Friday, February 12, 2010

Seder in Bhutan or Amy's sex life -- where are we headed here?

I've decided that I like Facebook again. For now.

The split personality thing is working out splendidly. Fun facebook me is probing the details of Amy Leigh's sex life and becoming a fan of PETA (People for the Eating of Tasty Animals). Meanwhile, professional me is friending board members and fanning civic organizations and commenting on Rabbi Kula's work with the Dalai Lama on compassionate leadership. It's a beautiful un-mixed up, un-muddled up, un-shook up world.

See you at Monday's board meeting!

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Celeste is glad she split up her Facebook personas too. She posted the Rabbi Kula comment on both of her accounts, where the threads took off in radically different directions.

Finally, in forehead-slapping coincidence news, the other day I got an email from John, who regularly reads my blog and lives outside Sydney. He had read my Big Australian Crush post and sent me some photos from an Australia Day celebration, including one of a woman wearing the Australian flag (clever girl). I noticed that in one of the photos was a truck with City of Ingleburn written on the side. Well, during my six-month stint in Australia, way back when, I lived in Ingleburn, which is an outer southwest suburb of Sydney. So I wrote him back and asked if he lived there and whether he knew a particular family on Kings Rd, which is the family I stayed with for three of those six months. He wrote back and told me he used to live on Kings Rd back in the 70's! So blogging, my friends, can be a very small world.

Furthermore, he now lives in Cambelltown. I used to waitress at a steak house there called the Barn and he told me it just shut down and sent me some pictures he took of the building the other day, and recalled that he had eaten there in the past. So for you John, I'm attaching this picture taken on Christmas day, many, many years ago. It's me and my friend Rebecca from London, taken after the Christmas day run when we were all gathered in the front room having a drink. It had been been a long day of hard work, which is why my face is so shiny.  I can't explain the hair.  Cheers!

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  1. Blame the hair on the serving wench part you had to play, you have Rebecca’s number?

  2. Blogging makes everything a very small world!

  3. HAAAAAAA! I hope you were paid well in exchange for having to wear that uniform. It was a uniform? Right? :)

  4. No idea what look they were going for. Milk maid? Barn wench? Nobody tips here so it's irrelevant and let's just throw a sack on them?

  5. It can be such a small world eh? For the record, I spent this evening getting laid and watching movies... ;)

  6. That is a really sparkly face. Hehe.


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