Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do I get free shipping?

I made a couple of small changes to my blog tonight.  I cleaned up my sidebar a bit.  Also, there are two new tabs up at the top.  One says About Me and the other says Best of.  I bet you can guess what's in them (you're brilliant that way).  But go ahead and look anyway.  If none of the rambling in the About Me tab makes sense, know that the operative paragraph is the one about ordering a new head from Amazon.

I spent the day lying flat on my back in a semi-vomitous state making calls to my neurologist's answering machine to let him know, first politely, then with increasing desperation, that my Vicodin had run out and he needed to take a moment to call the pharmacy on my behalf.  So boo to him for not checking his messages and yay to Jim for leaving work early to drive by his office and scare up a response.  And then stopping to get me french fries on the way home.  That's love.

Now that I've discovered I can create pages on my blog, new tabs may continue to appear.  Be ever vigilant.

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  1. Pages are good fun!

    Boo for vomitous migraines.

  2. Ooh, I likes!

    And hope you feel better soon. Drink lots of vicodin err soup. Or vicodin soup. Whatever.

    Don't mind me, I am still recovering from the "no-sugar" hell.

  3. Egads...hate a migraine! And what in the heck is Brenda giving up sugar for...she might find herself in a semi-vomitous state from shock.

  4. Hey, it's all good. Pages are the new black, from what I hear.

  5. Pages? Shee-it I didn't know about them. I can write twice as much drivel!

  6. Hope you are doing Okay now.
    Well, I am still wondering if I should add in pages. My dog says no too. Maybe I should wait and laugh at him later when I add in pages... :)

    Have a good day!

  7. pages? I have SOOOO much to learn! And maybe you should become friends with your neurologist on Facebook. Lord knows we all check those messages like, 985 times a day. I think that goes for medical doctors too.

  8. oh, and its katie7956@verizon.net

  9. Mr S, don't worry about your dog. You can shut the door on a dog and they'll still love you. Cats, on the other hand, you should always listen to.

    Hey everyone, look, you can email Katie!

  10. I love love *love* you're about page!
    Which reminds me... I need to do one of those soon too. >_<

  11. When oh when is that new head coming?!?

    Surely it is not lost in the mail?

    you have an about page? where?

    wishing you well...

  12. Oooh, pages, very exciting. I shall go and read them right now.

    I hope your new head arrives very soon.


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