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AMB Blog Carnival

Aussie Mummy Bloggers, Australia's premiere community where parenting bloggers come together for ideas and support is launching their first ever blog carnival and I have the honor of hosting it here on my site for July.  This will be a monthly event where AMB members (currently over 350) submit their best posts from the previous month to be featured together in one place.  A different blogger will host the event each month.  We had 55 submissions this month and I'm breaking them down into two posts.  I hope you bookmark this page and take the time to come back and read as many of these posts as possible.   The second round of posts will go up in two days.

Posts have gone up in the order they were received.  (I decided to stick my own down near the bottom after Lori's, because it just belonged there, which will make sense if you choose to read both of them.)  Participants, please feel free to grab the button I've made, which is on the sidebar to the right, and put it on your blog so your readers can find their way here.

But for now, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy some quality reading!

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Lucy at Diminishing Lucy - An inspiring post that details the true “before and after” choices of Lucy, a mum to three, who has finally lost weight and given up smoking.
The True Before and After

Monique at Your Cheeky Monkey - For first time Mums, it is a very important and confusing issue to know just exactly what products what you need and what products you don’t need for your newborn baby.
What Products You Really Need for Your Newborn

Megan Blandford at Writing Out Loud - The story of a baby and an ageing labrador meeting and learning to be the best of friends.
Taylor and Abbey

Christie at Home Grown Mama - This post is the story of the light bulb parenting moment I had and the connection I went on to make with my son.
We've Made Connection

Tiff at Three Ring Circus - A simple procedure goes wrong and how Ivy and Noah and I got through it.
The Infusion Lounge

Naomi Ellis at Seven Cherubs - Raising seven cherubs and wondering...
Does my Butt Look Big With This Bus?

Emma at Mommy Has a Headache - Manners 101: What's the etiquette when your daughter's piano teacher hassles you to join a cult?
A Finger Lickin' Good Cult

Shelly at Tropical Mom - I looked back to see which of my posts got the most comments, and this one did by far. I don't know what possessed me to share this story the first time around or what possesses me to share it now, but enjoy!
Embarrassing Fart Story

Bern Morley at So Now What? - My daughter's tales of fake lives & beatches. You'll never look at a Year 1 journal the same, ever again.
Story Tellah

Haley Williams at Life on Venus - Are we being irresponsible parents by offering toddlers pretend coffee or is it just harmless fun?
The Babycino

Corrie at Retro Mummy - This is the biggest quilt I've made so far, quilted on my trusty home sewing machine. I made it for my daughter's room and she is one happy customer.
Nicey Jane

Marita (Leechbabe) at Stuff With Thing - Poop on a plate, all you ever needed and didn't want to know about stool sample collection.
Stool Sample Collection

Lauren at Sparkling Adventures - When people tried to tell me what to expect when starting a family, no one warned me that my laundry habits would be sabotaged, unless they meant to include the general idea in the phrase “everything will be different”.
Laundry Headlines

Katiegirl at The Life and Times of an Ordinary Girl - Do you know what you're eating, and what is in the water you drink? And how about what's in your beauty cabinet? You might be surprised to know....One mother and her mission to raise awareness of what's REALLY going on.
Are We Being Poisoned?

MumtoJ - a letter to myself, aged 17, from me as I am today.
A Letter to Myself

Tanya at Living Right Now - This particular post is about saving the world, which is not a regular topic, but is close to my heart.S
Save the World for Free

Gill & Nic at Our Park Life - Carrie Bradshaw talked of "Secret Single Behaviour" - But we are willing to place a bet that it is not only Singles who have Secret Behaviours. We'll tell you ours if you tell us yours...
What's Your Secret Behaviour?

Holly Homemaker at Good Golly Miss Holly - Pregnancy announcements, birth announcements, plans to get busy makin' babies - It must be the fashion, or people are in dire need of a hobby because everywhere I go I am greeted with exciting updates live from someone's uterus!
Just One More...or Maybe Two

Cait at Caitlyn Nicholas - B&B decor horror - or how I came to be in a situation where I thought the coffee table was my daughter AND I was sober.
Sign of the Times

Zoey Martin at Good Goog - Turning two. It's more than just saying goodbye to the baby, it's about starting a relationship as two separate people.
Last Days of One

Lori at Random Ramblings of a SAHM - I'm such a sucker. You wanna see a ghost photo?
I See Dead People on my Imaginary iPhone

Kristin at Wanderlust - ZOMG, what nakedly original thoughts pop into your mind (and out of your mouth) when released from the shackles of groupthink?
Naked Thoughts Running Down the Sidewalk of My Mind

