Sunday, February 28, 2010

My daughter scares me

Last week Jim taught Anna, our 7-year-old daughter, how to play chess. He did this by sitting with her while they watched a tutorial on his computer. He then played some games with her. The next night she asked if she could watch some more tutorials. Every night when he came home she asked if they could play chess.

On Saturday morning she got up and came downstairs and started playing chess on the computer against rated opponents. She did this for five hours. Today she played Jim and beat him.

I'm scared.

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February stats:

Posts: 19
New flag: 10
Hot new blog headers: hoo ya
Contests won: 0
Contests entered: 0
What the fuck did I expect: I don't know
Luge accidents: 0
Months trifled away: 1

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  1. Contests entered - ONE. Did you forget about mine?

    And anyone that can play chess and win scares me. I am very good at losing and/or forgetting which pieces do what.

  2. Oh dear. Boo took up chess at age 6, and now I refuse to play that, or Monopoly, or Scrabble, with him. I mean, c'mon!! It's NOT FAIR that he beats me ALL THE TIME!


    Of course, I tell him it's that I just don't enjoy playing those games. I'm pretty sure he can see right through me.


  3. V - you're right. Two, actually!

    Fe - good thing I don't play chess (ahem).

  4. The kids are way smarter than us these days. We are fucked. End of story.

  5. You should teach her to play poker and 21. Maybe she could make some serious money? haha

  6. I think it is a really good thing that these aliens with bring up are so smart. Makes me think there is hope for this world.
    We just have to help them canalize in the right I don't know...

  7. Eek! I think that's scare me too! lol :)

  8. Daniel's Lawyer Uncle taught him to play and got him interested.

    Daniel came home jumping up and down excited because he had beat his Uncle 5-2. It turned out that this meant Daniel had taken 5 prawns (or something? - Never played it myself) where as his Uncle had only managed to get two of his pieces, one of which was the King.

  9. Be afraid, be very afraid. Kids learn so much, so fast today.


  10. I'm already scared of my daughter - I don't need a chess set for her to beat me with.

  11. How is it that children can pick stuff up and completely understand it so easily? I DO NOT and Will NEVER understand chess. Good for her.

  12. Do what I do when you're losing a game to your little sevant - cheat :)

  13. Do you like being scared? Try "Searching For Bobby Fischer" with Ben Kingsley and Max Pomeranc. Great movie, kid is a natural at chess, takes lessons, enters first contest. Love the scene where the ref gives the parents a lecture before the start, I want! no comments, throat noises or hand signals etc. Two parents still end up getting into a fight. The kids in the contest just raise thier eyebrows and get on with it.... Parents! What can you do!

  14. You have Aliens commenting on your blog. I have God commenting on mine. The internet really does bring everyone together.

    Your daughter scares me too.

  15. Oh God now my comment has re-appeared all these aliens and random deities are doing my head in.

  16. While God follows me on twitter, he/she apparently does not feel the need to comment on my blog. I'm not sure how to take that. But I'm pleased about the alien.

  17. From the moment I gave birth, my son has scared me! :)


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