Thursday, June 24, 2010

The kindness of (virtual) strangers

Do you ever have a writing hangover? Where you whip out a post, hit publish and then a while later think, “well, that was stupid”?

I often remind myself that to be safe I shouldn't discuss sex, religion or politics. But of course that is what I always end up writing about. Moth to the flame.

So this morning when I not only wrote about politics, but another country's politics, and another country's politics that I know next to nothing about, after I hit publish I sat down and thought, “well, that was stupid”.

And then I turned on comment moderation and hid under my desk.

But instead of pummeling me with abuse, my friends in Australia sighed and patiently explained how their political system worked. Which, as it turns out, is very much like the American political system and all political systems. People gather in smoky back rooms where they wheel, deal, wrangle, conspire, contrive and connive. Yay for politics.

So Darren, you can breathe easy. Despite the pressure from the mummy-blogger flag-wearing subfactional alliance I've decided not to stage a takeover of your blog. I don't have the stomach for politics. I'll wallow here in my own mini blogdom, thank you muchly.

So I'm grateful for the kindness of virtual strangers. And some good news for my readers in Australia. I was approached recently to do a giveaway, which is not something I generally do. But this is for a quality product worth a fair bit of money and it's only available to Australian residents (sorry deputy blog minister me). I'm going to try to rustle up a couple more items to put together with it, but more on that shortly.

And I'll do my best to keep my mouth shut until, you know, the next time I don't.

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  1. I do it all of the time, I've gotten better recently and steer clear of religion and politics. And because Tim has sworn to me that I shall never talk about our sex life I tend to refrain there as well.

  2. See? This is why you're awesome.

    And blog hangovers, I get them all the time.

  3. As I said to you in email, a lot of Aussies actually do feel the same as you. If you expressed that where I live, in BoganTown, people would go "F**k yeah! Down with the ranga! Bitch!" It's just that your readers are into politics, apparently, and intelligent, and get how it works.

    And we forgive you. You're American, with one big fish and lots of little fish. We just have lots of little fish and an old Groper for a Queen.

  4. As Lori said, most Aussies reckon it was not more better than a professional hit by a hired gun. Even the opposition leader said it in the parliament yesterday. No apology necessary as far as I'm concerned.

  5. A writing hangover is a great description! I've had that minute of dread.
    Sometimes though they are the best posts.

  6. I think sometimes the posts where we think, 'well, that was stupid!' turn out to be our best posts, or even the posts we learn from most. And us Aussies love you, you know that:)

  7. I'm pretty much into staying out of politics entirely, really. I've grown cynical. Sigh.

  8. I thought the political post was very interesting although I think I unintentionally pissed you off. I just thought however sexist Australia is and it is sexist at least they have more women in government than the US .....that was my point I THINK!!!

  9. @ Emma, we may not have a lot of women in office, but we have more homosexuals in congress than most other nations. Just because they are totally in the closet and vote "don't ask, don't tell" and slip money under bathroom stalls in airports doesn't mean we're not progressive... right? Right??

  10. the generosity of random people is amazing to experience. sometimes, the universe is so generous when we're hiding under our desk. and sometimes, when we're beating our chest, the universe can be so cruel. i guess it's brilliant that way.

  11. @ Ed, the universe has been only generous with me thus far. I think I have the kindest of readers. Lucky me.

  12. Julia Gillard is an Atheist. I Love It. Watch the Christian right come out in full force at the next election, there will be a dirty tricks campaign for sure.

    A female Governor General swears in a female Prime Minister. The young women (17 -25) who I saw interviewed on the telly all had shining eyes.

    And not shining like aliens, shining with hope for their future. The glass ceiling is well and truly cracked now.

    But, this take over mid term has set a very dangerous precedent and Julia will have to work twice as hard to make sure she isn't the one kicked out next time. But she should be used to that, she was a lawyer and then chose politics. Her eyes are wide open.

    And why would we growl at you Kristin? You said what you thought xx

  13. LOL! Yes blog hangovers. Happens to me often. I don't write about politics, but when I do the whole saggy baggy female body bits etc I hide under my desk and cringe with the shock that I published my secrets ...
    Glad to hear your hangover wasn't too bad.

  14. Those Aussies are a rad bunch.
    (Yes, I am attempting to bring the word rad back.)
    Oh, and it's your blog. Say what you wish.

  15. @ Frogpondsrock, I will be glued to my telly, or Twitter, or whatever, during your next election. And I know you would never growl at me. Just please don't make me eat kangaroo, k? Your garden looks lovely.

  16. Hehe, I love it...'well, that was stupid'
    I do that all the time!
    I liked your post!
    I have no clue about Australian politics and I live here.
    But it must be a momentous occasion because I felt the need to blog about it as well.
    And I don't even care for politics! :)

  17. I chickened out with the whole 'write something on this shitty backroom politics' and then went around and found all my blog friends, including this wonderful one had done it for me. So I just basked in the glory that I have chosen my bloggy friends wisely.


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