Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hey, it's Pi Day

Today is March 14th and I'm sure you're all celebrating pi day in your own special way, perhaps baking grandma's coveted apple pie recipe or carrying ratios out to an infinite number of decimals. I celebrated it by not acclimating to the time change or daylight savings and sleeping in until 11:00 a.m. I got back from California last night after being away for a week. It was good to be home again and love on the kids.

Both the kids had big new to share.  Anna: she lost another tooth!  Daniel: he threw up all over the kitchen floor!

When trying to think of an appropriate post for pi day it occurred to me that I should probably just let my last post stand. So I'll say little more and just point you to that.

If you've just arrived from Sleepless Nights, welcome. There are tabs at the top to help orient you to my blog (About Me, Best of, etc.).and an RSS feed thingie and follow buttons to the right if you decide you'd like to come back.

So thanks Veronica for making me a winner. Love you! And I say we should all celebrate an irrational number by doing something irrational today. So go on, it's almost spring (fall), kiss your dog, tickle your kids, book a trip you can't afford, write something dangerous and hit publish, roll naked in the mud, send an anonymous love letter, eat pie for breakfast, live baby.

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  1. Mmmmmmm...pie!
    I like your idea of celebrating an irrational number by doing something irrational! Cool!

  2. I suppose punching an arsehole would be okay too. Yes?

  3. I made a new friend on facebook!

  4. Eh? What the hell is Pi Day? Like friday, with a speech impediment. Cool!

  5. Hi Kristen,

    Congrats on the win.... and thanks for dropping by my blog. That tin of chocolate is something, huh??

    I'll take a little nose around your blog later, though I've already checked out the 'apple pie' post below ;)

  6. Oh, gosh (blush). My first time here, my first comment and I MISSPELL YOUR NAME.

    Sorry, Kristin.

  7. Nice posting about Pi Day Krystine. ;)

  8. Just read WarsawMommy's comment and had to go back and check my comment on your last post. *wipes forehead and exhales in relief".

    I decided to irrationally sit my children in front of the tv to celebrate Pi Day by reading some quality blogs.

  9. Barbara, that wouldn't be irrational for me as I do it all the time. And don't worry Warsaw Mommy, people misspell my name all the time, even people I've know a long time (I won't mention any names, Veronica).

  10. I <3 irrational!
    But more importantly, I just gave you an award on my blog :)

  11. Enough desert. Now something important. I’ve sat here watching long enough, I can’t see a Trinidad and Tobago flag... hea.. where is it? Where’s the flag! I got a visit from there! See, you don’t have all the fun! (aside) bet she has it in a closet just waiting for someone....

  12. Oh fine John, just saunter on over here and gloat. I don't mind. And who's in the closet??

  13. Oh oh-looks like I'm two days late! I'll try to make up for it by doing three irrational things today.

  14. Who do you have in the closet you ask? The entire Trinidad and Tobago cricket team! What we won't do for more flags.
    You can tell them the latest scores,



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