Thursday, March 24, 2011

Giveaway - loads of Macleans products!

Macleans, my lovely sponsor for my trip to the Aussie Bloggers Conference, has put together a large collection of their most popular products for me to give away to a lucky reader. Feast your eyes upon this cornucopia of oral hygeine goodness:


The Macleans Prize pack includes:

  • 4 Macleans Iso-Active Toothpastes (2 Fresh Impact + 2 Ice Impact) 
  • 2 Macleans Advanced Toothpastes (1 Fresh Mint + 1 Mild Mint) 
  • 1 Macleans Ultimate White Ice Sensation Toothpaste 
  • 1 Macleans Protect Fresh Mint Toothpaste 
  • 4 Macleans Junior Jaws toothpastes 
  • 2 Milk Teeth Toothpastes 
  • 4 Macleans Flex Toothbrushes 
  • 2 Junior Jaws Toothbrushes 
  • 2 Milk Teeth Toothbrushes 
  • 2 Macleans Milk Teeth Wiggles mini DVD

Macleans also sent me some products to try and my son kindly volunteered to demonstrate the use of the Junior Jaws toothpaste.



"Mmmm, tastes like strawberries!"*

And look! His Macleans are showing!

Here be the rules:

1  Follow Wanderlust
2  Leave a comment telling me to whom you would most want to flash your Macleans
3  Tweet the giveaway (if you're on Twitter -- if not, go shout about it from your front porch)
4  Live in Australia (I promise I will do my best to find a wonderful giveaway for non-Aussie peeps!).
5  Winner will be drawn on March 30th (the day before I leave... sob sob sob hiccup) by If you plan to win, leave me a link back so I can contact you OR read my blog on March 30th!
6  Hug your mother
7  Don't bite your fingernails
8  Be kind

* Strawberries? Warning: my son did not inherit the super taster gene.

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  1. 1.want to flash my macleans to all the bloggers at the next ausblogcon...can we do it all again pleeeeease?? It was sooo much fun!!
    2.Not on twitter, so will get shouting!!
    3.Aussie resident (check!)
    4.Will check back on March 30 (check!)
    5.Mum lives 8 hours away...but promise to call (check!)
    6.don't bite my fingernails (check!)
    7.And will stop call the lady across the drive from us the 'fun police' for 24 hours (does that count??)

  2. Cate, you pass with flying colors! And yes, let's do the ABC all over again. Sooo ready!!

  3. Why would I like to win? Well more for my kids really, my 3 year old LOVES brushing her teeth (even though half the time she only brushes her tongue), LOVES the Wiggles, and LOVES receiving packages in the mail.
    My 8 month old has just welcomed his second tooth, so the tight arse in me wants to win him a toothbrush so I dont have to buy one :)

    My Mum already called me this evening, that counts right?
    Will check back in on March 30!

  4. 1. following

    2. i want to flash my macleans to anyone that is interested in looking ;)

    3. i will tweet as soon as i finish commenting here, in the mean time i will shout it out my lounge room window. :P

    4. Aussie Aussie oi oi

    5. you can find my contact details on my blog:

    6. My mother lives to far away to hug, so im sending her virtual hugs..

    7. i will try to stop biting my nails

    8. i'm always kind lol

    Jane xx

  5. What a great giveaway! I'd love to win...
    1) Follow Wanderlust; of course
    2) who would I flash my Macleans at? The love of my life. As soon as I meet him...
    3) I'm not on Twitter so I'll start shouting as soon as the neighbours are awake tomorrow. Wouldn't want to wake them...
    4) Live in Australia. Oh yes! There's no place better.
    5) Will definitely check back here on March 30th
    6) Mum's in heaven but I promise to hug her as soon as I get there.
    7) I've never bitten my fingernails.
    8) Be kind? I'm never anything else. Not out loud anyway.

  6. I have front fillings from over brushing. True story. Got through the enamel. I subscribe on googlereader, don't do the follow thing and i KNEW it was gonna be macleans ;)

    Mum's coming to visit tomorrow! Yay!

  7. I want to flash my Macleans to our school principal as I beg her to keep the super good relief teacher they've currently got in my 7yo's class. Or in other words, please don't let the horrible regular teacher back.

    Need to have an extra sparkly smile to blind the Principal into obeying my every wish....


  8. I tweeted
    I'd flash my Macleans at the postie if he were to deliver this bunch of goodies
    I hugged my Mum
    I have stopped biting my nails as of now
    I am kind

  9. I guess I would flash my Macleans at anyone who wants to see them.
    If I hug my mother twice can I still bite my fingernails? Because it's hard stop doing something if you don't actually notice when you start.

  10. Who i'd like to flash my Macleans to?
    Really bummed i missed out on getting to meet you. I have some Macleans you'd love to have flashed at ya ;)

  11. @Pink, naw... next year, next year! x

  12. Ah we are already a Macleans family here so I flash them to everyone all the time already!
    Been following you forever.
    Will tweet soonish
    Get to see mum tomorrow so shall hug her then
    I live in Aussieland
    I dont bite my fingernails

  13. I'd love to be able to jump over a state and flash a Macleans smile at my beautif sister, who I miss so much.

    Must admit I bite my nails, I try not to though. That counts right? ;)

    And I can't wait to hug my Mum when I next see her!

