Tuesday, November 2, 2010

One Year

It occurred to me this past week that my blog turned one year old. I started it on Halloween of last year. I had anticipated marking the anniversary with a giveaway or some other kind of celebration, but given the chaos in my personal life that didn’t happen. But I didn’t want to let it slip away without mention.

It’s really hard to imagine all that has happened over the course of one year. I could relate the obvious events, such as my divorce and the subsequent violence, none of which I foresaw a year ago. But I think those are just external results of internal changes that occurred largely as a result of finding my voice, which is the true gift of this past year.

When I started writing a year ago, I came alive again. And when I came alive again, I realized my life needed to change. When I sought to make those changes in my life, my husband reacted with violence. And thus the wheel of destruction began to turn.

The result of this is that the external structure of my world has completely crumbled. But it needed to. It was the proverbial house built on sand, even if I didn’t realize it.

So while I am now dealing with the legal, financial and emotional fallout of all that has happened in a very short time, there is this. What was once hidden, is now out in the open. While I am in pain, I am alive and I am wide awake.

The other gift of this past year has been you. I have had the honor of meeting so many incredible men and women throughout the blogging community. I never imagined the joy and satisfaction that would come from making so many connections, many of which have blossomed into friendship. Thank you for coming back again and again and finding interest in what I have to say. Thank you for your encouragement and support. Thank you for sponsoring my trip to Sydney. Thank you for sharing something of yourself and your own lives with me. I am incredibly grateful.

I know many of my recent posts have been hard to read. Sometimes it feels as if I am drowning beneath the enormity of recent events and each time I am able to voice the truth of these events it’s like lifting a stone off my chest and I feel as if I can breathe again.

One day I will get to the other side of this mountain and I will find my joy and humor again, and I hope you will stick with me through it. In the meantime, I have some humor-on-loan lined up for you from a lovely and talented friend. And if that’s not enough for you, there is always this:

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  1. Rejoicing with you that you have found your voice. MUCH better out than in, these things. Your inner strength is going to keep you tracking. There is nothing to stop you now (which, I know, can be a little alarming in itself!).

    We're not going anywhere. Love to you xox

  2. Happy Blog-iversary!!
    I lurrrve Wanderlust. I still fell today the way I felt when I first started reading here: The overwhelming need to take you to dinner and a movie. On top of that, you are a ray of light that has touched each and every one of us in some way. You speak the truth and you speak it beautifully. Thank you.

  3. Aw, face it Katie, you fell for me! :-P xx

    @ Being Me, yes alarming. Love back at you my beautiful friend. xoxo

  4. Onwards and ever upwards, m'dear. The mountain will be conquered. You never will be.

  5. And *that* is what it's all about. Those beautiful children of yours. When Mamma is happiest, babies will be happiest. Lots of love sweety. xxx

  6. Your strength is true inspiration! Your writing is beautiful, because your truth is shining through. Happy Anniversary to Wanderlust! Your children look absolutely adorable in their costumes! *HUGS*

  7. happy birthday to your blog. Hope the next year brings you all good things!

  8. Yep, what Katie said (the first time)

    Thank YOU, chook, for your courage, your light, your hope, your inspiration.
    I'm SO looking forward to the good things life has in store for you!

  9. Congrats on the one year anniversary. I wish you joy and happiness. And I look forward to meeting you in Sydney next year!!

  10. @ Steve, aw lovely, thank you! xx

    @ Maxabella & Marylin, yes they are truly what it's about, aren't they? They are my raison d'etre.

    @ IRL, thank you! I love that you've been reading Wanderlust since way back when. You always have such kind and encouraging things to say.

  11. @ Eva, thank you, you are like the world's most loyal commenter. I don't know how you keep up!

    @ Toni, she said it so well, didn't she, I think I'm a little in love with her! And you too, you are such a generous soul. xx

    @ Nellbe, thank you so much and I can't wait until March. Fingers crossed!

    @ Veronica, thanks! What year are you on now? xx

  12. Happy Blogoversary!

    may you have many many more to come :-) YAY!!!

  13. @ Danielle & Sharon, thank you both. And Sharon, happy birthday to your blog as well!

  14. Happy Blogoversary to you Kristen, finding your voice was your gift to us! xx

  15. Congrats on your bloggy mile stone!

    Keep up the excellent writing.

    And yes, your last year has had a lot of ups and downs, but look at how strong you are. Look at how well you have dealt with such awful situations.

    Quite the inspiration!


  16. A big fat happy birthday Wanderlust.
    It's like a redemption, this year you are going to soar.


  17. Definitely a Toot - Toot moment

    Congratulations :)

  18. Happy Blogaversary! :D
    I am so glad you found your voice! Yay!
    You go, girl!

  19. When the writing is so readable, why wouldn't we keep coming back? When the emotions are so real and raw, I want to read more. Well done on one year.

  20. Many other people have said it, but thank you so very much for sharing with us. It's been a privilege.

  21. woohoo has it really been a year. Wow that has gone fast.

    When the silence was deafening after Mum died, I wrote out my grief and heartache on my blog. I am at the stage of being able to see some light at the end of the tunnel and you will get there as well. In the meantime just write whatever is in your heart and we will be here.

  22. Happy Bloggerversary. I had no idea it was only a year your blog had been up, it seems so much more established than that!

    Here is to an amazing next year for you.

    Mich x

  23. I, too, was surprised you've only been doing this a year. Clearly you were born to write. Happy bloggiversary! :)

  24. Yes, you are wide awake. And what's the point of living if you do it all with your eyes closed? You have come a long way in a year, and the best is just around the corner I am sure ...

  25. Yep. There's always that!

    Happy blogoversary, brave one! And never ever stop seeking your own truth.

    Loads and loads of love.xxx

  26. I wish you all the best with all that's going on! Happy Blog Anniversary KB.

  27. Happy blog birthday my lovely!! What a huge year it's been, hey? I got your email, by the way- will get it to you asap!! xoxox

  28. happy blog birthday. You know the light at the end may look like a train atm but it is a light and you will grown and gain strength in the next 12months. I have been where you are and I am so much stronger now. love and light to you.

    visiting you on my blog hop, home you can come and say hi to me at http://lookingoutabrokenwindow.blogspot.com and http://picnpaste.blogspot.com

  29. Happy blog anniversary! I haven't been following for very long but you know what, even if I only recently discovered your blog (and even if it was in the midst of your turmoil) you have kept me coming back - because you are so real and brave. I hope you get to celebrate more blog anniversaries - clearly your readers want more of you. :)

  30. First of all, Happy Bloggoversary! I'm glad you're here, that you write in spite of and because of it all.

    Your piece on Indie Ink brought me here today; your writing is powerful, exceptional, fierce.

  31. Take all the time you need. We'll be here. xx

  32. Happy blogoversay, it doesn't seem like a year ago... Nice to see you getting it back together.

    I might add (skiting) that I have a Mayotte flag... LOL You'll get yours one day.


  33. Happy Days on the way.
    As someone who has reconstructed her life I wish you good luck.
    It 's not always easy but it takes courage to do what you have done, just remember that.

  34. Wow what a pivotal year you have had!

  35. Happy to help you take some of the stones off Kristin, you write so beautifully how could we not want to encourage you to give us more!



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