Friday, March 5, 2010

You want to glue what to my what?!

As if the world isn’t full enough of things I don’t know jack about I have to feed my sense of naïveté by making a daily visit to the wild and wacky realm that is Badger’s blog. On any given day his visitors will be subjected to a thoroughly enjoyable read about how the Viennese have evolved to breathe smoke in lieu of air, the latest political buffoonery, why he waxes his cat or how the world is generally going to hell in a hand basket.

Today I was enlightened on the existence of moose knuckles (don’t ask, use the link) and vagazzling. The latter involves applying glittery bits to one’s girly bits and probably everyone but me is on top of this new trend.

While I understand and appreciate the art of adornment, to an extent, the appeal of this particular bedazzlefest escapes me. I honestly can’t imagine a scenario in which any male with a fully extended Y chromosome would look at a woman’s cootch and say “hey girl, why don’t you glue some rhinestones on that?”

Am I missing something here?

I’ve never worked up the courage to go brazilian much less allow someone to apply glitterture to my sacred zone. Thanks, but I think I’ll sit this one out.

So click on over and pay Badger a visit. But before you go leave me a comment and let me know, ladies, would you vagazzle? And men, seriously, how do you like your ice cream, plain or with sprinkles?

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  1. No thank you! No vagazzling for me!

  2. No. My husband once said to his brother while we were having drinks on his back deck over looking the scenery and discussing such things (for reasons that escape me now) that I, was worse than that bush out there and points to the forrest. So now, fair to say, I am a bit shall we say slack on the making my lady garden pretty for anyone. :)

  3. Speaking of back deck, I was basking in the whirlpool of the Prairie Life Fitness Club this afternoon, when this absolutely hateful old woman approached me - wearing only a hand towel, mind you - and yelled at me for not being completely naked. She pointed to the sign that said I must shower before entering the whirlpool.

    Now, what does this have to do with back decks and vagazzling? Well, when she turned around - seriously, she must have been at least 80 - I actually saw her naughty bits *from behind*, because the poor lips were hanging down about an inch below her butt. She must have had 10 kids, so that explains the crankiness. But she could have used some rhinestones. Oh, and she kept letting go these long, loose farts.

    I'll leave you with that visual/audio. -- Tammy

  4. Ah, that would be a definate NO from me. Not in a million years. Though I cracked up at the washcloth funny I found about the woman visiting her OB/GYN in a hurry. (That's from my post LAST friday, in case you missed it.)

  5. You have GOT to be kidding me!?!?! I need to get out more.

    seriously no!
    I love glitter more than most.
    I needed a good laugh.
    I can barely deal with my eyebrows and chin.
    it is clean and that is enough.

  7. I watched a video about vajazzling (sp?) and honestly, WHY?!

  8. Pardon? World gone made. Glitter on the Titter? Sure but... no haha

  9. Sure why not? I'm all about learning and experiencing new things. Ahem.

  10. I watched a clip where a reporter had her bits vajazzled.It was just the pubic mound they were sticking all the glittery bits on. It looked very pretty but would probably itch like buggery.I barely shave my legs let alone cover my snatch with rhinestones. A fully extended Y chromosome, is the line of the century

  11. Would I??!!!
    You betcha!!
    I dunno why, but I saw the photos on the link and thought - "I like it".
    But I've always wanted to shave my head so I can wear a different wig each day (so it's probably something to do with that).
    I'd also try a pair of google eyes.
    Maybe a moustache - you know a curly lion tamer one.

  12. Yeah...

    No way.

    I heard about that and laughed. A lot!

    Could you imagine if they fell out while you were shagging???


  13. Rome is falling all around but damn, we're going out with super glitz!!

  14. Just discovered your blog and am in. love. Also read your About page and well, what a luger!

  15. The rhinestones are so last decade. It's all about glitter now:

  16. Clitter, turns your labia into a yay-bia! Thanks for that Trev. And welcome Amber, always nice to see a new face. I don't always blog about genitalia, promise!

  17. I am pretty sure that this is why the rest of the world finds America ridiculous.

  18. I must be getting old...... why in the world? oh, forget it!

    I am confused. Glitter?

    Defies the imagination.


  19. I love your 'realness' pass by my blog to recieve a lovely blog award :)

  20. Darn you, there was me, whizzing through my reader at a fair pace when you bedazzle me.

    I'm highly amused but I think it's fairly safe to say that I will not be sticking any glittery things on my downstairs. I'm too lazy to take hair off, let alone add stuff on!

  21. I did a post about this a couple of weeks ago:

    And the answer is no, thank you!


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