Thursday, December 30, 2010

My year in rev…. ah, fuck it

It looks like everyone is putting up their end-of-year posts where they look back on 2010 and go over the big events of the year. They’re reviewing the good, the bad and the meh, and linking to their most popular posts.

So I thought: why not? I can do that. It’s been a big year.

Let’s see… big events. Hmmm, well, maybe best not to start with those. Okay, how about popular posts! Well, there’s this one here….ooh…maybe not that one, it’s kind of a downer. {Looking, looking} Hey, this one had a lot of hits! Oooh, no, crap, if people have to read that one more time they’ll staple their eyelids shut.

Enter the angel on my left shoulder. She says the generous thing to do would be to separate the wheat from the (considerable) chaff and just focus on all the wonderfulness of 2010. Then again as I sit here typing this and sipping my tumbler of NyQuil on the rocks, her voice is drowned out by that of her sister in red on my right shoulder who counters, “Seriously? Wouldn't you rather just take 2010 and flush it down the toilet? Erase from life’s hard drive? Adios, fucker.”

So, yeah. No. We’re moving straight into 2011. Because I've already decided that’s going to be my year.

2011 is my year to:

Take back my life
Move the hell away
Sleep peacefully at night
Conference in Syd-nay
Write a book or two
or just write and write and write
Reaquaint myself with joy
Take flight
Pierce the veil

Thanks for sticking with me through that year we won’t mention. See you around the bend, my beautiful friends. xx

* Don't worry, I promise not to write sucky poetry in 2011.  We'll blame this on the tiny people arguing in my ears.

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  1. I too have renamed 2011 The Year of Kristen. I am having a t-shirt made xox

  2. I want one of those t-shirts. Can't wait for the Year of the Kristin.

  3. Well thank God someone's not doing it!

    When's Mrs W taking orders for those t-shirts?

  4. All systems Are Go! or All Kristens Are Go! Go Forth!

  5. Wishing you all the very best in 2011, Kristen! You bloody well deserve it! xxx

  6. Sounds perfect. 2011 is going to be a good one.

  7. Let's make it "The year of the survivor!" or "I survived 2010!".

    Here's to some magic and miracles in 2011...

  8. Nice take on the end of year post! And I wish you all those things and more xx

  9. Yep, I'll take a T as well. You're gonna OWN this year, girl.

  10. Sounds a good resolution to me. Grab 2011 by the neck and make it yours utterly. Take it! Own it! Go for it! We'll be cheering you on. :-)

  11. Oh, but DO write more sucky poetry! I'm partial to a bit of that too. (sad, but true)

    Heres to a fantastic 2011 for you. It's all yours baby.

    btw - you could write a book or 3 no problemo.

  12. Hi!

    I haven't wrote my "end of year" post yet. I might tomorrow. Maybe. Possibly. That's if I can get out of my "meh" mood.

    Your blog is honestly one of my favourites, and can say truly that you have made my blogging life more interesting this past year. I love how your words roll across my screen. I love how you seem to write as if you are speaking to me, and not at me.

    2011 will be better! I am sure of that.

    Here's to living life and remembering who we really are! xx

  13. Good for you.
    Here's to YOUR year!

    LCM x

  14. I hope 2011 is the most wonderful year for you! I am anxious to hear all about your new life!

  15. Yep. That's kind of how I felt about most of 2009, so I get it. Here's hoping your 2011 is a whole different deal!

  16. Amen, Kristen, A-fucking-men.

    Rock on.

  17. Hurrah and double hurrah.


  18. 2011 is gonna be HUGE. I feel it!!


  19. I'm too knackered to write an end of year post. But as for you lady you rock! 2011 will be your year, the sky's the limit. Good luck and hugs to you xx

  20. I like this post better than a year in review one! I think I will follow suite!

  21. I have no clue how to link a post to your here it is

  22. I like the post and the poetry! :D
    May 2011 be the year you want it to be!

  23. Grab 2011, slap some wings on that baby, and FLY, sweetheart!

    Much love. xx

  24. Wishing you a fantastic 2011! May it bring all you desire.... and a ton more too!

    Mich x

  25. In the immortal words of Yazz:
    "the only way is up, baby"

    Here's to a better 2011.

