Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100 Things

In honor of my 100th post, I offer you 100 bullet points.
  • 100 posts
  • 5 months
  • 58 sexy flags
  • A web of connections across the continents
  • new friends, more than I dreamed
  • a world opened up before me
  • one marriage, lost
  • one voice, found
  • one future, unknown
  • Tonight I sorted through boxes in the basement looking for things to give away
  • digging deep into the past and pulling up armloads of clothes and jetsam from days gone by
  • I found an old purse and realized it had never been divulged of its contents
  • One by one I pulled out pens, lipstick, chewing gum
  • Then I froze
  • This was my mother's purse
  • The purse she had been using when she died
  • Here was an address book from 1990
  • and she had carefully written in and scratched out my various addresses, tracking me across the country, across continents
  • and her last paystub, dated January 3, 1993
  • The chewing gum was still soft
  • I stood there for a long time
  • When the purse was empty I handed it to Jim to put with the rest of the stuff we were giving away
  • He handed it back to me, gently, told me to smell it
  • I did
  • but it didn't smell like her
  • Too many years gone by
  • Here is what I want
  • To hold a mirror up to my children so that they may never doubt
  • the incredible light of their own souls
  • To never stop writing
  • To travel the world, all of it
  • To speak my truth, all of it
  • And come late June, when the days stretch long and coreopsis and phlox and coneflowers blanket the prairie floor and the sky is a thousand miles wide
  • I’m getting in my car and driving to western Kansas
  • to Amy Leigh’s farm
  • where I’m going to run naked through a field of wheat
  • with or without you President Obama
  • And that’s not all
  • You know that new URL I have (wanderlustlust)?
  • I didn’t buy just one
  • Uh huh
  • And what the hell
  • That’s right
  • I’m an org
  • Care to donate?
  • But on this, my 100th post, I'm thinking mostly about you
  • Without you
  • all of this wouldn't exist
  • and to me you are more than just someone who reads my blog
  • because when I fell
  • you were there to catch me
  • and I’ll never forget that
  • People can say what they will about virtual friendships
  • and people have
  • but I know better
  • I know that you are not just a name on a screen
  • that you live and breathe and love and hurt and write a piece of yourself into every post
  • that you are gloriously imperfect
  • as am I
  • as are we all
  • We are nevertheless blog gods and goddesses
  • are we not?
  • Expression spilling from our fingertips
  • onto pages
  • so that we may rest another day
  • tame the wild beast
  • Well, quiet her at least
  • And something in the telling helps us know that we are not alone
  • in what we feel
  • in who we are
  • because we are not alone
  • ever
  • ever
  • ever
  • And through each other’s eyes
  • we see ourselves
  • reflected back
  • in all our wonder
  • and in that reflection
  • we hold a vision of each other at our best
  • Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters
  • we become our consummate selves
  • courageous in the face of pain
  • gracious in the face of slight
  • We are artists in the medium of life
  • dreaming dreams of who we really are
  • fearless explorers
  • genius creators
  • lovers of venusian proportion
  • hot bloggy sex on a popsicle stick
  • That’s us
  • you
  • me
  • we
  • shine

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  1. Awww group hug you flag hussy! Happy 100th posts!!

  2. Beautiful post!!! Happy 100th post and congratulations. I'm blessed and flattered to be part of your blogging community.

  3. Happy 100th Post... This is a real nice post. We are all in this together. Loads of love

  4. *tears* Happy 100th! You're amazing. That is all.

  5. THAT'S great writing. Thanks for being here!
    To a hundred more..... *clink*

  6. Awww. Stumbling you now you Flag Hussy you. I love you, KB.XO

  7. From one little Aussie to You !

    Congratulations, what a refreshing, free, joyous & honest soul you are.

    Here is to the next 100 ! Cheers Big Ears

  8. Nice.
    you know.
    just tired but really happy for ya!

  9. Great post. Again. If you were ever to write a book, I'd buy it. Food for thought?

  10. Jayzzus you can write lady. Happy 100th post. I love bullet points btw. Look forward to the one where I read 1000 bullet points ;)

  11. very touching - especially about your mum - my own mum died in 1993, and I still occasionally flick through her old notepad scribbles and picture books - knowing that she has missed seeing my baby boy and my sisters little daughter growing up really hurts. At the toughest of times I think of her spirit and love of life, and I truly believe it lives on in me every day, nothing will ever take that away

    Here's to many more blogging adventures for you!

  12. I was thinking what should I do for my 100th post on my blog... now you've gone and blown any chance I had of making it awesome out of the water!

    AWESOME post honey. :) x

  13. 100th post! Woohoo!

    I loved this post, BTW.

  14. Big ol' 100th post smoochies. I still wanna take you to dinner and a movie...even more now than I did before.
    Awesome post

  15. Happy 100th! What a way to celebrate. wonderful.

  16. Quality posting.... happy century x

  17. Congratulations on 100 posts! 100 beautifully written, expressive, wonderful, artful, delicious posts!

  18. Dominic, see my RBU post next week. (heart, heart!)

  19. more than just 100 posts - 100 good posts! well done

  20. Aw, big group hug guys. Thanks for all the comment love!

  21. Keep speaking your truth. We are here to hear it.

  22. Wow. I loved it too. As I read it, especially around your mom's purse, I felt my world get still and silent and nothing mattered but what I was reading. It was very good.

  23. I love you and your writing more than my luggage.
    Stumbled, sweets.

  24. I love it! I especially love the blog goddess part. I may have to borrow that! I shall give you complete credit of course! :)

  25. I want a Popsicle like that. Soon. Please.

  26. Happy 100th! and many more!!

  27. Congratulations for 100 amazing posts!

  28. Lol, I've been zipping through posts in my reader trying to beat down the 189 posts in there laughing at me and saying I'll never read them all but I had to stop and comment on this one.

    Big sloppy kisses to you and well done on reaching 100.


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