Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow, just wow.

The other night I was tucking my kids into bed and I noticed there was a small notepad under Anna's pillow. When I asked her about this, she grabbed it self-consciously.

She told me that she wrote songs down in the notepad. She said that sometimes songs would come into her head and then later, when she would get home, she would write them down. I told her that words often came into my head, too, and I would write them down as poems or stories. I asked her if she would read one of them to me.

She looked shy. She said she would, but that I might think it was inappropriate. I told her I doubted I would, and that I'd like to hear it anyway. She said she was in the bathroom at school the other day and the song just came to her.

Anna is seven years old.

She called the song “The deadness on the hill.”

The deadness that killed my people
Who are all I know
How I wish they would come back to me
Oh how I would never dare go over that hill.

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  1. Blimey.

    You obviously have a sensitive and gifted child there.

  2. WOW is right! I love the words that come out of my children. Ancient lovely words. Who kills all the words? You know.. the ones that come out of ALL the children? Hmph.

  3. Oh my. In light of ANZAC Day coming up here Kristin, that just bought tears to my eyes.

    She is amazing.

  4. Kids are great! They are deep thinkers and so creative. So inhibited. My little girl, 10, is also a song writer and tinkers with her guitar. She wants to be a rockstar! But who doesn't?

  5. Yeah, I told her it's not at all inappropriate to talk and write about sadness and death. That it was beautiful.

  6. She needs to not stop writing them down. To never think they're not good enough and stop.


  7. I imagine you were probably like this as a child.
    Children don't overthink. They just feel and do. The result: pure innocent beauty.

  8. The saying... out of the mouths of babes, comes to mind.

    That is indeed Wow!


  9. Wowness indeed! The kid's got talent. She got it from you. Clearly!

  10. Almost scary. WOW!

    Someone told me once that being able to write, to really write, was a kind of magic.

    That old faiths, before religion as we know it, would involve special people who could write to make make magic. Poets, for example, were seen as magicians.

    You have passed something special on to your daughter. Wonderful!

  11. Beautiful. Definite WOW

    I wrote 'Funny Bunny' when i was her age. Shame on you Ratz.

  12. WOW - that is amazing.

    The best my boy could do was...

    (To the tune of Abba's Mama Mia)

    Diarrhoea, I've got Diarrhoea,
    OH no, now I need a nappy wash

    Very deep Son - thanks :-)

  13. Um. Scary-impressive... like, totally gifted child there. Veronica is right: Anna needs to keep doing it. Who knows where it may take her one day?

  14. What an amazing gift to nurture and watch it grow

  15. There is an old soul living in that thar chile! She is going to be famous one day. Mark my words!

  16. Anna got me at 'The deadness on the hill'...!

  17. Children are all poets,because their minds aren't cluttered with a lot of useless junk. They think only of the essential things: love, friendship, play, death.

  18. Ummm.....
    she's freakin' me out, man.

  19. That's remarkable and deeply touching. I couldn't write anything quite so poetic if I sat down and tried for a year.


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