  26. Cheers to that. 2011 will be kicking arse!!

  27. I liked your pretty sucky poetry - My fave word there is EXHALE. Out with the old and in with the new.Cheers, Wendy

  28. YES! You rock, Kristin! 2011 will definitely be your year!

  29. @ Rhonda, loved your post. :)

    @ Everyone, thanks for the wishes, right back at ya {raises glass of NyQuil -- clink, clink}

  30. I just KNOW we'll all have a bangin' year. And I wouldn't blame you for flushing 2010 down the crapper. Probably the most positive way to look at it;)

  31. My thoughts about 2010 exactly. I'm booting it up the arse and out the door ...

  32. There once was a writer from the U.S.
    Whose character was put to the test,
    So she defiantly said,
    “I’ll get my arse out of bed,
    And beat the best of the rest with my chest.” **

    ** That was supposed to be talent, wit, humour, intelligence, grit and determination - but that didn’t rhyme with test, so I had to improvise. If it mentions chests, does it still count as being feminist mumbo jumbo? Does calling it feminist mumbo jumbo still count as being supportive?

    Never mind – Happy New Year and here’s hoping it is a better one.


  33. Aren't shoulder angels just the best?

    The Year of Kristen sounds good to me :)

  34. @ Glen, coming from you, it's always supportive. :)

    And yay, my year has already begun in Australia!!! (only 12 more hours to go in Kansas - slackers)

  35. Perhaps you could sell Mrs Woog's t-shirts to sponsor you in 2011. I'll buy one. Or three.

    Here's to a better year next year for one and all.


  36. I'm raising my glass to your year - 2011! :)

  37. I couln't have said it better!
    I'm raising my glass...half empty...hic, hic.
    Happy new year!

  38. I have a great feeling about 2011. Can't wait to meet you in Syd-NAYYYY!

  39. Happy New Year hope it's at least a million times better than last one as you deserve it. Now the countdown to 2011 has ended you should start the countdown to Oz!

  40. @ NCG - did you see my countdown widget on the sidebar for AusBlogCon? Only 77 more days! And we're still counting down to 2011 here... 2.5 hours to go (hey 2010, I'm holding the door open for ya, here's your coat).

  41. I look forward to a wonderful year for me. When I spoke on my blog about wishing for a better year for my blogging friends, you are one of those that was foremost in my mind.

    Good Riddance to 2010. Here's to a new, wonderful year.

  42. What a great list!! Can't wait to meet you in March.

    Thanks so much for linking up at bigwords. You are my first ever linky person xx

  43. I couldn't work up the energy for a review post either. :-)

    Wishing you a fantastic 2011 - I'm looking forward to reading about your marvellous year and meeting you at the AusBlogCon.

  44. here is to a better year for 2011 for you and me ok :-) coz we both well you deserve it more then me but anyway xxx :-p

  45. I agree - 2011 is going to be one fab year.
    I've just popped over to you for a visit from bigwords, and now you have me intrigued. Should I look back over your last year and figure out what the poetry was all about...or should I just join with you in ignoring the past, and jump on in to the new year??
    Well, it's I'll probaby go with the latter!
    So happy NY

  46. Great list! It's going to be YOUR year. :)

  47. Reacquainting yourself with joy sounds like the best idea ever. It's the best resolution I've ever heard.

    I'm not doing a recap 2010 post, I never look backwards, what's done is done and I prefer to look and dream forward. I was 45 when I realised one day that hashing over regrets and bad times isn't hurting anyone but myself and since that day, I've let things go. Serenity is my style these days. Just drifting along, like a big old river.

  48. Wishing you the absolute best for 2011 cos this is the year we are all gonna rock!

  49. in all seriousness, 2010 was about as awesome as finding out that the man you love still plays with g.i. joes and lives with his parents and wears footed pajamas. happened once. just like 2010 will only happen once.


  50. @ Elizabeth, LOL. Wish that was all I found out. Onward indeed!


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