Sunday, June 27, 2010

Giveaway Bonanza!!

Hey kittens, it's giveaway time! Why? Is it because I've finally hit (checks sidebar) 234 followers? Or 277/46 subscribers, depending on whether feedburner is sober/high? Actually, it's because I have something cool to give away. I want it for myself, actually, but I'm not eligible (drat). Here's what you could win:

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010 ($AU 379)

I have the new version at work and I love it. I'm lusting after a copy for my home computer, but it's fairly expensive, so I'm stuck using the Open Office software that came on my netbook (sigh). It has lots of great features and I've barely scratched the surface.  For instance, you can now save your documents to the web so you can access them from anywhere, including your phone. You can also edit photos from within a document. Click here to read about more features of Office 2010. The suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access and Publisher.

But wait! That's not all. I wanted to gather together a few more items to help put you into your writing space. I thought you might enjoy...

a beautiful journal

Sofware is great and all, but there's something about pen and paper that connects me to my writing muse. And not just any old journal, but a beautiful journal. I have them all over... one in my purse, one by my bed, one in the car. You never know when inspiration is going to strike! And of course, if you have a journal, you're going to need..

a lovely pen with a swirly pattern

and pretty heart stickers

(okay, the stickers have nothing to do with writing but I thought they were cute)

But something's still missing, isn't it? You're not quite in the mood yet. I know what it is!

organic french roast coffee

Ahhhh... now we're talking! Oh, what's that? You like to write in the evenings and caffeine keeps you up? Well then, you could always brew some...

Tazo herbal tea

And nothing inspires me like reading great literature.  Here are a few of my favorites that I'm going to pass along to you...

books I loved every moment of

But wait, that's not all! Act now and also I'll throw in this...

Adorable 5-year-old!

Because for-the-love-of-god he won't stop fighting with his sister while I'm trying to write!

(What's that? I can't ship a small child overseas in a box? Customs has issues with that? Fine then.)

So there it is, everything you need to inspire your muse. Microsoft Office 2010, a beautiful journal, a pen, stickers, coffee, tea, great literature and my bickering children 6,000 miles away from you. Bliss!

Okay, here be the rules: must be an Australian resident to play. Sorry! It's not because I love the Aussies more (crush on them, perhaps). Those are the rules made up by Microsoft guy. I'll hold another giveaway soon that is open to everyone. But right now over 60% of my readers are Australian, so I'm going to show them a little love.

2.Leave a comment below telling me why you want to win. What would you love most about Office 2010 (or the coffee or my kid)?

3.Tweet the giveaway and include @Wanderlust_lust in the tweet so I can track it. If you're not on Twitter you can put it on Facebook. If you're not on Facebook go out on your front porch and shout about it. I'll trust you.

4. Giveaway runs for 10 days and closes on Friday, July 9th.

5. Winner chosen by or my children drawing names out of hat, whichever method causes me the least grief.

There is no obligation, but I would love it if you liked Wanderlust on Facebook or of course, followed my blog. Not necessarily trying to build up the rolls with this one, just want to say thanks. I'm actually quite stunned at how fast my site has grown and just want to show my appreciation. You are my real motivation for sitting down and writing every day. xxx

* hint, if you're lusting after Office 2010 and you don't live in Australia, you might want to go visit Sleepless Nights.  Just sayin'...

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  1. Pfft! You could EASILY ship that cutie patootie to Scotland and he could play with my nearly 5yo and save my 13yo from having to placate a testosterone buzzed infant every.hour.on.the.hour. :)

  2. Oi - I already *like* you on Facebook, I couldn't twitter if you paid me, but I could manage a snigger!

    And I am your biggest fan, admit it - you like me!

    What would I love most about Microsoft Office 2010? Coming out of the dark ages... You are talking to someone still using *cough* the 2003 version. Enough said?

  3. OK, your 5 year old looks really cute, and to be honest, maybe adding one more to the uneven mix of 3 is just what I need to save my own sanity, but I've heard about Australia and it's pesky immigration laws and reckon the chances of you having to be an Indian Giver are pretty high.

