Friday, June 11, 2010

A clarification, an averted head explosion, some bloody gorgeous flag and 5 pounds gone

First, can I clarify one thing?  And then I promise I'll stop talking about sexual abuse before my head explodes and your ears bleed.

I want to make sure something I said in my last post was not misunderstood.  When I say that I think it's important for women (and men incidentally) who have experienced sexual abuse to talk about it and not bear secrets, I fully understand that not every family dynamic supports this kind of disclosure. I am not necessarily advocating that you grab the microphone at your sister's wedding and say “Hey ya'll, let me tell you something you don't know about Uncle Larry!”

Whom to tell and when is a very personal decision and the last thing I want to do is heap more guilt and/or responsibility on someone who has gone through something like this by suggesting that in order to heal she needs to trumpet her secrets to the four winds.  But I do think it's important to find someone, such as a therapist, to tell your story to.

Okay, done.  Full stop.  You may all exhale now.

Now, while all of this most serious and uncomfortable talk of inappropriate touch has been going on, something quite extraordinary has quietly taken place in the background of my blog. I'm thrilled to report that after six months of begging and bribery, some general cajoling, and eventual undignified prostration before Seroj, I have finally, finally gotten some Armenian flag. Yes, he of Armenian descent took off for two weeks to his homeland, perhaps to do something other than procure flag for me, I don't know.  But he managed to find what may be the only internet connection in Armenia and log onto my blog and leave me some seriously sexy flag. All hail Seroj.

Who loves ya Seroj?  Mwah!

And Armenia, kidding, I know you probably have at least 5 or 6 internet-ready computers.

Oh, and the next day? A certain well-heeled traveler in Beirut left me some smoking hot Lebanese flag.*  I think somebody just about has the whole Middle-Eastern bloc now.

Who loves ya Badger?  Mwah!

Finally, you may remember that the picture above is the before picture from my first post for Lucy's Fat to Fit Weight Loss Challenge. My goal was to lose 22 pounds. I've lost 5 so far. Woot woot me!

 *Badger, if you're in a quandary as to what exotic locale to visit next, please see my sidebar for flags I'm still missing.

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  1. I'm hitting the "like" button, but nothing happens...

  2. @ Celeste, checking my flag counter and, hmmmm..., I don't have any Jamaican flag. Know anyone leaving on a cruise tomorrow, do we? You weren't going to do anything else in port but try to find an internet connection, surely.

  3. Ha! I'm all over it. The rate for wifi is crazy, but I'm sure you won't mind the bill in exchange for some good flag.

    Your flag hussy moniker is apt!

  4. Stopping in from your header. Thougt it was southern Utah for a hot minute until I read your 'about' section. Have a great weekend!

  5. You need this for U.S. flags too. And I will take one for the team and get you a flag from Hawaii.
    That's just the kind of girl I am.
    oh, and WOOOOOT WOOOOOOT on that 5lb loss!! Go girl!

  6. Whew-hooooo for beautiful flags and 5lbs lost!

  7. You're starting to get quite a collection now, cool. Congrats on the weight loss, it's not easy... *sniff* I know.


  8. My my just LOOK at that PhotoShopping!!!!!

  9. @ Lori, let's see ya do THAT with Picnik, baby!!

  10. Well done on the weight loss. I haven't managed to post again on Op Anniversary since I joined the Lucy's Blog Hop a few weeks ago.

    Thank you for posting about your stuff. I'm trying to think how to phrase this next bit.....

    To me, keeping quiet about it is partly what perpetuates it. I mean it happens, you are told not to tell so you don't. The not telling seems to give it even more power. Does that make sense?

  11. @ E, it does make sense. I think the silence give power both to the perpetrators (who are not held accountable as a result) and also to the emotional demons that linger within. Giving voice seems to offer those demons an escape route and lets us reclaim our power.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  12. yes, woot woot to you!
    five or six internet-ready computers. nice touch.

  13. There is actually a danish film, "Festen", that speaks about sexual abuse in family. The son in the family speaks out against the father at his 60th birthday. I found it a real picture of scandinavian silence, of not offending people keeping your pain to yourself.
    But I believe it is not only scandinavian.

  14. Wow - you look hot in that Armenian flag ;)

    P.S. I never did like uncle larry.

  15. Congrats on the weightloss... I also need to myself into gear and loose some weight... you look good in the Armenian colors, definitely for you! ;)

  16. You are looking fine in those hot flags. I'm looking forward to the Jamaican one.

    Well done on the weight loss. Tips please...... (other than eat less, drink less and exercise more)

  17. Have I missed you in an Aussie one? Flag that is not blog. Well done on heading towards your goal weight. xxx

  18. You are brave to discuss abuse, not everyone is. I applaud you for your honesty.

  19. Go, you! Five pounds is awesome! Wear the fat to fit badge with pride!


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