Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flog yo blog Friday

Hey kittens, it's time to flog it.

Guess who's still in Kansas? That's right. The snow finally stopped but just as FYBF was packing up to leave the kids locked it in the playroom and tied it down with silly bands. I am plying it with wine in the hopes that it will stay here a bit longer and just fly back out to Sydney with me in March.

As you're probably aware, FYBF was started by former Nobel physicist Brenda at MummyTime, until she gave it all up to rescue orphans from raging infernos; at which point she passed it over to the reigning Miss Australia, Lori at Random Ramblings of a SAHM, with whom it currently resides when not held hostage in a Kansas attic.

Now. Lori. We all know Lori has had it rough this past month. Really, really rough. She has been writing her way through her pain, which I think shows an amazing strength. She mentioned that some had expressed concern that her posts were too raw, or offered up too much personal information. I disagree, and I'm glad she does too.

We are human and we react to immense pain with immense emotion. There is no getting around it. That is how we are wired. We can either deny it and stuff it inside, or let it out. Pain that isn't dealt with, that is directed within, can have devastating results. At some point, it can erupt into destructive or violent behavior, either against ourselves or another.  It may take a short while or it may take decades, but it will happen.  When we allow ourselves to express our pain, we can process it and heal.

So Lori, I'm glad you're writing and I don't care how raw it is or how long it takes to move through it. I'm just glad you're moving. We're here for you as long as you need us. I think you're amazing.

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There is an auction going on right now to raise money for Lori to help her care for her children and basic day-to-day needs in the aftermath of her loss.  Kudos to the lovely Sarah at Just Me for putting it together. It's open until Jan. 31st so go have a look and bid on some of the great items (except for the dress donated by Sawhole, which I've already decided I'm wearing to the AMB dance - mine mine mine!). Then go vote in my completely unbiased Aussie poll and help break the Sydney vs. Melbourne neck and neck race. Results to be posted next week. 

Happy Friday!

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  1. I love how the blogging community is helping Lori at this time and thanks for all you are doing xx

  2. Obviously Melbourne is going to win. We are in the top 3 most liveable cities in the world. We have all kinds of awesome right here. Not that I am biased.

    I have been reading Lori's posts, yes they are raw. Grief is raw. Death of someone we love is not a pleasant thing and should not be hushed. So, write away Lori. Let it out. You are amazing.

  3. Do you know what - I think Lori is doing exactly the right thing. I don't know if I'd write through the pain in the same way as she is, but that's me. You have to do what's right for yourself - that's all there is

  4. I love that Lori is writing. They aren't easy to read posts but that's what I like about them - it's not an easy thing to go through and just ignoring it or pretending it didn't happen wouldn't do anyone any good.

  5. Lori and her posts are going to save lives - its real, its raw and there aint nothing pretty about the aftermath of such intensely personal tragedy, which the world needs to know. I know its already changed the way I act and feel - she will be an angel for so many xx

  6. You're very right, Lori should do what SHE thinks is right to get her through this horrible time in her life. the only thing that makes me tell her to be careful is that i know what incredibly cruel shitheads are roaming the internet, and if anything, that's the last thing she needs in her life or on her blog.
    Also, Kristin, check out my blog on 'adopted patriotism' on Australia if you haven't seen it yet - that's you in a few years time ! ;)

  7. Thanks for keeping on hosting the blog hop, Kirstin. Agree with regards Lori - she should get it all out of her system any which way!

  8. Our blogs are for us to write how we feel and how we like. There is no such thing as too raw or too personal. People have free choice to read or not.

  9. Thanks for all the great work you do K, for blogging, for Lori, for awareness about stuff women need to know. I can't wait until you can say: 'I don't think we're in Kansas anymore', and get on that plane to Sydney. Big love babe. xo

  10. Hey Kristin, you are a great friend to Lori and to many and I have to say that I think Lori is simply amazing for doing what she is doing. I think writing through anything gives us strength and clarity and is incredibly important (for those of us for whom to write is to live) and this community in the blogosphere is pretty damn unique and nurturing and supportive of that.

  11. shit I'd be more worried if she wasn't writing.

  12. Thanks for hosting! I also love the Lori is writing. Think of the people out there that may be grateful to know they are not alone in dealing with their own grief.

  13. Thanks for hosting. I have not felt able to join in for the last few weeks. Seems too cruel to post something happy on this blog hop which belongs to Lori. I know I am being silly.

    Mich x


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