Sunday, March 21, 2010

Readers I want to do

I'm going to do something a little different today and boldly break a few rules. Brazen, I know. First off, I have some awards in my back pocket that some of my beautiful bloggy friends have been kind enough to bestow on me and I want to take a moment to thank them.

Instead of playing by the various rules of the various awards I'm going to do something completely different, because I reserve the right to be capricious (just ask Jim). Typically with awards you are supposed to write out a list of ten little known facts about yourself or some such thing. Instead, I'm going to direct you tomorrow to an interview with me that's being posted on another website (yes, someone cared enough to interview me, mind boggling isn't it?). It's more revealing than the flippancy I usually post here.

Second, instead of listing out awardees for each one, I'm going to sing a song of love to some of my most loyal readers and heavy commenters. Since it's Sunday (Monday for you over-achievers west of the date line) you're not exactly working hard anyway so just go and visit their blogs and enjoy yourselves.

First, the awards:

AV over at Life is Just Like That passed along an Arte da Li award. AV lives in Rio de Janiero and his Brazilian flag brightened up my flag counter back when I had few visitors and new flags were a novelty (who am I kidding, I'm still a flag hussy). We've since learned that we share a flag addiction and have confessed our powerlessness over pennant collection. I'm jealous as hell that he has a Mayotte.

Brenda at Mummytime gave me a Kreative Blogger award. Brenda is all kinds of bloggy awesomeness wrapped up in a heart of gold and served with a side of smart ass. But we'll get back to Brenda in a moment. Stay tuned.

Kristy at Pampers and Pinot was so kind as to pass me an Honest Scrap award. Kristy hails from Colorado Springs and like me is doing the mom/wife/work thing and then blogging on the side to stay sane. She has a fine appreciation for wine, which I also appreciate for its mighty fine qualities, and a lovely wit to boot.

Nic at Diary of a Domestically Challenged Housewife (or Domestically Challenged Ho as abbreviated by Google, thank you Google) also gave me an Honest Scrap Award just yesterday. You guys are killing me. Nic lives in Sydney with her fiance and their little boy and I've only recently discovered her, but I'm sure glad I did because she's loads of fun.

Christina at Angel Guided passed along a Lovely Blog award to me. I met Christina through Writers Rising and she is a gentle soul who is a writer, counselor and reiki practitioner and writes about her spiritual insights. She also recently started a blog to honor her mother who died from cancer. Christina grew up in Cyprus and now lives in the UK.

Marylin at Softthistle gave me a Kreative Blog award. Marylin lives in Crieff, Scotland with her partner and two sons. I'm hoping to see Marylin on my trip to the UK in June if we ever get around to actually settling on an itinerary and if I can figure out where the hell Crieff is (I hear tell the internet can help me with this, simply amazing).

Thanks to each of you for seeing fit to honor me with these awards. I hope my readers will honor them by paying a visit to their sites and giving them some bloggy love.

And now, without further ado, readers I want to do (in the literary sense, of course):

Veronica at Someday We Will Sleep: Veronica actually has three blogs so take your pick. Go here and you'll find links to her others. She lives in Tasmania with her partner and two underfootlings and does a splendid job of entertaining me with her most excellent writing and cooking and advocacy and whatever other hat she feels like wearing that day. She has throngs of admiring readers but give her more, as her mission is to take over the blogging world and I'm here to abet her.

Kim at Frog Ponds Rock also lives in Tasmania and happened to give birth to Veronica and makes beautiful things from clay and takes lovely photos that make me want to visit Tasmania and writes me hilarious and kind emails that make me want to visit Tasmania and raises pigs and ducks and rocks her purple hair. Because I am weak I'm secretly planning a return-to-Oz-via-Tasmania trip in 2011. Shhhh. Don't tell Jim. He doesn't yet know.

Barbara at Jobart has a photography blog and posts short daily bits, usually about her kids. I'm very excited because I'm going to meet Barbara in the flesh in three short months when we visit the UK and we will celebrate with wine and unbridled silliness. I love Barbara for many reasons but most of all because she is so.fucking.funny in a very wittily British kind of way and I may just kidnap her while I'm there.

Glen at Glen's Life also hails from London and writes about the joys and travails of parenthood and husbandhood and how much he adores Twitter and Facebook and embracing small nations. Barbara and I have tried to coax him into meeting up with us in London but so far he keeps making noises about being waylaid in Hungary or somewhere inconvenient for the entire month of June. We are thinking of inviting Badger instead.

Badger at Vienna for Dummies is an Australian expat held hostage in Vienna by two cats who have constructed a large and visually attractive netting device that allows him to roam the city but never actually leave. I know, I know, I'm sure if he were on Facebook he would be listed under it's complicated.

John White at My View with a Laugh is an Australian expat-repat held hostage by his wife in a Sydney suburb. His cat does not construct nets, can't be bloody bothered. Does not, in fact, even catch mice (yawn). John is on Facebook. If you friend him he may send you pictures of women wearing flags. He did me.

