Friday, January 22, 2010

Yay freaking yay Kim!! and an award

Did you hear the news?! Kim at Frog Ponds Rock, my Kim, is one of the finalists for best Australian blog for the 2010 Bloggies! That's right! I'm so psyched! That's her on the right.  I blatantly copied her picture from Facebook without asking.  Do you think she'll mind?  I hope not.  I think she's pretty cute.  So hop on over to her site and blow her some kisses. And, more importantly, hop on over to the Bloggies and vote for her. You have until January 31st. Rah Kim!! I'm so proud of you! xoxo

I was over at Mummytime this morning because Brenda is back from her vacation. She posted the most adorable picture of her daughter, looking slightly miserable because she was suffering from constipation. Apparently it was so bad that Brenda had to, um, manually help her along. That's all I'm going to say. It reminded me of a long road trip we took when Anna was about to turn two. I was hugely pregnant with Daniel at the time. It was late fall and we drove up through Pennsylvania and New York into Canada and then headed back west across the trans-Canadian highway. It was gorgeous. But apparently long-road trips don't mesh well with toddler digestive systems because Anna became constipated too. We had to stop along the way because she was so terribly miserable. Jim took this picture.

Do you know what I'm eating right now? As I write this? Jello. I must be mad. Also, I think we have a friendly Aussie vs. Brit war going on in the comments section of my blog. I've heard about this but it's rather thrilling to watch up close. I'm wondering what I can do to stir it up quell it.

Do you know what Celeste told me? She said she didn't think my Aussie flag tooth-brushing picture was quite as provocative as my first flag pose. Implying that I was going for provocative as opposed to underscoring my awareness-raising public service announcement. Besides, I told her, it all depends on your fetish.

Finally, AV at Nether Regions of the Earth was kind enough to pass along an award to me. I have to tell you about AV. He lives in Rio de Janiero and has 12 kids and so many blogs that I can't keep track of them all (the blogs, I trust he's keeping track of the kids). As you can see if you look at the world map thingy on my sidebar, AV is my sole So. American reader. He is my continent. And while I love AV, I don't want this to go to his head, so I need to drum up some more So. American flag. But thank you my dear AV for thinking of me. Smooch, smooch!

Here is the award and it works like this:

1.Link to where the award came from.

2.Make a list of 10 things that make you happy.

3.Pass the award along to 10 fellow bloggers.

Here's my list of things that make me happy:

1. Your flag. Did you need me to tell you this?

2. Australia. Sigh.

3. People who keep their word. Thank you people. You have no idea.

4. Hiking in the mountains or the desert, far away from the crowds, surrounded by silence, pure bliss.

5. Pretty bras. I'm not sure why, but them make me happy.

6. My friends. I have the most wonderful friends in the world. Intelligent, funny, kind, loyal. They are my lifeline. I would be lost without them.

7. Watching an agile mind at work. It makes me happy in ways I can't quite articulate. Add wit, I'm breathless.

8. My imagination. So much of my life is lived in my head and a very rich life it is. Sometimes Jim will look at me and ask where I've gone and it's always somewhere fantastic.

9. All the sensual delights. Yes, yes, the obvious ones. But the not so obvious ones, too. Like the smell of coq au vin when I take the lid off the pot. Or the softness of my daughter's cheek when I kiss her goodnight. Or the sound of snow beneath my boot, crunch, crunch.

10. Jim, Anna and Daniel, because they adore me just as I am and I'm not sure why, but I'm only grateful.

And now for the 10 people I'm passing the award along to. You are welcome to accept the award or graciously decline, as I know some of you may not do awards and I've chosen to skip one or two people that I've thought might not care to participate, though I won't mention any names (Badger). You can save the jpg image of the award from my site. Without further ado, here are my awardees:

Kim at Frog Ponds Rock because she ROCKS!!!!

Glen at Glen's Life because he has a son named Daniel and a new found appreciation for mathematics and pi.

Barbara at JoBart because I'm crushin' on her adorable kids (and her wit).

Veronica at Sleepless Nights because she's going to the BlogHer conference (she doesn't know it yet but I'm psychic).

Chris at Thermal Blog because he loves his moggies.

Brenda at Mummy Time because my god, once you've done the constipation thing, you deserve an award.

Anne at Anne Nahm because she's a nipple revolutionary!

Matthew at AbodeOneThree because when it comes to the battle of the Aussies vs. the Poms, he knows which side of the divide to fall on.

Heather at Azure Islands Designs because I love her gorgeous jewelry (I do).

Badger at Vienna for Dummies (ha, fooled you!) because I thrive on rejection. (Pssst, Badger, if you don't want to play you can always pass it on to Dr. James at the Living Church of Jesus is Love. I hear he has lots of friends.)

That's it you crazy people. Enjoy your weekend, vote for Kim (Kim!!!) and keep slogging it out in the comments.

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  1. I can't write anything coherent because I am giggling too much. Thanks heaps for the shout outand the award. But most especially thankyou for being so excited for me. Now where is this blue in the comments? I am off for a bit of a squiz.

  2. Oooh, thankyou! BlogHer, gosh, I would be dreaming. Let's hope you truly are psychic!

    And thankyou for being so thrilled for Mum. I am over the moon, for her. (I was a finalist last year, it's her turn now!) SQUEE!

  3. Yay to the Yay for our Kimmy! So exciting!

    And ummm, thanks for the award lovely lady. I graciously and humbly accept ze honour. Mwah mwah.

    And OMG, the Constipated look on your bubba's face...looks like she's in a lot of pain. Poor thing.

  4. Well, I think that picture says it all. Poor kid. [wince]

    Love your blog!

    :-D Anna

  5. I like this post so much I keep on coming back over to re-read it.

  6. Thank you for introducing Frog Ponds Rock blog! I loved it! And of course I gave my voice for her :)

  7. Hi Anna, thanks for the visit. Love your blog too. It's a fav!

  8. Thank-you. I missed lunch so I'm a bit peckish. Cakes look good right now.

  9. Go Kim, go Kim (repeat ad infinitum).

    Poor Anna, she does look most uncomfortable. I hope you didn't have to manually intervene, I can't imagine anything much less pleasant.

    Thank you for my award, it is beautiful and shiny.

  10. Thank you for the shout out! Your list of happy things makes me smile :^)

  11. Well done girl. I didn't get big headed, well, maybe just a little.

    I popped over to Frog Pond thingy, great, voted, and going to add it to Blogger's Cafe.

    btw, at the moment I am single.... the kids all stayed with Mum, but that's a long story. Maybe I'll blog it sometime. But now I can go out for a beer without pleading.


  12. AV, have you had one of your blogs nominated?

  13. Thanks Kristin - I don't think I know 10 other bloggers anymore but I'll do my best shortly.....


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