Friday, June 25, 2010

Everyone loves bullet points

A week in review

  • I made a list of a bunch of things that have been hanging over my head and that I have been putting off for ages. Then I did them. Most of them. Some of them.  It felt good.

  • I mouthed off about politics. Didn't feel so good.

  • Emma got a little feisty and pointed out that the U.S. ranks far behind most other countries, including Australia, when it comes to women holding political office. And I said oh yeah? Well, we may not have many women in politics, but we have a higher percentage of homosexuals in congress than most countries. Just because they are all totally in the closet and vote “don't ask, don't tell” and slip $20s under bathroom stalls in airports doesn't mean we aren't, uh, progressive. Much.

  • Then some of my Aussie pals emailed me and said don't be silly. All we care about is that Abbott doesn't get into office because then we'll all have to move to New Zealand. And I get that. Half the U.S. used to threaten to move to Canada every time a Bush came close to being elected. And Canada would be like, oh, fuck us, is it too late to withdraw from NATO and build a big wall or something?

  • Warning: mood change ahead

    • My diet has totally gone off the tracks. We had another mediation meeting this week. I hate them. I don't talk about the whole divorce thing here, for reasons you can probably appreciate. But suffice it to say we're going through mediation right now and still all living under the same roof -- no choice really -- no other family here and I don't have the money to move out until we settle.  It's intermittently tense and angry and tender and sad.  We're slogging through it as best we know how.  I'm taking comfort in coffee and dark chocolate and I'm out of chocolate. I put out a request to the Universe, via Facebook, for more chocolate, but as of yet none has been forthcoming. Which proves what I have suspected for some time now. God, like everyone else, has migrated to Twitter.

    • God, if you're out there and you have the goods, you can find me here.

    •  Kakka from Perth, in her infinite kindness, offered to send me chocolate and I said no, really, thank you, but it would melt on my doorstep.  It's 100 degrees here.  And then I thought about it and said actually, if you really want to send me chocolate you could wait until the fall when it's cool and my divorce goes through and I have to pack up and move into a new place because then I'll really need it, and by the way I love Violet Crumbles.  And she said, okay then, the fall.  I love Kakka.

    • Lori has been emailing me every day. I wake up in the morning and there is an email or two from her and they crack me up. I think she should win the Nobel prize for hilariousness. If you're not already reading her blog you are missing out on seriously good writing and seriously good humor.

    And now the weekend is here. That used to be a good thing. We'll see how it goes.

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    1. Busy week.
      Oh, and don't forget about the super-amazing-wonderful-...something I am sending you (no, I haven't forgotten. I am however STILL waiting for it to be...finished.)
      It's not chocolate but it will be there soon-ish.
      oh, and if you wanna sleep on my couch, you are always welcome.

    2. @ Katie, how about I just send my kids up?! I'm oh-so-curious to see what you're sending, you silly girl. xx

    3. To do what you are doing, with the mediation thing, withouot intravenous chocolate, is amazing. Huge hugs to you. (And I am another one moving to NZ is Mr Abbott gets a look in. SHUDDER)

    4. Violet crumbles eh? *stores that piece of information away for later*

    5. Abbott is a skeeze. Nuff said.
      Oh Lusty, you sound blue.
      Thinking of you
      Mrs Woog

    6. Wishing you a happy day. Been where you are; it was not fun. Chocolate is definitely the antidote! Loved the comment about people wanting to move to Canada if a Bush was elected! Especially George "W"-- such an embarassment. It's so nice to have a president now who is intelligent and articulate!

    7. NZ is not so bad...they have sheep and...stuff.

      (Just kidding, love it would move there in a heartbeat).

      Have a good weekend.

    8. Oh man Wanderlust! There's a lot happening in your world :( I do hope you get through this with your, obviously gorgeous, sense of humour in tact. Sending happy vibes your way. Don't do anything I wouldn't after a night on the turps... thanks for coming past my blog. It thrills me to meet new people.

    9. Your bullet points rock, eh!
      Hope your weekend turns out fabulous!

    10. Oh SO SO SO been there with the mediation thing, girl! And I'd love to say it all magically disappears after that stage is done and the divorce is done and all that, but as this week can attest for me, NOT SO MUCH. The cycle continueth, what with the pain and anger and whatnot.

      However. Friends and loved ones make all the difference, and chocolate most definitely helps. MTL arrived home last night hiding two giant ice cream Snickers bars last night, which he rushed to our bedroom so that we could consume them in (locked door) peace while small suspicious children rattled the handle.

