Saturday, February 6, 2010

God hates donuts - the outtakes



Thank you to everyone who tweeted, stumbled, linked and otherwise shared the God hates donuts post.  What a great message to spread.

Thanks to Celeste for bringing this story to my attention.  You excel at inspiring blog fodder.

Thanks to Jim, Anna and Daniel for humoring me in this and all my blog photo requests.  It's nice to know you can be bribed with pop tarts and ice cream (kids) and other things (Jim).

And special thanks to EDW Lynch for helping to organize and document the counter protest, and the splendid people of San Francisco for having the maturity to respond to hate with absurdity.  You are the true saints in this crazy world.

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  1. Tell the truth now...How much do the modeling/acting lessons for Anna cost? She's very good, like the way she dodged the sign swat from Daniel.

  2. I'm loving those Thomas pyjamas! I'll not be showing my son this post.

    The people of San Fransisco, especially the daft sign weilding ones, are good people.


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