Friday, March 19, 2010

Flog your blog Friday

The beautiful and brilliant Brenda over at Mummytime is hosting Flog Your Blog Friday, which is an opportunity to discover new blogs and share some follow love (i.e. shameless blog promotion).  And since it's still Friday for some of us under-achievers in on this side of the date line I'm just now getting around to posting this.  So if you're just now getting around to visiting, welcome!  There are tabs at the top to orient you to the blog (About Me, Best of, etc) and follow buttons to the right.  If you would like to join you can add your blog below.  Full instructions can be found at Brenda's site (just follow the link above).


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I must say I have found some great blogs, though Mummy Time, we have a lot to thank Brenda for.......... will look forward to your next blog

  2. Honestly, you're so posh. It's not Flog Your Blog, it's Flog YO Blog - even I know that.

    I'm not very good at self flogging but I'm working up to this one. What's the worst that can happen?

  3. kb, flog your blog sounds like something high school boys do.

    I'll hop across and have a look.


  4. Yahooooo! I love flogyoblog Friday!

  5. Cheers! Happy Flogging Day! for yesterday. *Ahem*

  6. First of all. Thank you! I am beautiful and brilliant, indeed! Ahem.

    And second of all, thankyouverymuch for putting the linky list on your supermegaawesome blog. Mwahs!

    And third of all, I luvs yah!

  7. Thank you so much for coming by my blog!

    I love that you love Australia. What you wrote about Uluru etc. (yes I've been stalking around your blog a bit) was SO beautiful. I'm Australian and I've never been there, but you make me want to go.

  8. I am going to do this at some point... really! ;) x

  9. Hi Kristin,

    Loving your blog so am passing on to you the Honest Scrap Award. You can visit my blog to collect it and get the instructions for passing it on...Nic :)


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