Thursday, January 7, 2010

Talkin' About a Reveloushin

I have another new friend I haven't met: Annie. Like Alec, I stole her from Celeste. She was posting all these witty comments on Facebook and I couldn't help myself. And when I friended her I discovered she had this blog: Annie's Most Annoying People. And it's bloody funny. But here's the thing. She started her blog and wrote a bunch of posts in one day and then abandoned it. Annie's strengths: smashing humor. Areas where Annie could improve: attention span.  Annie, come back.  Please!

Speaking of blogs good for a ha ha, Badger posted a rant on his site Vienna for Dummies about how yanks are a little crazy with their graduation ceremonies and that an American child will have graduated about 6 times by the time they get out of elementary school, but still won't be able to spell Jayzuz or understand the basics of evolution. And that reminded me that I had this picture of Anna graduating from preschool.

You have to admit, she is 40” of pure adorableness, is she not? Just to make sure she's on track for her next graduation, I gave her a little quiz today. Here's how she fared:

Spelling words on which she was tested:


Here's how she did:

School – correct
Eveloushin - oops
Jesus - wrong again
Booda - that's a tough one
Obama - yes she can!
Badger - on a roll
Dummies - ready for graduation!

And why was Anna at home taking a spelling test instead of at school learning the fundamentals of creation, you ask? Well, that would be because the schools and half the state shut down today. Remember when I said I wouldn't mention the weather anymore? I lied. Five more inches of “s”, 40 mph gusts of wind, -25 wind chill. My office? Open. Yay me. At least I can work remotely; and I'm glad I did. Because Jim couldn't resist taking the Big Ugly out for a spin and that's just what he did when he got on the freeway. Spin.

Nipple revolution: while I've received a lot of support in the universal hurray-for-nipples sense, no links yet. I've have had a couple of men offer to send in nipple pics, and while I appreciate the gesture, please remember that the object here is to win flags, not lose them.

Finally, I've been reading on a couple of other sites about the Bloggies. These are voter-driven weblog awards where you can go online and vote for your favorite blogs in a number of categories. Voting is open now until January 12th. For Best Australian/New Zealand blog check out both Veronica's Sleepless Nights and Matthew's AboneOneThree. For best Photography blog I recommend Chris' site Autofocused, which has some gorgeous shots of stone circles, castles and the wild coastlines of Scotland. There are also categories for Best European blog (Vienna for Dummies), travel, writing, humor, best new blog and numerous other categories. Check it out.

That's a lot of links for one post, isn't it?  Ill try to control myself in the future.

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  1. Well yes I realised as soon as I posted that I would immediately be embarrassed by you who would have children who have graduated. But your children are of course different - gorgeous, intelligent, gifted (just like their mother) - and deserve to graduate.

  2. Aw, she is a cutie!

    I must pull my finger out and do some voting. Thanks for the timely reminder.

  3. Anna is very adorable...I'm assuming that is her brother beside her???

    They look comfy side by side... Anna on the computer...


  4. Yes, Danny. Santa brought me an electric lap blanket for Christmas and the kids have comandeered it.

  5. And Badger, I agree, the graduations are excessive. We love to celebrate mediocracy.

  6. I feel your pain with the evil white stuff, though I can't match your stats so to speak. Really rather tired of winter now.

    It's probably only a matter of time before we do the graduations in the UK, as we copy evrything else from you guys, most recently the High School prom. I don't exactly mind, but it would be nice if we could come up with our own ideas once in a while. But our daughter is exceptionally cute in her Mortar board.... :-)

    Thank you for the totally unwarranted nomination.....


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