Monday, March 21, 2011

Shopping with Nikki from Styling You

Ever since I discovered Styling You I've dreamed about going on a shopping adventure with Nikki. I'm not one who inhereted the style gene and I need someone with me to point out what works and what doesn't. I got my wish on Friday!

It was a busy day. Mrs. Woog and I started out getting blow dries and doing our nails in preparation for the GSK event that evening and AusBlogCon on Saturday. We had a window of a couple of hours to complete our shopping and get back to the hotel to change. We had to stay focused!

After lunch we met Nikki who had just arrived from the Sunshine Coast. Hugs, squees, face pinches, more hugs. Then, down to business. We hit the shops on Oxford Street.

If you remember my earlier post with Nikki, you'll know we were looking for something soft and flowing to wear in lieue of my usual jeans and t-shirts.  Our first stop was Country Road.

I tried on several outfits and finally settled on this sweater dress. I wanted something I could wear with my over-the-knee boots and we thought this would do the trick. I also bought a long, black wool cardigan that can be dressed up or down.

Next we headed off down the street and ducked into a trendy little shop that Mrs. Woog had spied earlier that morning. Nikki thought my life would not be complete without a maxi skirt, so I walked out of the shop with this:

At this point my credit card was crying uncle and the girls were muttering something about wine o'clock so we found a nice little pub and had a glass before heading back to the hotel for a quick change.

Power shopping. Check!

Thanks Nikki for the wonderful shopping adventure. You are a national treasure!

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  1. You look lovely in your new outfits.

  2. Hah - firstly I lived around the corner from there for nearly twenty years!

    Secondly - how do I say this? Your 2nd photo... love the rude finger subtly resting on your hip. Meant for a vertain ex perhaps?

  3. @Madmother - I didn't even notice that! But now that you point it out, yeah...

  4. Heheheh Madmother, good call my friend!

    Kristin, Australia looks so GOOD on you! Am very pleased you found such a great outfit, great stylist and wine o-clock. All very important things for a girl to have xxxx

  5. Don't you look gorgeous in your new outfits !
    I love the sweater dress :)

  6. You are absolutely glowing! I hope our country is treating you well.

  7. @ Miss Pink - treating me very well, thank you! Loving it here. xx

  8. Ah, Kristin, it was speed shopping that's for sure. Sometimes that works best. Miss you!!!

  9. Now it's undeniable - you have style and you have class!

  10. Sweater dress? Meh.
    But I LOVE the maxi skirt outfit!

  11. You are absolutley, amazingly gorgeous. And so jealous of shopping with Nikki! xx

  12. Sounds like you are having the time of your life, and that's wonderful!

  13. Next to you, Nikki looks really hot.

    Hang on - let me rewrite that - it doesn't sound right!

    I think I've got it now...

    Nikki, next to you looks really hot.

    No - still not right - wait there...

    Nikki, who is next to you in the photo, looks really hot.

    PHEW! I think I cracked it!

  14. @ Kelly, thank you! Just downloaded my pictures today (finally) and have a lovely one of the two of us!

    @ Glen, enough with the flattery, it will go to my head.

  15. Gorgeous! Dont we all need a good dose of Ms Styling You and her midas touch?

  16. I wish I knew how to wear a scarf. You look gorgeous.

    1. Don't you just kind of drape them around your neck? That's the only way I know to wear them!

      Thanks lovely. xo


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