off a cliff or under an avalanche. And Kathy, who is an art teacher, is going to stay with the kids and let them go wild with temperas and sparkles and beads and they will think they have died and gone to heaven. Win, win, win.

I wonder when Colorado day is? I'd like to know. It's a fine place and I would celebrate by getting just a little high on Vicodin and wearing the state flag.

* * * * *

January stats:

blog posts: 21
most popular: my big Australian crush
new flags: 7
migraines: 3
Vicodin consumed: still no idea
coyote sightings: sadly, none
trips to Denver: 1
pounds lost: inverse of goal

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  1. Wow! You are seriously rockin that beanie. You pretty!

  2. I like to look at mountains. I don't like to even think about climbing them. I like your journal and I would have picked the lawn book even without the hint.Lawns are such a blokey thing.

  3. I think I'd like a sock monkey.

  4. Hey, I saw a coyote cross the freeway the other day. Here in suburbia noless. I think he was going from Macy's at the mall over to Costco.

    So cross it off your list if you want to. *-)

  5. Costco must be having a sale on chickens.

  6. Found you via The Bloggess. After reading this post and your bio, I think I love you. Love your style and your backstory. Will definitely visit again!

  7. Welcome Jenny! After that compliment, I think I love you too.


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