Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And # 7 especially

It seems I've been tagged in another meme.  A grumpy meme.  Hmmmm....

Marylin at Softthistle has asked me to list out seven things that get under my skin.  I'm feeling pictorial today so I'm going to zip my lips and just show you some photos.








Well, that's a bitter note to end on, isn't it?

Okay then, here's something that makes me positively ungrumpy:

I believe this is where I tag a few others...

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Diapers & Dragons
Pampers & Pinot
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Random Ramblings of a SAHM (because I'm afraid she'll run out of things to blog about)

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  1. Amen!! That, esp. 3 and 6 would proably be my exact list!! Well, I'd replace Palin with Tony Abbot, but that just geography.
    Great job.

  2. HA!!! It's a good thing you tagged me, because it's a PERFECT DAY FOR IT and I was going to do it anyhow.

    I'll try very hard not to use too many profanities. My grandmother does read my blog, after all.

    (And #7? FUCK YEAH.)

  3. California makes you grumpy, same here; as well as gay men trying to sell insurance, not too found of people trying to sell me insurance; people wearing ill fitting clothing that shows bare midriff, some people should come to grips with reality and wear appropriate clothing; bald hills, I think that is something sexual; accidents happen, the Gulf will come back like it did before; wolfs? how can you not like wolfs?, or is it chain link fencing you don't like?; women winking on tv, not a fan either...unless I am on the joke.

  4. Just when I was running out of drafts. I might steal the pictorail idea too.

    You have got a thing for Sarah Palin don't you? I'm almost positive that women has a penis.

    And would you believe, dirty chimney that I am, being prgenant was the only thing that made me stop smoking. And it was purely for the gestation. The first thing I asked after labour was "Can I have a ciggie now?". At least I was already outside the second time ;)

  5. Ugh, #2 really makes me quite happy to be as rude as possible to another human being. I'm happy that they've found their calling, but they can keep their God-bothering themselves please. The Greenpeace guys piss me off too: Them: 'Don't you care about the whales?' Me: 'No'. (Actually I do, I just don't like being hassled in the street). And the ones that come to your house! Grrr!

  6. this is very funny. i love the placement of that belly and the solicitors, then going pretty with the nature and wildlife and ending with palin (before the real end, that is). cool post.

  7. I saw someone doing #3 yesterday... I may smoke at the moment, but never around my kids, and I certainly would give up the second I found out I was pregnant - just like I did with Zack.
    No way I'd put an innocent little one at risk when there was no need.

  8. Sara Palin. Not so much.
    Tina Fey as Sara Palin. Yes indeedy doody!

  9. No 3 definitely.... but i like wolves.....

  10. @ mindes, it's like you were reading my mind...

    @ Lori, ah, so that's why you birth in your driveway.

    @ Ratz, I like wolves too, just not in cages (a theme with me)

  11. Yay! Thanks for tagging me, I can't wait to make my list!

    Cool idea to do your list in pics.

    Yes, those sweet children are the perfect antidote to the grumpiness-inducing items posted above.

  12. Gosh u really are grumpy aren't you?
    as you know, i'm never grumpy (friday 101 anyone)

  13. Just stopping in from fybf. Love that list, especially the mormons, in badly fitting shirts!! I dated one, once. When I was young and stupid. What can I say? He was hot and hunky...but even that wasn't enough after the first month, when he started trying to convert me.

  14. @ katiegirl, I'm trying to find your blog so I can go flog it, but not having luck. Help me out! Or I'll send the mormons after you.

  15. Hilarious. We were on that actual freeway in California when we went for my nephew's funeral. What a pain! And Sarah Palin is a blundering idiot. I still can't figure out how she ever became the governor of Alaska.

  16. Urgh. #3 and #7 made me scream: #3 because it's so f'ing disgusting and #7 because I HATE THAT HOKEY YOKEY WINK.

  17. what have you got against wolves?

  18. Can relate to all of those, and assume the wolves is because he is caged and not running free. What a great idea to do it with pictures. Have a great weekend now you have got all the grumpies out. xxx

  19. That lot would make anyone grumpy!
    Kids are best thing take away any grumpiness :)

  20. I'm totally with you on those 7 things! And even though you didn't tag me (I understand since I'm sooo not caught up on blogging) I'm going to do this.

  21. Every single photo on here made me frown ... except for the eighth, of course.
    At least Sarah Palin looks like a special little snowflake in her photo, which makes me feel a little better :)

    - Ilona


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