Friday, March 25, 2011

Just a bunch of AusBlogCon pics and a shout out to Stevo!

Because I finally found a way to get the pictures off my camera without the cable I left at home....

Nikki (Styling You), Lori (RRSAHM), me, Brenda (Mummytime), Woogsworld

Kelly (Be a Fun Mum)


Fiona (Calm Blue Ocean)

Eden (Edenland) EEEEEEDEN!!!

Dorothy (Singular Insanity)

Nicole (Planning with Kids)

OMG! Is that Beth? From Baby Mac??

I'm so excited I have to grab her

Sawhole (after she discovered the frog I put in her bed)

Kirrily (Sunny Side Up) and I got up to some shenanigans in the elevator. We wanted to do something for our friend Steve at Bloggertropolis, so we decided to take some silly pictures for him.

I have no idea what the stamp on my back says. You'll have to ask Lori from RRSAHM.

You wouldn't think we'd have this much time to take pics in an elevator, but it took us 5 minutes to realize that it wasn't actually moving. Something about my key card being deactivated.

Trying to strike a London City Mum pose, exceept I forgot what it actually was, and I didn't have my wet suit, and the elevator door was finally opening. Alas.

I had so much fun with Kirrily that after she went to bed I wrote her a love note and put hearts and kisses all over it and signed it "Wanderlust" and slipped it under her door. Except apparently it wasn't her door. It was the room next to hers.

Someone, somewhere, is wondering who Wanderlust is and how much they had to drink on Saturnday night.

We love you Steve! Next year, you're coming to AusBlogCon.

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  1. Great pics! I'm glad you had fun.

  2. That's so funny about your love note that went astray ... it probably made someones day!

    I didn't officially meet you, but I did gush how much I loved your poem when you were handing out some of your stash o sweeties! What a fun weekend.

  3. What I love about all these photos is -- how much FUN you're having! I'm SO happy you got to be here and a massive THANKYOU to everyone who helped make that happen, esp Mrs Woog.

  4. "Someone, somewhere, is wondering who Wanderlust is and how much they had to drink on Saturday night." LOL, LOL, LOL ... actually, make that a plain old ROFL

  5. @ Belinda - thank you. So many bloggers, so little time! What a whirlwind of a day. Wish I could have hit the pause button about a hundred times. So many incredible women I barely said hello to. x

  6. Enjoyed those pics. Thank you. Nice to put faces to names.

  7. Fun! It looks like everyone had such a fabulous time!

  8. Mate - someone tweeted this week about receiving your note under their door! I can't remember who it was ... so funny.

    You are hot in those photos, and IRL. And when you first wake up, and when you're sitting on my couch on twitter. You have a beautiful Soul, Kristin.

    Love ya like a brother xoxoxxox

  9. Great photos Kristin. Hope you have been enjoying the rest of your time in Aus. xxx

  10. Looks like you had an Awesome time.
    Loving your pics :)

  11. This is a great post! Ahhh you are such a sweet person. I hope very much to meet up with you again sometime and stand in a lift with you for minutes before realising it's not even moving. MINUTES!? (what were we thinking?) Only wish the day could have been a week so you had more time to share yourself around, you must have been so tired by the end of all that hugging and chatting.

  12. Wonderful blog & good post.Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Keep Blogging!

    Visa to Australia

  13. I love these pics - especially the London City Mum one. Gold!

  14. These pics are so great. Everyone looks so amazing and happy and just having the time of their lives. I can feel the love screaming out of the the computer screen. The story of the note is hilarious!

  15. You are funny Muriel (you will need to be able to point out the origin of this statement if you want to be an Aussie). I will give you a hint Toni Collette early 90s.

  16. Hah! Didn't even need the hint. Muiel's Wedding.

    Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!!

  17. Aw shucks! If ever I had to be stuck in a non-moving elevator with 2 women and a camera I'd choose you and Kirrily for sure.

  18. The note part? CRACKED me up. Some lucky bastard. Or maybe a lucky cleaner found it?

  19. @ Pink, turns out it was another blogger! Yeah, I was imagining some poor man explaining that to his wife!

  20. Lovely pictures... just lovely.

    I am glad that you had so much fun Kristin

  21. @ Steve - I wonder under what unique circumstances you'd ever be posed with that ultimatum?

    @ Ratz - Wish you were closer and could come too!

  22. Great photos, everyone looks recognisable, but different from the photos on their blogs. It was fun guessing who was who before reading your commentary ;)

  23. Did you upload the photos via SD card? When I finally tried that I was amazed at how easy it is. So now I'm not so worried about leaving the cord at home.
    You look like you were ahving an amazing time!

  24. Remind me to courier a wetsuit to you next year in time for the 'follow-up' pose.
    I might just manage to be there at the same time to show you how it's done.

    Luv ya'

    LCM x

  25. @ River, yes, found a camera store in the mtns where I could load them onto a disk.

    @ LCM, I think you should deliver it in person and show me the pose. I'm a slow learner. :)

  26. They do say a picture paints a thousand words - so here are 10 thousands photos that scream what an awesome time you had. And you so deserve it!

  27. Great pics looks like you had an awesome time xxx

  28. Those photos are total HAWTNESS!

    And hey, thanks for the super lovely time yesterday. Love you loads.xxxx

  29. Wow, from a simple Flag Hussey to Celebrity. Congrats Wanderlust, I don't think I have ever seen someone have that much fun. You deserve it. Love the bit about the note under the wrong door, had me in stitches.


  30. It looks liek a great time was had by all. Glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

    It's great to finally put some faces to the names we know and love.

  31. It looks like you had SO much fun! Glad you did. You so deserve it! xx


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