      Beloved, chocolate, and ice cream all in one swell foop.

      And these moments will come your way too. I just have a feeling about that one.


    11. Oy about the typo. Double "last night," oy vey. It hurts my soul.


    12. @ MM, likewise! Appreciate the well wishes.

      Thanks all, for the virtual hugs and chocolate thoughts.

    13. @ Teacher Mommy, yum, I like your precognitions. xx

    14. **willing the universe to have a Cadbury truck break down out the front of your house requiring everyone in the neighbourhood to eat chocolately contents before it all melts**

    15. Huzzah!! Bullet pints!!

      Did you have to make it sound like I'm stalking you? I mean, I am, but we don't need to tell people that now do we? The others will get jealous, and I only have so much time to stalk people.

      Honestly though, we are fuuuuuuuny. It's a damn shame we can NEVER EVER publish those emails because really, we're just pandering to each other's wit. Awesomeness.

    16. Yeah, I'm not sure New Zealand is equipped for all the Aussies who will defect if Abbot gets in. Please, just cross your fingers that doesn't happen?

      And if you give me your new address once you move out, I'll send you some proper chocolate, not that fake US laden with corn syrup crap.

    17. @ Lori, at least I didn't mention anything about trading sexual favors for writing critiques.

      @ Veronica, you'll be the first to know! xx

    18. Have a fab weekend, lovely. If not fab, then at least drama-free. Sorta kinda drama-free.xx

    19. A nice way of documenting the week. Easily readable in my knackered state!
      diet must go on hold for now. you have so much going on, and are coping admirably.
      your bullet about homosexuals in US office made me crack up.
      i am with you there on chocolate. i've tried to give it up but it just calls to me. Usually after a couple of vinos.


      p.s i agree with you re RSAHM, i love her blog!

    20. I'm just going to send you chocolate vibes, nice crunchy violet crumble vibes xx

    21. How in the name are you surviving at ALL with your sanity and sense of humour intact when you're living under the same roof? Mate, you need all the world's supply of gorgeous chocolate just for that alone!! I'm with you: Kakka IS such a gorgeous one.

    22. * I'm a fan of bullet points

      * I'm a fan of chocolate

      * I'm not a fan of what you are going through. Sorry. Hang in there.

    23. Don't worry things will get better. (Well - they may not but that is what I am required to say). No seriously they will. There will be a divorce. Chocolate will arrive. You will be happy.

      One thing that America has fewer of in politics than any other western country is Atheists. There is (I think) only one professed atheist in congress. Simply because unless you declare yo'self fo Jaysus you have fuck all chance of being elected to anything at all.

      I am sure even Dog Catchers have to profess their love for Jaysus. Ah ketch dogs fo Jaysus!

    24. as i started reading this post I opened a big block of Greens Dark Choclate with Mint....I have now just come to the end of reading your comments and I have one tiny square left. This either suggests I am a really slow reader or a great dirty chocolate guzzler...

      Its not much to offer but shall I send you my last square?!

    25. I agree with Veronica - give me your address when you move and I shall send you some *proper* Cadburys chocolate, and maybe some nice Belgian stuff too. ;)

      I haven't been in exactly your situation, I was lucky that my ex had already found somewhere to live when we split, but it was still hard. It's still hard now sometimes cause of the kids, but it's easier than it was. *hugs*

    26. Me too, send me your address and you'll have more chocolate than you can shake a stick at. Not that you'd want to shake a stick at it of course.

    27. Hot dog. I'm publishing my new address on my blog. Love you all! xxxxxxx

    28. Seriously I can send chocolate in a cold bag or something. Cadbury is the best chocolate ever. Good luck with the mediation and the 'living' arrangements - it sucks, but I know you will do your best to get through this and stay sane and their for your gorgeous kids. xxx

    29. Bad days huh!!

      Super cuddly hugs to you Kristin... I haven't been around so often.. well can you blame me, i haven't been on my blog as well.... YOu stay put, we know you for... LOve you

    30. If Abbott and all of his creepiness gets in I will be moving to NZ and dragging my change-allergic husband with me. Hope you had a great weekend.

    31. Going through a divorce is bad; living under the same roof while going through said divorce? *SHUDDER* Mission Impossible!

      I did that for a couple of months while first husband tried to find a place to live (since his little chicky babe was still married, huh!) He was actually pissed off when he saw that I didn't do his laundry! AS IF!!!!

      Good luck!


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