Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Suck at Awards award

I have a whole bunch of awards in my back pocket that I received from some lovely bloggy friends who saw fit to grace me with such goodness.  As you may have noticed, I don't do the typical award posts, but I do want to say a warm thank you and encourage readers to visit their sites.

The beautiful Menopausal Mumma gave me a Beautiful Blogger award.

Sandbox Gems gave me a Circle of Friends award.  You should check out her lovely earrings (I've bought some).

The always entertaining Star Child gave me the Seven Truths award.

Lori at Random Ramblings of a SAHM gave me a Beauty is Only Blog Deep award.  Lori just wrote a post on having sex on the kitchen counter.  Yeah.

The beautiful Cinda at This Side of the Island and Simply About Life gave me two awards (wow Cinda!).  A Happy 101 Award and a Sunshine Award.

Claire Marie at Spontaneous Delight, who started one of my favorite memes (letters to inanimate objects), gave me a Lovely Blog award.

The perfectly lovely Lulu at Unperfect Life gave me a Happy 101 award.

Marika at Pranayama Before Breakfast, a Swedish expat who regularly brings me Italian flag (thanks Marika!) gave me a Mindblowing Blog award.

Argentum Vulgaris at Life is Just Like That gave me the Bold Faced Liar, er, Creative Writer award.  Thanks, I think. Since he also gave Wanderlust 5 stars on his Blogger's Cafe site I will forgive him.  He has also dared me to create a Flag Hussy award.  When I do, he will be the first recipient.

Finally, I'd like to give myself the I Suck at Awards award.

Thank you much my generous friends.

And now, even though I don't really do awards, I'm going to do an award.

I have a few bloggy friends for whom life has not been cooperative of late and who I'm sure do not want an award that has to do with sunshine, cupcakes or anything remotely lovely.  So for you, my dearlinks, I've created something especially.  I bestow upon you the...

This award is given to

Meandering Madmother
Diapers & Dragons
Le Meh
Accidentally Mommy
Magneto Bold Too! 
Unperfect Life (back at ya!)

Oh, and I also made a new button.  I can't seem to stop making buttons....

Finally, it's Flog Yo Blog Friday, courtesy of the fantabulous Mummytime.  So feel free to link up to her blog hop.  If you're new, visit her site to get the low down.  And while your there, read my guest post from Wednesday, Postively High.

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  1. I CAN NOT wait to get to work tomorrow and put that button on my blog. Hil.freaking.larious.
    Damn you for making me pray for work to hurry up and get here!!

  2. @ Katie, I still need to get the code for the button. It was kind of a pain to figure out how to do that last time. Hopefully I can get that worked out in short order. But thanks for coveting my button!

  3. I have no idea what a blog hop is, but is sounds dangerous. And I don't want to be tempting no more fates thankyouverymuch.

    But thanks for the button. I will love it and cherish it and then promptly forget all about it.

    Cause I am a butthead.

  4. Well, shoot. At least you remembered the awards and who gave them to you. You're one step ahead of me.
    Love the button you created, and the snazzy award.
    I'm off to check out the blog hop.

  5. Wait, am I meant to be blog hopping? I was always crappy at blog hops, I kept forgetting what I was meant to be doing.

    I suck at awards. I think I'm about 100 links behind, give or take. I love receiving them though!


  6. Who said it was on the counter?!

    Lurve your new button. Will be back to pinch!!

  7. @ Lori, um...the center island then? The microwave? In the pantry with your cupcakes? We're running out of options here...

  8. I'm sooo gonna put your button on my blog... wait...that sounded kinda dirty....

    I have no clue how to make buttons and since you can't to make me one?

  9. Oh you are so frickin' AWESOME. Seriously. MWAH!!!

  10. haha. I gave myself a few awards awhile back. now following.

  11. Hey! I am visiting from Blogflow and I *think* my Google Reader has finally accepted you ;)

    Please let me know if I'm not there -- I think I show up as Melissa.

    I'm looking forward to your posts!

  12. Now that's MY kind of award.
    I'm also crap at blog hopping, nice to see I'm not the only one.

  13. Hey there, following you from Blogflow! :)

  14. congrats on the awards. those are some of the coolest names of awards i ever hears. seven truths. circle of friends. happy 101. very cool. and i suck at awards is also cool:)

  15. Kristin-So sorry to hear that this is not just a story, but that it really happened. The way you write about it seems like you have come to some sort of peace about it. It's beautifully written, like everyone said, but obviously not an easy subject to write about. Miss your posts on Writers Rising. Hope you are well and happy in your life.


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