Monday, May 17, 2010

Seven delectable, er deadly sins

Yet another meme. I seem to be in high meme mode lately. This was started by the sinfully delicious Lori at Random Ramblings and I was tagged by Kakka. I'm to list out seven sins. I was disappointed I was so limited, but here goes.

Sloth - how do you relax?  By getting off by myself, finding space and time alone, if I’m fortunate I get out of town and into the wild. Or drive off somewhere, anywhere, as long as there are long empty stretches of road and I can turn up the music.

Gluttony - What can't you get enough of, even though it's bad for you?  My imagination is at work 24/7. I’m forever tuning out and losing myself in deep thought. Have been since I was a child. I rarely dwell on the past, always fantasize about the future. It's my drug of choice. Hello… earth to Kristin.

Greed - What do you get greedy for?  Long stretches of uninterrupted time alone, when I can dump my brain of all the “have to’s” and “must do’s” and just… be. I suppose this is a reiteration of my first point, since I don't get enough of it.

Envy - What makes you green?  Not much, honestly, though I often look at people who have extended family nearby and think how fortunate they are. I would love for my kids to have that family experience, and for me to have a break from parenting now and then. My kids are so hungry for relationship, they just love all over any extended family member they have the fortune of seeing.

Lust - What does it for you?   Hmmm… well now, this would do.

Pride - What are you inordinately proud of?  My children. Cliché, I know, but they truly are the most wonderful little people. Affectionate, polite, kind little souls, smart as whips. I marvel at who they've become.

Wrath (Anger) - What makes you cranky?  Republicans, armchair whiners, people who throw their cigarette butts out the window, FOX news anchors, FOX news, fragile victim-types, passive-aggressives, drama queens, Nancy Grace, I’m starting to get redundant so I’ll just stop here.

What about you? What are your deadly sins?

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  1. I am just in total awe of your PhotoShopping skills.

    And everyone is saying their kids for that, including me :D But honestly, what else is there you can be that sparkly proud of without feeling like a wanker?

  2. Ugh. Nancy grace. She's an angry little sprite.

  3. I envy close family as well.
    Nancy Grace turns my stomach. The sight of her, the sound of her, she's like nails on a chalkboard.
    Excellent meme.

  4. Ooooh, you wicked, wicked woman...does Bryan's wife know you've been Photoshopping together?

    I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one who covets long stretches of uninterrupted daydreaming time. If only we'd realised what delicious sins we were indulging when we were younger...

  5. Very appropriate. I am part of a group exhibition in August and the theme is the seven deadly sins. I am thinking of doing sloth but translating sloth into apathy and then doing something with an environmental twist.

  6. I am with you on the greedy for time ...just to be alone for a day to do my own stuff would be wonderful...

  7. LOVED this post.

    I'm so with you on the family thing.

  8. Okay, I should explain that i don't live in the US, so I don't get regular CNN- I had to Google Nancy Grace- OH MY GOOD CRIKES- she looks like an angry purse dog.

    7 deadly sins, hmmm... I have to keep the good ones private.

  9. I should let you know that I have seen Brian Brown's Willy - in passing. It was on stage for a production by the Sydney Theatre Company. Can't remember the name of the play - or much about the Willy.

  10. @Badger, well if you capitalized it, that at least says something. I'm going to assume that wasn't him in the hot tub in Vienna.

  11. They don't sound like very deadly sins to me - more really quite understandable. Hmm, the seven really quite understandable sins, doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it?

  12. I'm with Barbara - (lol)! - all your sins are understandable, (I can relate to all of them :)

    But I'd also agree with Cbellabell - would want to keep the deadly sins kind of private...

  13. Kristin, I have given you an award on my latest post!


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