Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Statcounter. Install now. I'll wait.

Thanks for squeeing with me over getting to first base with the NYT. I think Being Me said it best when she wrote that it was a huge achievement in rejection.

For those of you who wrote and said, uh, Kristin, I think it was just a form letter. Yeah, I know it was a form letter. But my excitement was that they took the time to visit my blog, twice, one week apart, and click around and read about me. And for those of you who said, how would you know? Well… hello?? Have you not installed Statcounter on your blog? It’s free spyware software that tracks visitors to your blog. Here, allow me to demonstrate:

click to enlarge

Did you see that last line there, the one that said The New York Times? Statcounter will tell you who is viewing your site. Not who specifically (that would be a little creepy, wouldn’t it?), but where people are logging in from and what pages they are viewing. It can give you all kinds of good information such as what pages are the most popular, what google searches people are using that land them on your blog (“peek a nipple” and “I’m confused about Australian politics” are two recent examples from my log) and the average length of time someone spends on your site.

Oh, and that rejection letter from them?  Arrived about 15 minutes after they were poking around on my site.  Kinda like having George Clooney buy you a drink before he decides you're totally not good enough for him.

Anyway, once you install Statcounter you can set it so that the icon is either visible or invisible on your website, and your readers can either access your stats or not. My icon is visible and my readers can click on it and see a summary of my stats and have a good giggle. For instance, you can see the number of hits and unique visitors I get in a day, but not the detail such as where they come from. (If you’re looking, it’s on the sidebar on the lower righthand side). You’ll also want to set it up to hide your own IP address so it doesn’t count it as a hit every time you click on your own site and artificially inflate your stats.

The other reason I want to show you this is that even if you’re not interested in blogging, you should probably know that most websites track visitors in this fashion, but with much more sophisticated software. So if happen to accidentally click on, say, hubbahooters dot com, you bet your sweet bippy they are tracking your IP address. Just saying.

Don’t forget to check out my big giveaway bonanza (if you’re an Australian resident). You could win free software, books, a pretty journal, pen, stickers, coffee, tea and an adorable child. Beat that with a stick! Well, not the child. That wouldn’t be right.

There are also some other great giveaways happening on the web. Hear Mum Roar and Sleepless Nights are also giving away the same software (and you don’t have to be Australian to enter Sleepless Nights' contest).

Mrs. Woog is giving away things to make your eyes pretty.

Lori at RRSAHM is holding the crappest giveaway ever, but it’s really not all that crap because one of the ways to enter is to sleep with her. Another way is to sleep with me. Seriously. Her rules. I had nothing to do with them. Beat THAT with a stick.

So go on. Sweet opportunity awaits!

I'm not making this up people
(gotta love google)

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  1. Thank you Kristin! You totally rock!

  2. OMG !! You have opened up a whole new life for me ... I've had Statcounter since the start but just never realized, I've only ever seen the graph of hits. I didn't know you could do all that!

    I'll never get any work done now. I'm loving that some distinctly disappointed man with no trousers on has visited my blog after searching for "boobs netball women" a very specific fetish.

    BTW well done on getting rejected - I think that is really impressive, no one has ever bothered to reject me, and they checked you out quite thoroughly, I have no doubts you only fell fowl of the prior publication rule - get something fresh sent off now! Perhaps you could write a piece all about me :-)

    Now I need to get back to those stats

  3. Uh, clap trap seks picture...??
    that was me.

  4. Ok, technodummy here...how do I find my ip address?

  5. @ Eva, if you are logged in from your computer, Statcounter will recognize your IP address and tell you (how big brotherish, eh?). When you find the feature to hide your address, it will automatically pull it up (as I recall). I don't know mine either. I have both my home and work IP's hidden, since I check my blog in both places.

  6. @ Glen, lefthand sidebar, all kinds of info. Start clicking on their links! And thanks, who knows why I was rejected, but hey, who cares!

  7. I have given you an award! xo

  8. I don't use statcounter, but google analytics, so same thing...just no rejection letters...which is good.

    I think.

  9. THANK YOU! I really respect people who know more about technology than me (admitedly, not hard). I have now installed and await pretty graphs and numbers...