    Having said that, I am desperate to win all of these, but mostly Office 2010 because to be honest, I fucking hate Office 2007. I can't work out, and this is how technically stoopid I am, how to write a page without it having 2 line spaces in between each sentence. And I've tried, Oh lordy I've tried.

    I detest it.

    But I love your blog and I love your love for Australians.

    Can I say love anymore?? Doubtful.

  4. Hello! Best contest I've seen by far...and whilst I'd like to say it's the MS kit (I NEED to learn how to use Publisher properly), I'll be honest about drooling over the journal, swirly coloured pen and even the heart stickers. You're obviously a woman after my own heart ;). Hoping to win and maybe get some time to use all the great gear - if my own 5yo boy doesn't stifle the process ;)

  5. Keep the 5-year-old cutie...I have 7 grandkids already! You can keep the software, too, 'cause this techno idiot would never figure out how to use it. I would be happy with the jounal and pen, or the books. But I'm not an Aussie, so I'm screwed. Nothing to read, no journal.

  6. I'm on all the latest Mac gadgetry here! So I don't deserve to win either the MS stuff.... OR the kid. No offence, kid. But I can just tell that my daughter would want to keep him. And I don't know if my nerves could handle that.

    So this is not my entry (cos wouldn't it suck if this was it???), rather my thumbs-up comment to your ace giveaway!

    I'm hungrily eyeing your coffee, though. Which means it's far past time for my firt cup of the day :)

  7. Meant 'first'. Stoooooopid stuck-down S >{

  8. Holy crap has that got Outlook on it? I so need that, Outlook express from 1563 just doesn't cut it anymore. Can't even send photos! Grrr.

    Mmm caffeine..

  9. @ Bern, I know *exactly* what you mean about 2007. I know how to change the spacing once you're in the the doc, but don't know how to alter the template so it won't default to double spacing. And why the hell would they have that as the default??

    BUT, 2010 doesn't do that (I don't think). I've been using it for about a month and I just realized now that you've mentioned it that it doesn't do that. Bonus!

  10. mmm software and a journal and books and coffee and swirly hearts and a pen and...

    Have you read the time travellers wife? Good book but the date of your giveaway reminded me of that book as your comp closes on the 9th of june. *insert the theme to the twilight zone*

    I think it is time we had an intervention for feedburner.

    Your site is growing really fast because you write really well. xx

  11. Taker here for the 5 year old child, have always wanted a 3rd but my second being a 10 pound 36 hour au naturelle labour really turned me off going back to that idea, I'll even use my new office software to pen a childrens book about a rapping Mummy who was in da Nile, its something only a 5 year old can appreciate, not my 8 and 9 year old who think thats totally Lamo!

    Twitter @inkababy xoxoxo

  12. There all tweeted, Did I mention that I adore journals. I don't like the ones with shiny paper. But the artist journals that I use have lovely thick matt paper mmm. And pens I love pens,

  13. Can't use that software. I have a MAC. Snort.

    But, I'd still like to win your other stuff!

  14. I would love to win the Microsoft Office prize... or the 5-year-old... but I live in the USA...damn! ;)

  15. MS office 2010 sounds good especially saving stuff on the web & accessing it from anywhere

  16. K I want the kid. I have a 5 year old daughter who would look so cute next to him. Stupid Customs.

  17. I am totally envious of your lucky, lucky Australian readers! What a super neat give-away!

  18. I deserve to win that but for no other reason that I am Australian - oh and I LOVE you. Please offer up my 4 year old maniac as a consolation prize. Off to tweet the shit out of this. xo

  19. Yay for entering competitions!

    And wow, you've got lots of extras to send. (pick me pick me!)

  20. OMG. I cannot believe you are totally copying me and doing the crappest giveaway ever. No, wait, yours is the coolest giveaway ever.

    Will I win if I sleep with you? No, wait, wrong competition.

    I don't why I would like all that stuff, but.. I ... do. it must be consumer in me.

  21. @ Lori, if we slept with each other and then each won the other's competition, do you think people would say it was rigged?

