Saturday, April 2, 2011

BlogHer 2011

So, who's going to BlogHer 2011?

I'm thinking I need to go. Mrs. Woog and Eden are going. Someone needs to make sure they don't get into too much trouble.

It's going to be held in San Diego, CA, Aug 5-6. It will be like AusBlogCon on steroids. 3,000 attendees. I considered going last year, and even won tickets to the event, but 3,000 people I didn't know seemed just a wee overwhelming to me (as did the $1,000 price tag for airfare and hotel).

But I've been bitten by the conference fever now and I also have another year of blogging under my belt, so I think I could really benefit from going to BlogHer.

One opportunity that exists for non-U.S. residents is the International BlogHer Activist Scholorships. Four woman will be chosen to receive airfaire, lodging and conference tickets, as well as an opportunity to present at BlogHer. Here are the guidelines:

 "If you or someone you know is a woman blogger, outside the United States, blogging to raise awareness, consciousness or funding to change their community, region, country or the world, then please nominate yourself or such a blogger to win one of these four scholarships.

Last year I nominated Veronica from Sleepless Nights for her work raising awareness about Ehlers Danlos, among other things. This year I was planning of nominating Lori of RRSAHM because she has spoken so openly about suicide alnd its consequences. If you know of someone worthy, I encourage you to nominate them (or yourself). Nominations close on April 22nd.

Thanks to everyone who has voted for Wanderlust in the Circle of Moms Inspiring Families contest. I'm currently in 6th place! Remember, you can go back and vote every day!

I suppose if I'm going to BlogHer I'd best start looking for a sponsor now. Hmmm... Aquafresh?

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  1. I had a chat to Mrs. Woogs about this the other day! I want to go SO BADLY! I'm kicking myself now that I didn't organise my US trip based around this instead of scheduling it in May! Ugh! Good luck with the sponsorship, wondering if I should try this out myself too, not sure I really have anything to offer in return though *le sigh*. Hope you get there Kristin!

  2. Thanks for this Kristin. I wish I could go, but the cost is just astronomic. Let alone leaving the kids for so long.

    Still, I might consider nominating myself for a scholarship, although I'm pretty certain that my cause will probably get lost in the sea of much worthier nominees.

  3. Lynda, I think you should go for it as far as trying to find a sponsor. You have a travel blog! It would be a great opportunity to blog about a travel-related sponsor.

  4. Kristin, I wouldn't even know where to begin! You're tempting me, though!

  5. I have major BlogHer lust! Unfortunately, I'm not raising awareness about anything other than the magnitude of my neurotic personality and I don't think that qualifies. So scholarships are out.

    Looks like I will be admiring the festivities from afar.

  6. Hey Zoey, didn't you have a paypal widget on your sidebar to raise money for this? Maybe you should publicize it? We could be roomies!

  7. No, sadly I'm with Zoey - I don't raise awareness for anything except my ability to run fast and my inability to keep my sink free of dishes!!
    I'd nominate you in a heartbeat though if you were eligible :-)

  8. Naw, thanks Cate. I'm still working on the non-U.S. resident part! xx

  9. I look pretty hot in a dress... does that count for anything?

  10. @ Steve - post pictures and I'll let you know.

  11. Oh I have conference envy! Sadly am not a worthy candidate but wholeheartedly agree that Lori should be nominated. No one deserves this more.

  12. How cool would that be! I hope you three get to meet up and go together.


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