  14. I don't really like my coffee-stained teeth (which is why I need lots of toothpaste) Could I just flash my hooters instead?


  15. Hmm, I want to flash my pearly whites in the bedroom. Surely a Maclean's smile will lighten the room enough to not have to stumble to bed in the darkness?
    I follow, I tweet things, I live in Ostraya, I have email (, I hug mums (mainly mine), I bite toenails instead of fingernails and I'm not not kind.
    All good? xx

  16. As usual the people in Vienna are totally fucked over. We never even got to see a photo of you in the flashy new red bra.

  17. I'd flash my Macleans to Don Mclean, just because of the silliness!

    If I lived in Australia

  18. I don't live in Australia. Harrumph!

  19. @ Badger, it was a blue bra with rhinestones and you did get a glimpse on one post. Keep up, babe!

  20. 1 I follow you already
    2 I'd flash my Macleans at my mother-in-law in Fiji next month as I hand over her grandchildren and head for happy hour at The Pearl Resort.
    3 Did both and now my neighbours thing I've gone batty.
    4 I live in Oz.
    5 My link should be here.
    6 I am sending big hugs to my mom in heaven.
    7 OK, I will bite my toenails instead. Ewww!
    8 I will be kind and give you an extra share on Facebook.

  21. I would most want to show of my Macleans to my twins. They are 2,5 and hate tooth brushing! Every day it is a struggle so I could use anything to 'brighten up' the tooth brushing adventure! I sometimes feel like a complete fool when I show them how I brush mine but I have to try something.

    Blog and Twitter follower and I tweeted.

  22. 1 I already follow you
    2 My husband of course ;-)
    4 Yes i live in Qld
    5 I'm posting under my blog profile
    6 Ok I'm seeing her this weekend I will give her a big hug
    7 No never have. But my 5 year old does and it annoys the $%!# out of me.
    8 yes always :)

  23. What a FAB giveaway!
    I thought I was already following you. Don't know what happened there!??
    I fixed that problem quick smart!

    If I were to win, I would be flashing my macleans to everybody, because you wouldn't be able to wipe the smile off my face! :D

    My boys would love the kiddies stuff, too!

    "Are your Macleans showing!?" ha ha

  24. p.s - Just tweet-didily-eeted! :)

  25. I don't live in Australia (Unfortunately), but just had to stop in and say, "Awwwww...those are such sweet pictures of your son!"

  26. I want to flash my Macleans at MacGyver.
    I am aware he's a 90's television character, but phwoar.. he can rescue me from an overturned car anyday! x
    Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures.

  27. Follower
    would flash my macleans at austin powers he might get the hint.

  28. I'd like to flash my macleans at my own son as if he won the wiggles teeth cleaning might be less of a daily battle in our world...

    Speaking of son's - your's is super cute! What a lovely willing young model you have on your hands x

  29. I would flash my Macleans to the grumpy check out chick at my local Woolies! Maybe it will make her smile in return....or not....if not then what will make her smile darn it???

  30. 1 Following - check!
    2 I'd flash myself. Vain much?
    3 tweety
    4 Live in Australia aye aye.
    5 click my name
    6 Hug your mother. She has cooties.
    7 Don't bite your fingernails. Let's say I don't.
    8 Be kind :P

  31. @ FoodMuster - LOL! I know, sometimes I take it as a challenge to make the grumpies smile. You have to find their Achilles heel!

  32. 1. Already following
    2. I'd flash mine in the mirror and admire them
    3. Just shouted down the valley - everyone heard!
    4. I live in Australia
    5. So sorry you are not staying - come back soon
    6. Sadly my Mum passed away - I'd give anything to hug her.
    7. I don't bite my fingernails
    8. I love being kind to people and animals and plants and things

  33. I'd love to be flashing my Macleans at all the conference delegates - was it really only a week ago? :( Hope you are having a fab stay in Australia x

  34. Oh how excitement

    1. - yes, following
    2. - I'll flash anyone - but hubby & the kids need to look after their toothie pegs more betterer
    3. Ok - I'm a twit - will do that
    4. Ballarat's in australia
    5. As Arnie says: I'll be back
    6. Hugging the MIL - cos MILs like hugs too
    7. *sits on hands, whistling*
    8. Sharing is kind - mentioned you on FaceBook (and hope those that visit mention it)

    Alright - off to find eggs in the garden - darn chooks...

  35. 1. Follower :) You bet!
    2. I'll flash my hubby! Maybe he will buy me a new car if I do! hehe!
    3. Brisvegas, Australia
    4. I will stalk you on the 30th guaranteed!
    5. Love Mum hugs
    6. Oh biting nails hard to stop, but promise I will :)
    7. Always kind :)
    Love for you to come visit me when you get a moment :)

  36. I just want to get my macleans showing to anyone who'll have a look!
    Am a follower and follow on Twitter ( danluc0507)

  37. Hmmm, I would LOVE to flash my Macleans smile to... all the people I'll be seeing at my high school reunion soon... eeeke!

  38. 1. Done , great blog
    2. Jon Bon Jovi ( I could flash more , but might scare him )
    3. Done @cranky_mum
    4. Proud Aussie here
    5. as above @cranky_mum
    6. I love to hug my mum
    7. Need to stop !
    8. I try when I'm not so cranky .


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