Thursday, January 13, 2011

FYBF - Sadness, love and hope

Today I am hosting Flog Yo Blog Friday again. I’ve been putting it up in my guest bedroom for a couple of weeks. It usually resides with Lori of Random Ramblings of a SAHM.

Today Lori lays to rest her husband, Tony. Lori, we are all holding you gently in our warmest thoughts and prayers for comfort.

This past week has been one of heartache for many of us. Lulu at Unperfect Life unexpectedly lost her sister, Amy. Amy leaves behind a baby boy, Fin.

The devastating floods in Queensland have taken many lives and unrooted entire townships.

One way we are processing this influx of painful news is by writing about it. We communicate our grief, our love and support and our hope for the future through our writing. As I click from blog to blog, I keep reading about these same things. The blogosphere has become a collective expression of compassion.

If you’ve written a post of support this past week—for Lori, for Lulu, for the flood victims--I invite you to link it up today. Lori wrote a post early this morning and I'm going to put it first on the linky so you can leave her some love.

You can also simply link up your most recent post on any topic.  FYBF has never been a "themed" blog hop. I've only made the suggestion above because I know so many of you have written such posts.

The rules? You know the rules. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you really need a refresher, look back here.

Link up, share the follow love, leave a comment, keep sending #LovetoLori, keep writing it out. Thanks for participating. xo

Gone now is the day and gone the sun
There is peace tonight all over Arlington
But the songs of my life will still be sung
By the light of the moon you hung

Bang the drum slowly play the pipe lowly
To dust be returning from dust we begin
Bang the drum slowly I'll speak of things holy
Above and below me world without end



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  1. Oh Kristin. That photo is so beautiful. xx

  2. Hi Kristin, I left two links if that's ok - one for Lori and one for Queensland Floods.

  3. What a beautiful photo. There is so much devastation this week, but the blogging community is amazing with their support and love. xx

  4. Thanks for hosting Wanderlust. Poor ol' Lori. A day she will never forget that is for sure :(

  5. @ Ashleigh - an amazing example of the power of communal energy harnessed for good. It creates it's own momentum. Beautiful.

  6. Thinking of Lori all day today. I have been amazed at her resilience and courage so far so I know she is going to get through today with grace. x

  7. Love and so much love to our brave

  8. Hi,
    I've entered two posts. I always get confused with FYB though. Do I enter the HTML code IN the post I've entered, or in the html gadget part of my blog.
    Technically challenged

  9. @ Bronnie - the HTML for the linky? In the actual post itself!

  10. I have gazed at that adorable photo for the longest time. Thinking of Lori today as I have every day for the past week xxxxx Beautiful post once again, Kristin.

  11. Today there are two funerals. Tony and Amy, Lulu's sister. I do not have words and will not be posting today but have added an entry from earlier in the week.

    Love to both families as they face their dark day.

  12. So much sadness seeping into our cyber world today; oh how I wish we could make the pain ease for our online friends. Certainly makes you put things in perspective and not sweat the small stuff so much...

  13. Hi Kristin. Thanks for hosting. Great post. Such a beautiful photo. Love and hugs to all ...

  14. *without words* Thanks, Kristin, for writing the lovely post and hosting!

  15. That is such a beautiful picture of Lori and Toni. I wonder, this year, there has been so much sadness growing around us, but look at this place, this medium where we have met so many to share the love and the grief. This is an extraordinary place.

  16. Kristin, thank you for again hosting. As I've been reading, from one blog to the next, I notice that you've made a massive effort to get to as many as possible and leave comments. You are truly a very special person. xx

  17. Sweet words and a beautiful photo, Kristen. I'm sure Lori appreciates them.

  18. So glad to see FYBF here with you but just too sad to join in and link up. Lovely photo of Lori and Tony, Thanks Mich x

  19. I just couldn't get it together for FYBF the las two weeks, but I was thinking of Lori, as was my GOFA.

    The photo is lovely, as is the poem. Who is the author?


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