Brenda at Mummytime. I know I mentioned Brenda above because she bestowed an award on me, but I love her so much I have to mention her again. Brenda is the best kind of bloggy friend a blogger can have and she is just an all around excellent person: kind, generous, earthy, witty and full of integrity. I get to meet Brenda too on my theoretical 2011 trip and since she lives near the Sydney airport I'm expecting to see her gorgeous mug first thing when I'm released from customs after being strip-searched by brawny Australian border protection agents (dammit, dammit, why do I always forget that I shouldn't strap live rabbits to my body before flying into Sydney?). Oh, and her blog...most excellent.

Katie at No Missed Opportunities. I've only met Katie recently but she is so good at plying me with compliments that I really want to do her (literarely). Katie lives in a cold and frozen hinterland somewhere north of here (think Michigan) and is currently mourning the passing of winter so needs some serious cheering up. Go send her some virtual snowflake kisses.

I know I've missed scores of most wonderful, loyal, generous readers and if you feel slighted you should come back daily and post lots and lots of comments to let me know. Honestly, I get a thrill anytime anyone visits my blog. You have to know that is the ultimate compliment for any writer, of drivel or consequence, so thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. In fact, because I love ALL of my readers I invite each of you to take the award of your choice from above. Visit the website it came from for the associated rules (if'n you want to play by the rules). So come on, In Real Life, Adorabibble, So Now What, Susan, Sandbox Gems, Lori, Warsaw Mommy, Anne Marie, Sharni, Freefalling, Marla, Marci, Matthew and anyone else who wants one. Go on, grab one!

And, pssst, as long as your busily clicking links, look, I now have a Facebook page for Wanderlust. There's a badge on my sidebar. Become a fan and I will do a happy dance (you'll just have to trust me on that, no streaming video--yet).

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  1. You're very welcome! I tell ya, figuring out all this blogging stuff can get crazy! I spent today trying to figure out the RSS feed stuff and still want to have a design makeover. Can I borrow your husband?! You are too lucky to have connections in the computer programming world. :)

  2. Kristy, email me if you have questions. I'm still figuring a lot of this out but happy to help if I can.

  3. You're too awesome! I've just returned to my chair after doing a little happy dance of my own, "She mentioned my name, she mentioned my name!" Merci Beaucoup! It sounds like you have a wonderful trip planned!

  4. hehe I am smiling away here, my hair is bright purple at the moment too. Thankyou for the kind words. A trip to Australia isn't complete without a side trip to Tasmania. xx

  5. Alright, alright! - you two could nag for your countries at the Olympics.

    Give us a shout on FB and we will work it out :-)

  6. cool I will take a look...
    we need a hambeast award.
    the picture of that lovely couple should do.

  7. Tasmania trip! Squeee!

    Thankyou for the lovely words.

  8. For the record, I also want to do you. Mwahahaha.

    See you soon, hot momma.xoxoxoxo

  9. Shhhhh... Jim will hear you!! I still have to pay off the UK and Italy trips I haven't taken yet. Better find some paying gigs. But yeah, we'll have a big 'ol do fest. Silent squeeeees!

  10. And Glen, you're such a pushover. Yay!

  11. Alas, I am at a loss for words. You are the best. Thanks for the love. Now I need to get back in the house and blog. This amazing spring-like weather has stolen me from my blogging duties. Also, swing by Michigan and pick me up on any and all of these future trips. How fun would THAT be??

  12. Hee! An award? For little ol' ME?? You are too, too kind.

    Now let me go visit of few of these blogs that I have not seen before, and prepare my acceptance speech... and let me also take this chance to say thanks for visiting my blog as well. I am so happy I found you through Veronica.

    Hurrah Internet - connecting the whole damn world!


  13. Holy guacamole thatsalottawards! Congratulations! I'll pass. I might come back, though, one day soon when I have run out of things to blog about, and need an award to post about. Thanks for the loophole. Love your work!

    By the way, I hate to break it to you, but our custom officials are mostly large, ugly, hairy, smelly women. Might wanna rethink the rabbits.

  14. HI again,

    Just dropped by a few of your recommended blogs - good stuff out there!!

    And after a bit of research, I'd be very happy and honoured and proud to accept a Kreativ Blogger Award, 'cause I happen to LOVE bright pink and lime green together and I am influenced by packaging and think that button is pretty. Shallow, moi??


  15. Congratulations on your awards. Go get 'em, Tiger. :)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Kiss kiss KB, but in the alternative universe, I'd like to do Mr Xmas.

    Or am I confusing "literary" with "literally"?

  18. kb, kb, you have to see this...

    Flag Hussies United!


  19. P.S. Please note, I got a Slovenia this morning. Gloat, gloat.

  20. Congrats on Slovenia


  21. But, I am a nice bastard... LOL


  22. I love you. But, did Glen just accuse us of nagging? Hmph, we're not buying him a beer.

    Please could you kidnap me and take me to Tasmania with you?

  23. I am with Brenda! Totally any freaking thing she says...I am in like Flynn...I found you and Katie through Brenda and you gals rock my socks. (oh and I will be in the running for an award you just wait) :) xo


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