Sunday, April 17, 2011

A day on the river with Corinne

Near the end of our time in Sydney we were fortunate enough to spend the day with Corinne of Daze of My Life. She picked us up and along with her youngest daughter, Goosey, we drove out to her father's house.

I couldn't tell you where it was other than we drove north of Sydney through some beautiful country and windy hill roads to get there -- so twisty and windy we had to pull over at one point to let my poor carsick daughter yak at the side of the road.

He actually lives in a small housing community in the middle of a National Park that I can't pronounce, set on a river. It's a gorgeous area.

He took us up the river in his speedboat so we could get a good look at the scenery.  The kids sat up front and center (except when they didn't -- you know how antsy pants are).

While Corinne and I relaxed in the back.

The lovely Corinne, relaxing

There were some gorgeous rock formations and little secluded beaches along the river and we tooled around and looked for stingrays and goannas (saw the former but not the latter).

Then he took the boat out on the open water and revved it up to full speed and the wind whipped our faces and the kids squealed. It was a blast.

Hold me, Goosey!

Though I suppose for some of us it was old hat.

Bring out the kite-surfing, dudes

And oh...what's that headed our way? Maybe we should take cover. Oh, that's right, we're on an open boat in the middle of a river.

Our fearless captain is unfazed

I guess we're just going to have to....EEEEYAAAA riiiiide it oooouut!!

Hold me, Danny

Phew! That was invigorating! Now that we're back on land and all dried off, what should we do?

You're kidding. You want to do WHAT??

Thanks Corinne and Corinne's dad for a most excellent day. We had a great time!

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  1. oh what a blast!! You should have chucked the kids out the back and dragged them along behind in a biscuit!!! wheeeeeeeee!!!!

  2. What a fantastic day! I love rivers...

  3. @ Cate - that sounds like fun. They really wanted to jump out and explore the little beaches, but we didn't bring their swimsuits in the boat.

    @ Dorothy - yes, me too, we have some lakes around here but no ocean and we don't really have good beaches on the Missouri river that I'm aware of.

  4. What a fab day! I've been to that spot, but I didn't have the house and the speedboat and the pool to make it not just a fab but an AWESOME day!!! x

  5. His place looks GORGEOUS!
    I guess we showed you all the best parts of N.S.W.?

  6. @ Pink - it was gorgeous. I wish I could remember the name of the park...or the river! I'll have to ask Corinne. Or maybe Maxabella knows!

  7. It looks fabulous - what a great day for you and the kids!

  8. kristen, Kristen, don't need swimsuits. That's what t-shirts and shorts are for...
    Ha Ha
    Looks like you all had a great day.

  9. @ River - no kidding, it's not like they stayed dry anyway!

  10. Heehee, yes it's the Aussie way to dry off on the way home!
    Glad you had such an awesome day, was lovely to see the happy smiles. (PS, I want a house on the water like that...and a boat).

  11. Heehee, yes it's the Aussie way to dry off on the way home!
    Glad you had such an awesome day, was lovely to see the happy smiles. (PS, I want a house on the water like that...and a boat).

  12. I'm so glad you had a great time. It was a shame about the weather, it would have been nice to stop off and picnic on a beach. Next time!

    I can't believe my kids, they never sleep yet put them on the back of a speedboat going full pelt and they're nodding off in no time.

    It's the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park. It's Cowan Creek, which is an arm of the Hawkesbury River.

  13. Gorgeous! I'm thinking you've seen more of Sydney and I've lived here my whole life xx

  14. The Hawkesbury River is a great spot. We've been up that way a number of times. It's a great place to waterski and go on the ski biscuits!!
    Looks like you had a great day!

  15. Oh how much fun. Wonder if you went down the Galston Gorge, that is such a scary road!! Hawkesbury River, fabulous, sharks like to breed in there too, nice!! Love Posie

  16. We skied not far from there at Wiseman's Ferry. The same place a friend broke the Australian Barefoot Record, and then snapped his hip in a jet boat backwash!

    Looks like a wonderful day.

  17. @Corrine - Ah, thanks!

    @Madmother - barefoot water-skiing with sharks. thanks.


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