    PS - CONGRATS...on being rejected! That's HUGE! Well done!

  10. I went to install and guess what? I've already done it at some stage but just spent a good 20 minutes looking through it. wow!! Seems a lot of people are searching for information on Taylors lips from Bold and the Beautiful. Plus 50% of people who come, spend less than 5 seconds on my blog. Excuse me while I go cry into my heavily caffeinated drink :)

    Top work with the NY letter too. Very proud and best rejection I've ever heard of xx

  11. Way to make the people obsess, Kristin!! Hee hee. I loves me my Statcounter. I couldn't be obsessively compulsive and paranoid without it *dreamy loving sigh*

  12. @ Bern, if someone doesn't visit more than one page on your blog, it will log their visit as "zero seconds" since it doesn't have an exit point to track. So the average is kind of meaningless. They could stare at your home page for 5 minutes and it will still register as zero seconds.

  13. Ok, that makes me feel better. Thought they must have been completely repulsed immediately :)

  14. I hope you are on a commission basis - I've installed it on 3 of my blogs, lol.

  15. N tracks my stats. Well, he did... not sure if he's still obsessed. I had a stat tracker on my old blog and I found it made me paranoid so I definitely don't look at them now. Though there was this one time he made the mistake of telling me that a certain (very high) percentage of my traffic was coming from Michigan, which is exactly where the dumb b**** that the last guy left me for lives. I doubt it was her and I refuse to listen when he tells me these things. I'm better off.

  16. Ummm. This is not a "Sponsored Post" right? Mwahahahaha.

  17. @ Brenda, no kidding! They should be giving me a commission. Show me the $$$ statcounter!

  18. Of course, a commission on a free product would be, uh, nothing. Watch out @ Madmother, it's addictive.

  19. I'm addicted to statcounter, most of my hits are from 'how do starfish have babies' or variations thereof. Don't ask me. And I can tell where it's raining in the world from hits on a post about things to do in the rain clustering in the same area. Plus I swear they had national Salt Dough Day in New Zealand not long ago.

    You don't have to know your own IP address, above the graphs and things there is a button that says 'Blocking Cookie' and it does it automatically. I'm not sure if that works if you are obsessively checking from multiple computers though.

  20. Sorry, not the graphs, it's the 'My Projects' opening page.

  21. @ Deb, I emailed her with instructions. You click on the little wrench icon (in case anyone is searching)!

    I know, I can't seem to figure out how some of the weirder searches land on my blog. Vulva thumbs. Whatever.

  22. I think I love you. Second time I've laughed today - and the contest prizes sent me over the edge.

  23. Hmm. I'm thinking perhaps, my Blog Patrol counter just does not cut it then...

  24. Didn't know that about the time spent part, I have visits with no time as well and it makes me sad.

    Also, if you change your layout to remember to put the code back in...I forgots to do that very recently.

  25. The New York Times was on your site?! I'd be doin a little happy dance too.

  26. i need to get more comfortable with using a statcounter. and i'm still bummed i don't qualify for that coffee giveaway:)

  27. Stat counter has been rocking my tiny world for a few years now :)

  28. I love your blog! I'm a little opposite your journey...I was born and raised in the Midwest and MISS IT LIKE CRAZY! I live in California now-weather is too boring here!

    I'm following you now from blogflow-can't wait to read more!

    Oh and I'm stealing a button.

  29. Thanks Kristin. Guess the New York Times was also on my site. I found this out thanks to your stats counter thingy:

    1st July 2010 09:09:20
    2 hours 59 mins 33 secs
    Safari 3.0
    1280x1024 Returning Visits:
    IP Address:
    Entry Page:
    Exit Page:
    Referring URL:0
    New York, United States
    The New York Times ( [Label IP Address]

    Pretty amazing stuff! Two hours, 59 minutes and 33 seconds..what could they be doing? Sorry to add it all here, but you rock to discover this. By the way, did I tell you I ended up having a string of e-mail communication with Dan Jones from Modern Love, just posted about it on my blog. The world is getting weird! Thanks for all your savvy technicity!

  30. Hi! Thanks so much for the linky:)


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