Monday, March 22, 2010

Um...can you not ask me that?

Today I’m going to direct you over to Sharnanigans. Sharni Montgomery is a journalist and an all around lovely person who used to live in Sydney but now lives somewhere (not sure where) in rural Australia with her partner and son. She is starting a Reader of the Week series and I’m her first interview, so clearly she’s a little hard up. Anyway, she plied me with virtual wine and got me to divulge embarrassing things.

Since its, yawn, Monday (yes, yes, Tuesday for over-achievers) and you’re probably looking for a distraction don’t forget to check out my readers I want to do list from yesterday.

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  1. Hey - you didn't mention your fetish for wrapping yourself in Australian flags (I won't tell anyone).

  2. Pretty sure my secret's already out...

  3. Australian Flags rock haha, hope you come check it out! Thanks for being my first guest Kristin!!


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