Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hot bloggy tour of Oz resumes

Hoo ya!  Guess who's headed back to Australia?  That would be me.

Remember when I kicked off the Hot Damn I'm in Australia bloggy tour at Lori's blog?  I had a most enjoyable stay in Sydney.  So enjoyable, that I'm going back down under.

Strolling barefoot on Bondi beach with a friend
(don't worry, I slept with Nicole Kidman to get the rights to this photo)

I'm happy to say I've since scored several generous guest posting offers and will be showing up on the shores of Oz again very, very soon*.  How soon?  I'm not sure, that's largely out of my hands, but posts have had their passports stamped, been buckled into their seats and are on their way west.

If you'd like me to stop at your Australian blog on my tour, let me know. I can tailor a post to your needs or go freestyle. I have some pretty exciting stops lined up and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can get out to the wild, wild red country west of the Great Dividing Range.

After each one has been posted, I will be putting them up at Not Wanderlust, so they will all be in one place.  What is Not Wanderlust, you ask?  It's my other blog.  I started it several months ago so I would have a place to play around with themes and new pages and whatnot, and if I made any major screw-ups while doing so they would not happen on Wanderlust. 

I used to call it Nobody Read Me Ever, hoping that in so doing people would ignore it and not click on it, but of course that just made people curious.  It gets a number of visits and even has a few followers now (hi Eva, hi Tenille!).  Anyway, the address is KristinSuxatPhotoshop dot com.  No, just click here.

P.S.  Has anyone else noticed that Feedburner is drunk?  Shall we pool funds to send it to detox?

*would have been sooner had I gotten my arse in gear and written posts three weeks ago, sorry Ms. B., flog me now.

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  1. LOL.... this is fun... I should have listened better in my Photoshop classes.... then i could have gone on a dream date with Jeff Corwin....bwahahaha

    You rock Kristin... May the lights of Photoshop stay in our hearts forever

  2. How exciting! And I must say, you are so clever and witty. I am always impressed by your little jokes and your writing!

  3. Urrrrmmmmm...when I encouraged Keith (last time he was in Canada - he loves Canada) to take you sight-seeing, I didn't expect that you two would get quite so friendly....

    Maybe when you've finished your Australian tour, you can pop over to Canada for a guest post?

  4. @IRL, thanks for the invite. Maybe after Oz I should just keep going around the world? Living out my dreams through Photoshop, one blog post at a time...

  5. What a fun idea. If you feel like heading to Brisbane, I'm your gal.

  6. You are also welcome to tour Central Massachusetts anytime. Of course, it's no Oz, but we have weird accents.

  7. Yes, my feedburner is drunk too. Hopefully it will have sobered up by this evening.

  8. @ Melissa, I'm all yours, will EM you off-blog. Thx!

    @ IRL, what happened to the response I posted earlier? Blogger ate it?

  9. Sounds fun. I’ll drop off a little something for your trip over at FB sometime today. It might help in those hot dry areas!

  10. @ John, a camel? A solar-powered iPad? Bryan Brown in a ute?

  11. @ Draft Queen, oh honey, I'm saving up my special rants for your blog. If this were Twitter I would add #catharsis

  12. Yays! Cannot wait for your stop Sydney stopover. Wink wink.

  13. Great idea Kristin, I was going to invite you to Brisbane, but it looks like I'm too late... Maybe next time!

  14. Can't wait until your finished in Australia! You might want to come before winter sets in, it gets a little chilly up here!


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