Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What could be better than sex?

I'm posting over at RBU today.  Have you submitted something to them yet?  They are taking submissions again this month from the 15th until the 25th.  July's theme is "The Day My Patience Died" which gives you free reign to write about Glenn Beck.

But today I'm writing about an experience I had out in the middle of bloody nowhere that was better than sex.  Curious?  Go read about it.  And try not to be too jealous.

Clickety click click here to find out what it was

By the way, when they first put up my post they forgot to include the pictures.  By the time they realized this, there were already several comments on the original post so they left the first post up and put up a second one with pictures, which is at this link.  Not sure why they couldn't add the pics to the first post, but that's okay, I feel special having my post up twice...

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  1. well I can only comment on it in one place - here or there? - you decide!

  2. No it's not.

    And how often do they publish comments there? Once a fortnight?

  3. give me chance - I'm trying to watch the TV / edit July and find out what the hell happened to your photos!

  4. The comment about next month's theme and Glen made me laugh. *sorry G* :-D

  5. Aw Glen, bet you didn't know what you were signing on for, did you? Are you hoping I don't submit again next month? :-)

  6. Hi there,
    Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog today, and for the lovely comment.
    What's really weird is that out of all the blogs listed today, I picked yours too! I came over earlier and was reading about the 'phone' (can we really call it just that?) you bought, but ran out of time to comment.
    Nice to meet you!


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