Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What if... love?

There is so much in the world that is beyond our control. There are people who choose to fill their hearts with hate and their lives with violence. We can't change that. All we can ever do is choose how we will respond to the world.

You may think, but I am only one person, I feel so powerless. I disagree. One person has tremendous power. Why? Because we humans are sympathetic creatures. We resonate with the energy around us. If you respond to me with anger, chances are good I will become angry. But what if you have the courage to respond to me with love? You have just changed the game.

Do you remember the post I did called God Hates Donuts? It was about a group of counter-protesters who responded to hate

with humor

Photo from EDW Lynch story, LaughingSquid

Most page views ever on any post I've written.

In that post I quoted Martin Luther King:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction

What does drive out darkness? Love. Tolerance. Compassion.

So imagine with me for a moment....

What if whenever we encountered this

KKK rally

we responded with this

KKK counter protest, Athens, GA, photo by Gregory Skibinski

What if when something bad happened to people who didn't look like us

Earthquake, Haiti, Jan 2010

instead of listening to others assign blame

Pat Robertson

we just listened to our hearts?

helicopter preparing for water drop

What if we stopped trying to resolve our conflicts like this

near Israel/Palestine border

and instead tried more of this

Because if we did, maybe, just maybe, we could prevent anything like this from ever happening again

I know we can never eradicate violence and hatred from the world.  There will always be those who are deeply rooted in fear and who will choose hate over love every time.  But I'd like to believe they are a small minority, an annoying dripping faucet in the night.  The rest of us are a sea of compassion, hopeful, yielding, open-hearted, waiting to be swayed by your decision to chose love.

Because while there will always be discrimination in the world, there will always be bias and judgment, every now and then a majority will rise up in a single voice and surprise us

Election night 2008, U.S.

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  1. I do not know how to respond to this. Many people say one voice is so small, but if one voice speaks up it gives the courage to others to join in. I see this, live this all the time.

    And whilst one voice may be lost in the uproar, when it is joined by other single voices it becomes a cacophony of compassion.

    Your one voice may be the start of something wonderful.

    Beautiful post, my friend.

  2. Beautiful Post Kristin. I am moved to tears. Beautiful. Smallest of changes can stir the world.

    I am Rathi and I believe in Love changing the world.

  3. Gorgeous post. I love it. Love doesn't have a political party, but it's the only one I can really say I fully support.

  4. So much work in this post, thank you for your thoughts :-)

  5. YES! Love and compassion are our most effective tools for promoting peace on earth!

  6. F*****g LOVE this post woman!

  7. Wonderful post and all so true :)

  8. Beautifully said - love, compassion and understanding , the common ground of humanity have been drowned out for too long by the hate filled minority

  9. Absolutely perfectly spot on :)
    You've summed it all up just right; offering love and compassion to our enemies gives them no field in which to plant their seeds of hate.

  10. Good post and fully agree that we all need to show our love and compassion, but I would add, it also needs tolerance and respect. Tolerance and respect for differences which ultimately makes us unique and special.

  11. Great post, I am going to put this on my FB page and share it.

  12. It was a while back when we considered, I am but one small voice and I am heard by few. But today the power is in blogging, what was one small voice can know stretch across the world. Great post, loved it.


  13. Beautiful post, and a very worthwhile message. That last photo actually bought a tear to my eye, very powerful after all those other images...

  14. Amazing and well said, I loved every piece and every heart reaching cry. Love, I choose love.

  15. Like my mother always said, "Why can't we all just get along?" Indeed!

  16. So, so true. Something we all need reminding of often. Thank you.

  17. *Waves lighter and sings along*

    How did I miss that donut post?

  18. Such an awesome post! I think I may have to start a love protest myself.

  19. This is the best best blog post I have read which convinces that love is stronger than hate and that even one person can make a difference. Indeed, all its blog arguments and photos are fantastic to help with it.

  20. A powerful post with a message for all the world to learn from.

  21. Wow. You are a very lovely and brilliant lady. That's an amazing post. So true and written movingly.

    Big loves to you.

  22. This has been the dream of visionaries from the very beginning: to beat those swords into ploughshares. Maybe someday enough people will see things as you do and make a real difference. Forget the hurts of the past and concentrate on living joyfully and peacefully in the present.

  23. Great post! Keep the light shining and your example will help others respond in kind! I think what the world lacks today is PATIENCE with each other and tolerance. Easier said than done but as you said, one person can make a start and that start can continue to change others. Well done and I say spread a smile with a smile.....

  24. If everyone loved each other as they love themselves...... what a great place the world would be....... loved your blog

  25. Blog award for you over on my blog!

  26. Great post. It is easy to think that one voice cannot oppose a wave of hate or violence, but as a great thinker (Edmund Burke) is attributed with saying: All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. That's an easy statement to make but a harder philosophy to live.

    However, that's exactly what my father has done with his life. A close friend of his was murdered for her opposition to a politically-backed organised crime gang. He's devoted his life to trying to expose the culprits, despite facing a major conspiracy and numerous death threats. If you're interested, see http://thenelsonconspiracy.blogspot.com/ for his ficitionalised account of what happened, and an explanation of why I'm not Australian (as I very nearly was, and have always believed I should have been).

  27. Such a beautifully simple concept, yet we seem so intent on running around suspicious, scared, and spiteful towards each other, defining ourselves by what we are not. Those pictures of children being brainwashed into judging and hating people on the basis of their sexuality or race (or whatever else it is that spurs the hackles of these loonies) makes me so sad.

  28. This is a beautiful and perfect post. I'm hoping that your "what if" scenario becomes contagious and spreads worldwide!

    Thank you for sharing your words with us!

    Small Footprints


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