Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tell me again why I'm doing this?

Now that spring has sprung here on the right-side-up part of the planet the weather is getting warmer and I'm packing up my winter wardrobe and bringing out my skin-baring flags and, as you might imagine, thinking about shedding a few pounds.

In fact I've been looking back at some old pictures and assessing the damage and I've come to the conclusion that as much as I adore my children, childbirth and the ensuing years have not been kind to my body. Take, for example, Exibit A, a picture taken pre-marriage, pre-children:

And compare it to Exibit B, a picture taken while I was on vacation last September:

Yes, friends, it's true. Childbirth causes your ears to fall off.

So, what is a woman to do? I did what I always do when faced with a difficult challenge. I sat in my favorite ass groove on the couch and read through a bunch of blogs. That's where I happened upon Lucy's post about a weight loss challenge she was issuing. Great. Way to lay on the guilt Lucy.

She is planning on losing 20 kilos by October. I have about half that much to lose, which in American is 22 pounds. This is Lucy's little button and you can visit her blog and get guilted sweet talked into joining too.

So you have been warned. Five months from now be prepared for hotness to be unveiled right here on Wanderlust. With or without ears.

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  1. KB, you need to read my last post:
    85% of women are not happy with their ass...


  2. If only to see you in your kitty cat ears, I will be waiting. Plus will pop over myself. Arses like mine don't just grow on trees. x

  3. Jesus.
    Cola out the nose!
    I am not laughing at you. Just the captions.
    Oh, and go you.
    You rock!

  4. Um, half of 40kgs is not 22lbs. Just for the record. Half of 40kgs in pounds is 44lbs.

    Maths! It seems my children haven't sucked that out of my brains.

    And yes, I see why you sent me the chocolate. It was to save yourself. I'm helpful like that.

  5. 20 kilos! Typo. Lucy will love me for that. Post now edited. Thank you Veronica.

    Did I mention I work in finance? I do.

    My children not only made me plump, they sucked out my brains (or fubared my typing skilz).

  6. I just clicked on the space heater image to see where it would take me, and it took me back to your blog on compassion. And helped remind me what I know already - most of life is NOT an HR issue. It is mostly an office supply issue.

    I love, love, love sharing my days with someone who is so elegant with language and ideas, and equally ruthless in using the sword of truth to slice away at sentiment, especially when it masquerades as meaning.

    I'll buy your book, you know. In case you were waiting 'cause you didn't know who would buy it.

  7. Hot rockets Celeste, will start writing.....NOW!

    BTW, I clearly need a "Celeste" tag so that I can label all posts in which you're mentioned, making it easier for you to locate and re-read them. And because they are, as has been previously noted, legion.

  8. Oh, and BTW #2, I love love love spending my days with someone who is so f***ing confident they are virtually impossible to offend. Have I mentioned that? I love that! Please give the rest of the world lessons. Now.

  9. Oooooooooh! Cat Lady.... WoooT WooT....

    and good luck :-)

  10. I think you are imagining that you look worse that you do! We all do that.
    You know what motivates me when I diet? Go to you high school page on Facebook. See how terrible everyone looks now. Vow to look better than they do soon.
    It works.
    Having is kids is so hard on women's bodies. Of course, it's worth it, but damn, can't we do it without having to undo the damage later?
    You can totally do it.

  11. So you've lived and are still living a life to it's fullest .. if you want to loose weight for you go for it but don't do it because you think you look worse for your living a life ! What good is having a classic tucked away in the garage without any scratches, fading or wear and tear. To do that it hasn't brought any joy to anyones life !

    For what it's worth you still look pretty Dam hot to this Aussie, be proud of your imperfections as they have a life story to tell !

  12. You can do it! We're here for you.

  13. You don't look too rough mate, I reckon you've fared OK. I'd be more worried about the fact that only a MUM would want her photo taken next to a great big dirt track, to remember her holiday. Mum's - barking mad the lot of them!

  14. Ooooh, I love Andrew Swansson's analogy, I'm going to quote that somewhere.

    kb, better check out:


  15. Oh great, go on and make me feel like I should do it too! Damn you!!! :P

  16. Marylin, do it, do it, do it!!! Join me in my pain.

  17. Tee Hee: "Childbirth causes your ears to fall off!"

    Lucy's blog is so inspiring!

    Love the captions on your photos!

  18. I would like to lose about 30 lbs if we're being completely honest, but that would put me at almost my pre-pregnancy I don't know if that can ever happen....I'll join in the challenge though.

  19. Good luck, I am in my 6th week and starting to show results I no longer need to wear belts to hide the stomach..... nice feeling well worth the effort.

  20. Snap! (u know well i have let myself go!)
    But don't you have fabulous bosoms!

  21. You can do it!! I'm rooting for you!!

  22. Lol - I love the ass groove comment!! PS - new here via Lucy's Fat to Fit blog hop xx

  23. I am steering well clear of that Lucy's blog. For today.

    I may go and look tomorrow.

    Can I just say, you are (note are, not were - no typo there) one foxy lady.

  24. Aw, thanks Andrew - yeah, I don't spend a lot of time in the garage!

  25. Um...

    If childbirth means this Jackrabbit's ears are going to fall off, then I think I'm going to consider adopting!

    Your post made me lol. Good writing!


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