Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Facebook, I'm getting a restraining order

Listen to this. Celeste is my Facebook friend. But the other day she created a second, work-related Facebook account because she administers our organization's Facebook page. And then her new work account suddenly received three new friend requests, one of which was from me. Another of which was from the other Celeste. Except that neither of us sent these friend requests. So I just thought you might want to know that Facebook has now taken it upon itself to send out friend requests on your behalf.

How. Utterly. Thoughtful.

Thanks Facebook. I wonder who else I've friended without knowing about it. And worse, I wonder who, of those people, has rejected the friend request I didn't send and I never even knew about it?

Celeste and I have both had our fill of Facebook. If there was a better social networking site out there we would have dumped it long ago. But there's not. Facebook is like that guy you dated in college that you really weren't that into but you had to have someone to go to the big party with and you didn't have any other viable options. He had about a million friends but when his car broke down on the interstate no one showed up to give him a ride. He wasn't capable of thinking for himself. He wouldn't call you for a week and then one day you would check your voicemail and there would be 26 messages from him. He wanted his friends to be your friends. You didn't. You hid from them.  If he poked you one more time my god you were going to numchuck him.

I joined Twitter about a week ago. Though the jury is still out I'm not sure I understand the purpose. Twitter is like a lot of people standing in a crowded room talking out loud, but not to each other. The interaction, if you can call it that, feels very disjointed. Several people have said they really like it so I'm going to hang in there for a bit and give it a chance. The human equivalent of Twitter would be someone with nonstop verbal diarrhea. If Twitter were a man, I would never, never have dated him, regardless of how hard up I was. Would have, in fact, taken out a gun and shot him. True.

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  1. Twitter is good when you have a 'group' of people you actually talk to regularly. I'm slowly finding my place there, despite having been on twitter for years now, I'm definitely enjoying it more.

    And if *someone* would just move to Australia already and get on the same time zone as me, then twitter would rock even more.


  2. twats that's what I call them, how to be an idiot in 140 words or less. people will love me for that.

  3. I am on facebook and twitter. Both of them I went on, then came off and then went on again. I get fed up with them but then feel like I'm really missing out (yes, I am insecure!). They're both handy ways of keeping up with people that I don't get to see or speak to everyday. Oh, and I'm really really nosy!

  4. Kristin, you should think about forwarding your Facebook allegations to investigative journalists and a lawyer, because they sound like nasty stuff. Concerning Twitter, it's particularly useful for transmitting a link to an interesting website. In fact, it's a most sophisticated system, mainly because of its imposed brevity. Nothing whatsoever to do with social networking of the Facebook kind. It's more like a micro-blog. As a would-be tweeter, you're obliged to create interesting messages, otherwise nobody's going to carry on following your tweets. You might be inspired by this video from an enthusiastic 14-year-old kid. Incidentally, what's your Twitter name? Mine is Skyvington, but I'm not yet an obsessive tweeter.

  5. I went on twitter for a few months, but I stopped using it on the grounds that it was sapping my will to live. I'll survive without it I think.

  6. I use twitter as a mini news service.I subscribe to greenpeace, seashepherd etc to keep me up to date with what is happening out there environmentally. I subscribe to fellow potters and follow their links back to their blogs etc.

    I also follow people that amuse me. Whose tweets make me laugh.

    Like anything though it is also full of tossers who also give me the shits. so I just unfollow them if they clog up my timeline with crap.

    The brittany porn bots were following me for a while but they have stopped. Now I am being followed by marketing bots and miracle food freaks.

    Veronica MADE me join facebook so that I could vote for her in a competition.

  7. Aha, Kristin, your post about going on Twitter. Didn't see this one before!!


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