Thursday, March 17, 2011

The case of the disappearing chocolate

Wednesday I spent the day with Ms. Forks in the Road. We had a lovely time chatting and supping on delicious food and strolling along the beach.


When I returned to my penthouse suite at the Woog residence I did what any good blogger does when they first walk through the door. I went to fire up my computer. I pulled the bed out from the wall a bit so that I could plug in the power cord, when lo, I noticed a curious collection of shiny bits on the floor, previously hidden from view.

Exibit A

How very odd.

That hadn't been there when I left the previous day. Upon closer inspection I found out they were Hersheys kisses wrappers.  At which point I opened up my suitcase to find this:

Exibit B

Alas. Candy I had brought from America for sugar-deprived Aussie mummy bloggers.*

I showed the evidence to Mrs. Woog and she quickly deduced that one of her sons was involved in this mysterious case of vanishing chocolate.  However, when questioned, both boys claimed to have absolutely no knowledge of how the chocolate had disappeared. They looked at us with expressions of pure innocence.

Since it is widely known that children are incapable of telling anything but the truth, all eyes in the house then fell upon the only remaining suspect:

Never trust a kitten.

* Don't worry lovely ABC mums who requested kisses, I was smart enough to buy a second bag.

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  1. It was my chocolate chunky monkey Harry. We are all just waiting for him to fess up. In his own time. And I know because I pulled the rest of the wrappers out of his school pants this afternoon. Stabler please call x

  2. @ Woog - How do you know Chuy didn't plant the wrappers in Harry's pocket to throw you off? It would be just like a kitten to do that.

  3. Stomach pump the cat. Honestly. It's the only way to prove guilt.

  4. I've stashed the Oreos out of the Snow Cat's reach, just in case she tries to get into them!

  5. smarter than the average cat...

  6. That kitten is adorable! And looks a lot like my midget cat who is always trying to kill me, so probably is completely evil.

  7. The kitten is clearly half ninja, just look at it. And pets can be pretty sneaky.
    My ex had a pet dingo that opened a tin and stole some biscuits and put the lid back on (crooked) - everyone thought it was the kids until they caught the dingo at it one day.
    True story.

  8. is that a good enough reason to get it put down?

  9. I guess you blame dogs for farts, and cats for missing chocolate!

  10. Yes indeed Woogs' kids are blameless. They would have known to 'flush the evidence.' On the upside at least the cat is just a chocolate thief. I had a mate whose dog used to eat dollar bills which was unfortunate because you had to wait for them to come out the other end.

  11. WHOA!!

    That is one guilty kitten, I tell ya.

  12. Hope your having a great time, and don't worry about the cat......... I have it on good authority that it would be dead if it ate that much chocolate........... submit this as evidence in its defence.

  13. OMG. That reminds me of when my childhood cat stole my enormous easter egg.... perfectly unwrapped foil .... nothing but crumbs left ... bloody cats.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  14. @ Leanne - cats are jealous of bunnies. They get all the attention at Easter.


    OMG - the CAT just walked across the keyboard and wrote this!!! I wonder what it means? Anyone speak cat? I bet it's a threat...

  16. Those children clearly need more instruction in the art of subterfuge.

  17. Kristin.
    I speak cat. Hidden talent, don't tell.

    It says "WTF? It was the neighbour's dog, now just lay off and stroke my fur or I will piss on your bed and scratch the living daylights out of your furniture."

    You're welcome.

    LCM x

  18. Except that the cat would be dead if it had ingested all that chocolate, as it's well known that chocolate is a deadly toxin for dogs and cats.

    So that then begs the question..... who's left to suspect???!


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