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AMB Blog Carnival - Round II

Did you read all those links from day one of the blog carnival?  Yes?  I gave you a day off there to catch your breath.  And okay, put up a quick post yesterday about boobs just to see if you were paying attention.  But now we're back in action with more, more, more great reads from the members of Aussie Mummy Bloggers.  So sit down, grab a cuppa, tell your boss you're in an important meeting, put on a mindless cartoon for the kids, and get reading!

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Sarah from Just Me - My post is about the post natal depression I had after the birth of my son in 2005. I explain what saved me from going over the edge, even though it was a silly thing to use!

Catherine Lowe from Little Gift - My favorite post at the moment is one I feel everyone should read, children or no children – it’s about some recent discoveries on my journey to better health for my family & I. I will note though, it’s interesting that prior to my babe I didn’t care enough for myself to take notice of this kind of information, isn’t it amazing how we tune in once it’s for someone else now.

VF at Vintage Fokus - Baby nursery before, after and everything in between - a pregnant woman high on nesting instincts!
Baby Nursery

Rosie Jo at Rosie's Growing Snow Peas - A humorous reflection on my favorite subject - people watching- while on holiday in the spectacular Whitsundays. People are funny creatures! And fun to write about.
Things You Must Do While at Hamilton

Veronica at Veronica Foale - Sometimes everything gets too much and I hide from my children. I'm not the best mother in the world, but I know, I'm the best one for my kids, even when it's hard.

Alison at Melbourne Mumma - I’m a hip, on-trend, groovy Mum. And here’s why.
Skivvy is Back

Kim at Frog Ponds Rock - Who didn't send me a description but hey, looks like it's about S.E.X.
Let's Talk About Sex

Kelly at Be A Fun Mum - "Discipline is when you stretch out your hand to guide, but now steer, another along Life's journey." One day, I felt burdened to write about this tricky subject. I've put this post up for the Blog Carnival because I put so much thought into the post and I'm proud of that. It helped me to be clearer about what I want to achieve whilst training my children.

Marthese at Romantic Flair Original - This is quite a sad post but I thought I'd share it as it one of my most personal shared experiences that I've written about.
Prayers for a Friend

This Growing Life - Colder days have kept the crew at This Growing Life out of the garden, and looking for fun indoor activities for the Bros (aged 1.5 and 3.5). This post shows how we made our own butter to go between homemade bread and quince jelly.
Homemade Bread and Butter

Jade at Jadeluxe - Moving to a tiny Chinese fishing village in the South China Sea has been a bucolic seachange, not least of all because here it's the norm to have a live-in maid to look after the kids and do the cooking and cleaning and shopping. The neighbourhood vilification, complete with outrageous accusations of throwing dirty poo nappies into the garden instead of the bin? Not so idyllic...
Kings v Kongs: Littering, Villification and One Nude Dead Guy
Abby at Two Little Dicky Birds - My favourite project: I found this worn dressing table at a local second hand store and gave it a fresh new look.
Before and After Dressing Table
Annie at Living Life As Me - A post about Red Shoes helped me to understand love. Mother love. Not mine for my children, but mine for the mothers in my life. The comments on this post were more overwhelming to me than actually writing it. Powerful and very moving. (Editor's note: loved this post, it made me cry!)
How Red Shoes Taught Me About Love
Ash at Mm's is for me's blog - Our treasured keepsake gives us a laugh or smile each time we open it. Its full of little phrases from our little man that we don’t want to forget. And its so easy to make your own!
Remarks to Remember - Precious Words to Treasure
Sharon at Hear Mum Roar - How do you react when you see someone else’s child having a tantrum?
How to be a Good Witness to Other People's Kids Having Tantrums
Nellbe at Nellbe's Scribblings - Being a mummy first time around is hard, but second time around is even harder. Nellbe suggests that if you know a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc time mum give her a hand!
Katherine Holland at The Mummy Diaries - Somewhere between 2005 and yesterday, I sprouted a moustache.
Fu Manchu
A Cajun Down Under - “Wiggle at breakfast, lunch or tea”.... TEA? TEA?  A story about two people speaking the same language and yet… not.
Wiggle at Breakfast, Lunch or Tea?
Lara at Lara's Blog (Extremely Nappies) - A post about the weird transformations that happen in pregnancy.
Odd Changes
Tenille at Help!Mum - It's that time in my Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle where we check that copious quantities of tiny white pills have done their job and beaten my poor little ovaries into submission. A simple blood test doesn't cut it, we wanna have a look.
Ovary Investigations with the Work Experience Girl

Megan at The Byron Life - Join Megan as she tours the home and studio of one of Byron Bay’s most colourful artists, Donna Sharam.
Donna's Art House

Candy Jubb at Candy's Family - I was dared to post the labour of my seventh child on Twitter, here is how it played out.
Tweeting My Birth

Wowness!  You made it to the end.  Thanks to every one who particpated.  Awesome.  And we're doing it again next month over at Lori's blog, Random Ramblings of a SAHM.  If you want to participate, look out for a message coming soon on the AMB Blog Carnival forum.  Not yet a member?  Click here to join!

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  2. haha! Well done! Oh so sooo many to browse through, might not be the day for such fun - but THANK YOU!! :)

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  4. I don't know how you have time for a job....

  5. @ Celeste - did I not mention? I had to reschedule sleeping.

  6. Thank-you so much Kristin, my commenting marathon hasn't begun yet, but its on the agenda for tonight!

  7. Thank you yet again for bringing some amazing blogs to my attention.... though I must confess I am still hung up on the boobs.

  8. Phew! Read them all! Thanks for putting this together.

  9. Holy moley. That's all I'm a gonna say. Ain't we a talented bunch?

  10. Thank you for hosting,great job :)

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  12. Oh, now I wish I had taken time to join the blog carnival. Looking forward to reading these though ...

  13. Have you retired? Are you blogging under another name? Have you been kidnapped by Aliens?

  14. @ Badger, I'm busy getting divorced, per your suggestion. #neverhappyareyou?

  15. @ Everyone - thanks for participating, and reading!

  16. I'm loving this carnival! I'm not done looking at and commenting on all of them yet, but I swear I will get through it

  17. This is great, can't wait for the next one. Already working out which post to pick. Thanks for being this months host.
    We are a talented bunch ;) I have enjoyed these posts.

  18. Hey! Im not sure how else to contact you, but I am in the middle of moving my personal posts to a new blog.
    Your link at celebrations will be dead, so hopefully you don't mind correcting it. Thanks so much, and thanks for including me in this carnival!!


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