Sunday, June 13, 2010

I stand corrected

Last night I was at a friend's house and someone asked about the World Cup. Incidentally, nobody here follows the World Cup. Anyway, she wanted to know what it meant that the game ended in a tie and I said “it means that it still hasn't been decided whether Britain or America is responsible for the oil spill.”

It seems that everyone is busy pointing fingers and dodging blame. Obama is blaming Britain's BP, BP is blaming the Swiss company Transocean Ltd who built the drilling rig, environmentalists are blaming lax U.S. regulations for offshore drilling and Britain is blaming the U.S. for being, well, so American. The are taking great offense that Obama used the term “folks” when discussing the Gulf disaster.  The nerve.

I've been engaged in continuous facepalms since all this began. I fail to see how any of this defensive posturing is even pertinent, much less productive. This is not an American problem or a British problem. It's far, far bigger than that.

Consider this. The earth formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago. Homo Sapiens arrived in the last 200,000 years ago. Within the last several hundred years we drew some arbitrary lines in the sand and called them Britain and America, Australia, France, etc. In the last 100 years we've managed to destroy large sections of the planet that took hundreds of thousands of years, or more, to develop. Think Great Barrier Reef, Bikini Atoll, Chernobyl, Exxon Valdez, the Dust Bowl, the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil spills and fires in Iraq.

The problem is us – humans and our human-centric attitude. As long as we believe that the country we happened to be born in is our country and that country over there is their country, and the planet we live on is our planet, we are doomed to repeat this sad history. I hope that sooner, rather than later, we will realize we that we are one small part of a delicate balance of life on this planet and that we develop the requisite humility.

At least that's what I thought. Until I read this morning that the real culprit for the Gulf oil disaster has finally been pinpointed. Sarah Palin has announced that the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of environmental activists who lobbied for restrictions on drilling in National Parks, thus forcing oil companies to look for crude oil offshore. Pardon me Sarah, I stand corrected.

I couldn't make this shit up

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  1. It's interesting.

    The papers over here are complaining that American politicians are attacking Britain over this. I've read through the quotes and the politicians seem to be attacking BP over this, not Britain.

    BP is not a British company, and hasn't been for over a decade. It is a multinational company. It is a multinational company much as the majority of our newspapers are owned by multinational companies. Companies that probably have a vested interest in BP (certainly for their pension funds).

    The papers are trying to blow this into a international incident in order to provide some cover for BP who are getting an awful lot of fire in their direction (quite justifiably). This isn't about nations, this is about globalization and capitalism.

    Bah. It makes me cross.

  2. According to the TV show "Supernatural", the inept and ineffectual president of post-apocalyptic America is... wait for it... Sarah Palin.

    Fitting, I think.

  3. It's not a frat house: Mom and Dad can't bail us out. We have but ONE earth. It's that simple. We will always be divided as long as we have uncommon ground to fight over, but what is more united than this little planet we all share? Protecting and preserving the one thing we have in common shouldn't be a political issue. Finding solutions seems, to me anyway, much more productive than pointing fingers.
    Oh, and I think Sarah Palin needs to find herself a sailboat....

  4. OMG does this woman have a brain, anywhere, can someone do a CTscan and check. Sometimes when I see her I think robot with that all to fake smile. Is someone pulling her strings or is she just that stupid.

    Love this post - I think along the same lines - but am not hopeful that anything will change quickly.

  5. The only thing that keeps Sarah Palin's intestines falling out of her arsehole is the vacuum in her head.

    Great post. Loved the sentiment entirely.


  6. Seriously, the woman should start her own comedy tour. She makes up the BEST material!! Sigh.

  7. Yes, I totally agree with you, it's time to look beyond finger-pointing and look for solutions and preventative measures for the future.

  8. Forget about Palin, like all waste of oxygen politicians, they only have power if we give it to them … The problem is definitely US … Homo sapiens … but lets look at where the real issue is and not expect the token acts to be done by the smallest contributors to the problem and then jump up and down and say “ Look at how clever we are and what we have done ” .. lets get to the heart of the problem and strike there !

    As always Wanderlust ~ Great Post

  9. Sarah Palin makes me want to hurt things. Namely her, but the urge to bang my own head against a wall also surfaces.


  10. Good grief. The woman is a living, breathing idiot.

  11. I love that you deliver with such furious sarcasm and dry wit. A woman after my own heart.
    Of course, it helps that we share a deeply passionate affinity for poking at Palin. (It's her own fault. She's far too easy a target.)

  12. @ Dan, you're right, it's an international company. But things get played out in such narrow terms, don't they?

    @ AV, LOL!

    @ ThinkingTooHard, perhaps those were targets she had implanted in her breasts?

  13. Caribou Barbie also wanted to show off her new boob job.
    Humans have done a remarkable job of altering the Biosphere since wandering out of Africa. I remember when James Watt, Ronnir Raygun's Enviwrongmental appointee, wanted to drill in the National Parks. No, really.

    The deadly combination of exponential economic growth and manifest destiny is a recipe for disaster..wth we'll all be raptured before the Oil runs out so pfft! Whatev?

    The last five major extinction level events allowed for the next succesion of creatures and Gaia sure as hell isn't going to miss us when she pulls the plug.

  14. You know I wrote something similar for my uni scholarship application a few years ago about the human-centric attitude.

    I think it's one of our biggest failings as humans.

    ... The other is ever letting Sarah Palin hold a position of power.

  15. Holy shit. You know what the scary thing is? There will be millions of people around the world reading Ms Palin's comments and nodding their head.

  16. You know it makes me wonder why we expect young children to work at finding solutions (rather than playing the blame game) in the classroom or childcare setting when the adults supposedly responsible for overseeing the running of this world are busy doing their own finger pointing...

    Wanderlust i really enjoyed reading this post....I agree that a little humility is indeed in order.

  17. So right the oil spill is not solely BP's problem it is a problem of global attitudes. I suppose capitalism is the culprit, to make profit at the expense of nature, to constantly strive for progress which is mostly more destruction of the planet. Not sure what the solution is though....

  18. Sadly, human beings coming to their senses, even when it means our own survival, seems like the remotest possibility. Our "leaders" prefer politics and madness.

  19. You worry too much about Sarah. She says what she needs to say to stay in the spotlight and make money. She is going nowhere ion politics and there are many more dangerous people in the USA than SP.

  20. I don't worry about her Badger. But I just can't not make fun of her. How do you expect me to resist such fodder? I am weak.

  21. sarah palin knows how to speak to her people. her people want nothing more than to have reasons to hate the liberals. doesn't matter how ridiculous. it just has to ring true. that's it.

  22. Oh dear. I had all but forgotten about Sarah. Almost. Ridiculous woman.

  23. I agree. Let's have less blame games, and more solutions. What are we going to do to fix this? How will we prevent it happening again?

  24. Great post. You're so right - we have but one earth, who cares who's to blame, let's fix it. I can hardly believe that still, not enough seems to be heaing and more oil spills are happening throughout the world.


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