  22. I'd love the journal; mine has been officially appropriated, and is now the property of a surly 20 month old dictator. I have visions of serene moments writing in my new journal, sipping herbal tea whilst the aforementioned dictator has her afternoon nap.

    Actually I'd love the software too. I will keep it for special and only use it on my new computer that I will get if the Australian Federal Government is kind enough to give me a decent tax return. The new Head Ranga and her deputy Swanny give me hope.

    And if those arguments aren't compelling enough, I will resort to unashamed flattery: Kristin, you have a beautiful endometrium.

    I also promise to flog your giveaway of facebook, even though you alone account for over 10% of my following :-)

  23. Your comp is Fantastic!!! MS Office 2010 is what we need!! :)
    I need caffeine for my long nights studying for university :( Pick me Pick me!!
    Im following you as kathrynm on twitter :)

  24. @ Tenille - LOL! Ok, you score extra points for that, even if no one else knows what the hell you're talking about. ROFL!

    ** Disclaimer ** Not that I'm awarding extra points in this giveaway mind you. Just saying...

  25. 4. Giveaway runs for 10 days and closes on Wed, June 9th.

    Is that a typo?

  26. @ Frances, yes thank you! It's been changed to July!

  27. Is Brazil part of Australia....?

    Hmmm, just wondering.

    Probably just as well, Meow Meow doesn't do kids all that well, he's content to watch their shenanigans from the safety of the fence.

    Great post, great idea.


  28. Oi - what happened to @ Madmother? Hmmmm? T'was second and would have been first but for some HTML issues in the comment! Stoopid thing doesn't want to recognise any strikethrough font thingy so had to delete the stalker comment. Not that I am. Really.

  29. I don't just want to win this prize, I NEED to win this prize. It is clearly the only way I can continue to survive.
    You see, I have run out of money. I can't make money until I type up my book for the publisher, complete with edited photos and beautiful page layouts... which would be an easy accomplishment HOWEVER not only do I have no Office programs on my PC, I have no Word Processor at all. Not even a crappy old version. I have nothing. I can't even download free shareware because I live so remotely in Australia that I can only get Govt. funded satellite broadband. I won't even begin to tell you the complications this causes in my day to day life.
    As for the other prizes? I am french and organic, just like the coffee. It belongs with me. We are one.
    It and the Tea (which by the way looks like THE coolest tea ever, its going on my christmas wish list for sure) will sustain me while I have no food and need to stay alive long enough get my book published.
    If you want to send the 5yo you can, but be warned, I may eat him.
    The literature will be well read... coveted in fact, I have no library nearby.
    The pen and beautiful journal will be used to write my next book, 'How Wanderlust changed my life'. The stickers will make me smile, because they're stickers :)
    Any other donations of goods or services would also be greatly appreciated. In fact you could send a dried up old turd my way and the buzz from receiving a parcel would make my year, and I could burn the paper for warmth.
    Actually, just the possibility of winning this most generous and useful prize has given me the hope and adrenalin to stick it out a bit longer before eating my cat.
    I'm also hoping that if I make this post long enough I'll cause a glitch in the page and no one else will be able to enter....
    No twitter, but facebooking you with my 'real name' account. Email me if you want the link :)

  30. I'm sure the kid is really cute and all that but I have 5 of my own so I'll take the saucepans. I mean, what?

    A newer version of office would be awesome. I don't even know what version we're using but I'm sure it's older than 2000. How on earth am I meant to write a best seller using dinosaur software??!!

    Oh and I tweeted earlier today :D

  31. OK, I wanted to say two things:

    1. Hurrah that you have a give-away of such amazingly cool stuff! and

    2. Boo that only Aussies get to play. But I love me some Aussies, so I will cheer whoever wins.

    And babe? Talk to that Microsoft guy and ask him to sponsor a contest where only people in Poland are allowed to play. I think I'd WIN!!

  32. well, i'm glad i don't qualify, as i live in california, because i was like coffee!!, you're giving away coffee!!!!
    seriously, that's a cool journal. cool of you to give stuff away. congratulations on your growing success!

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Tweeted about it here:

  35. The thing I would love most about Office 2010, is that is is easier to use than office 2007. I am still using Office 2003 as I couldn't figure out where anything was in Office 2007. You think an I.T Teacher would be able to figure it out hey?