Nikki Parkinson at Styling You - I wrote this blog back in February when no-one was really talking about jeggings – well, a few people were – and there were some expensive ones available at stores I’ve never been in! It’s amazing how a few months can make a difference. I saw jeggings on sale at Supre yesterday for $25. This post is still one of the most popular in terms of visits and searched for topics via Google to my blog.
Get Your Jeggings on This Winter

Chavah Kinloch at Creating My Reality - What is it you want you children to learn in life? What are the lessons you've learned and want to share? I sat down to write one evening and this is what came out.
101 Things I Want My Children to Learn

Fiona at Welcome to the Madhouse - I have 3 children, a girl and 2 boys. Both of my sons have autism, this puts a lot of pressure on the family dynamic and this post reflects the importance of remembering my daughter and her needs amongst the circus that is our life!
Be Careful You Don't Miss it - The Sibling Effect

BabyMac - The post was about making some BIG life decisions, having a mental breakdown and trying to work out this whole mother/wife/me thing. Yes, THAT old chestnut! The title of the post says it all really....
The One Where I Dropped ALL the Balls

DaniiBeauty - A few words of wisdom about being positive and how to keep on smiling - you have to read it! We all need encouragment at times, it can make a difference!
Keep on Smiling, It Will Get Better

Wow!  Did you get all that?  That's a lot of links!  And there's more coming in two days.

Thanks to everyone who submitted.  If you'd like to learn more about Aussie Mummy Bloggers or the blog carnival, visit here.

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  1. WOWNESS!!!

    I will have to grab your supercute button to replace that crapola pic in our group. K?

  2. well done! thanks for all of your hard work getting that post up!

    now to read them all


  3. Well done Kristin! I'm going to find some time today to visit as many of these as I can. I like how you've included the post description - that helps a lot in deciding where to start reading :)

  4. good job Kristin! looks great and easy to to find the time to read them all! Naomi xx

  5. Excellent - getting the kids off to tennis camp and then going to settle down for a good read.

  6. Wow, that's a monster post, congratulations for that alone. Looks like some good reading.


  7. Thanks Kristin, what a big job!! You rock xx

  8. You DO know my reader is full, and now you've thrown me all these awesome links to read?

    Thanks Kristin, you're an awesome host and carnival queen. I'm making my way through the linkies slowly.

  9. Wow is right....Great job Kristin (and I love the button)....I only wish I wasn't half out the door because I am just dying to get reading. However, duty (or rather, playgroup) calls....

    Be back later to check out all these awesome posts xo

  10. Amazing job. I'm going to figure out how to put the button on my blog. I've tweeted and shared on Facebook and will do it again later today :-)

  11. Fantastic thanks Kristin. Added the button to my blog...great button, wish I knew how to make them!

  12. @ Alison, they are so easy. I use Picnik to throw text on a picture and muck around with it. Then you stick the jpg in Photobucket and grab the code. It took me about 10 minutes to make, total! I put up the post (and links) and made the button on my dinner break before going into a board meeting. Phew! Forgot I had that tonight.

    Thanks all. It was fun. I'm still working my way through the links as well!

  13. Well done, hon. BIG job! I will get my act together and get a post in for next months'. Have been a wee distracted with school hols etc.

    ;) xxx

  14. Great Carnival! Now where to start first with the reading?

  15. I couldn't find Mummy Diaries.. feeling neglected sob..

  16. Oh good on me!! Just read the top of your post. Not feeling neglected anymore. feeling like I need to work on my attention to detail a bit more.

  17. I love that so many are involved! I'm going to sift through and comment on them all later:)

  18. This is very exciting! Wow, there's a lot to read! Love the button!

  19. A labour of love... and a great way to discover some new blogs. Thank you!

  20. Well done you've done really well! It all looks great!

  21. Thanks all! Please come back tomorrow to read round II of the blog carnival.

    @ MummyDiaries - don't feel bad. You weren't the only one did that!

  22. Lusty - you are a freakin legend. Do you have time to shower??

  23. @ Woog - shower yes, sleep no. Sadly.

  24. Wowie! New blogs to obsess over :) I saw this but sadly could not devote the time to join this month... next month maybe!

    I honestly don't know how you fit it all in, K.

  25. Thanks for hosting and organising Kristin you've done a FANTASTIC job. It's taken me most of the week but I've read em all, and laughed and cried and followed some. Now for the next installment!


  26. Great carnival. It must of taken you an age putting it all together. Makes me want to be an Aussie! Mich x

  27. Thank you!!! Looking forward to getting through all these posts soon. Some great reading :-)


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