    But we also use 2003 at work (Yes Education QLD is really behind the times); so I need something compatible that I can use (We are getting an upgrade at work soon).

    All the other prizes are great, my post box is getting lonely and would love a big fat parcel.

    *The other post had spelling errors my pet hate, I wish they allowed editing.*

  36. What a great give-away. Gotta be in it to win it. I pass the first test - Resident of Australia. Next is the reason why I want to win this awesome prize - easy because I would so love to upgrade my software but seriously can't afford it. I think winning it would just be the Ants Pants. Third rule is hard because I don't have facebook and twitter BUT I will put a link to your post and competition on my blog. I will also go outside and yell it up and down the street to make sure I pass all the rules. Trouble with 3 acres blocks is that the neighbours don't hear you yelling that clearly. Thay may mistake me for some wild animal.



  37. @ Adalita, I know I do the same thing (delete my own comments because of spelling errors!)

    @ Wendy, a blog post would be lovely, thank you!! You're in like Flynn.

  38. I totally think starfish should win, her comment made me snort coffee clean across the kitchen (from laughing, not in a cocaine kinda way)
    Don't send her the kid though -- just in case.

  39. 1. Australian Resident - Check!
    2. Post a comment - Check!
    3. Tweet the competition - Check!
    4. Comp closes on the 9th - made it! Check!
    5. Winner chosen at random - Awesome! I have some sort of random chance! :)

    Why do I want to win? I'm a uni student. I drink copious amounts of coffee/tea (partly because I am said uni student), get blog inspirations at the most random times and I love to read! Maybe your 5yo would entertain my 2yo... ;)

  40. oh my goodness... am I the only person left on planet earth who has never tweeted? :)
    PS. Will swap 5 year old for 4 month old and 19 month old (they come as a packaged deal)? ha!

  41. Aussie Resi here! Why do I want to win - new home based business and the new software would let me do so much more! The rest - would allow me to regain some semblance of sanity rather than strangling the Husband who is also working in same home based business. Maybe the Child could entertain the Husband - I'm sure the maturity level is about the same!

  42. As I have my own 5 year old, I don't need another thanks. In fact perhaps if I win then you can have my 5 year old and then we both win? Yeah?

    I would love a copy of the 2010 windows because my software on this puter is so old and crappy as is the pc and if I get fancy new software then my hubby might just let me buy a new pc to match the new software? Sounds good to me!

  43. I've just used the drips from a fuel soaked rag to fire up the generator. Using the last 3 minutes of electricity to say Toni is an extremely intelligent woman with a bright future ahead, and also to let you know I have facebook liked you and 'shared' the comp with all my friends. I now wait in hungry darkness :)

  44. Love all your comments guys.... I am happy to join you all ...good luck everyone...I shall give you a shout on Twitter and face Book although you son is so cute...I am used having the house to our that my nest is gone....

  45. AS well as loving your blog, I really really really need Microsoft office! My mum is ill with cancer, lives 5 hrs away (and in the sticks, even my Telstra mobile doesnt have good reception there) and it would mean I could work offline while I am down there!!

  46. Microsoft office would be a godsend for partners buisness, and allow him to work from home. Saving to the web is a fabulous addition, would make life so much easier. Coffee and kids always welcome, especially happy smiling ones :)

  47. The fact that it has been used for so long by so many people. Now hopefully they have perfected the program.

  48. Word word, such a simplistic word can do so many things. Oh, look at how our technology has advanced.

  49. My computer is dying and if by chance i get an upgrade then it will drive me to get a new comp..fingers crossed

  50. Well I guess i don't need to win this prize like many people here but it would be nice too. Microsoft office - a handy thing to have at home, even if it's not installed.Trust me I've learnt this the hard way. So here it is, if i don't win at least i've tried. good luck everyone and to those that really need it extra good luck to you.

  51. Because I like to keep really updated especially on Microsoft, seeing as Apple is such a fail. I've got windows 7 right now and it would be nice to be fully equipped with the latest technology, especially in this generation.


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